Wedding Party Essentials

Getting married? Not a problem.

The planning and preparation phase of the wedding can drive you and your partner nuts, but all in all, the entire process should be a fun, learning experience for the both of you- the soon-to-be-wedded couple. Now, that you have closed the planning book for the first part of the wedding which is the matrimonial rites, it is time to focus your attention on the second and less serious part of your marriage day- the wedding reception.

Wedding reception is more of a party- dancing, eating, drinking and games not only for the members of the wedding entourage but for all who are fit to join like the traditional garter and bouquet throwing of the groom and bride, respectively.

To make your wedding party a big hit, take note of the following wedding essentials:

wedding party

Open Bar: Yes, yes, yes! It’s your wedding day, have an overflow of all kinds of drinks- cocktails, mocktails, champagne, wine, beer, etc. Your guests will be extra delighted for this.

Serving all the Best Foods: There is no room for failure at this part. You HAVE TO serve the most mouthwatering and enticing dishes from appetizers down to desserts on your wedding day. And the secret to this? Get a great food caterer. You can actually find help from They’ve got all the tips and suggestions you need for your wedding party including the best wedding caterers in Australia.

Personalized Wedding Souvenirs: Wedding giveaways are one of the things that the guests look forward to second to food. Make your favors personalized, something that the attendees will surely treasure.

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