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Top four tips for helping the Christmas break with relatives go smoothly

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
  1. Accept that your house will get in a mess; someone migh drink too much and become emotional, embarrassing or rude; the turkey could take longer to cook than what you have allowed for or your brother’s girlfriend may make snidey remarks about your ‘home-made’ cranberry sauce. Just rise above it all.
  2. It’s acceptable to have a little "me" time if family are staying over for more than 24 hours. So you can mention that you must go for a run the day after Boxing Day morning.
  3. Make a daily "to do" list over the holiday period– then pop it on the fridge where everyone can see it. So then if someone asks "can I do anything to help? – just nod vigorously and then point to the list.
  4. Finally, remember that life is short and who knows what’s around the corner. If you have invited relatives, then do so with a gracious and welcoming attitude.

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Christmas Party Catering

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Any experienced event planner or caterer will tell you that the key to a successful party is planning. Simply making a few dishes and sending invitations is normally not enough. A little advanced planning saves you stress and time so spend five or ten minutes deciding on what type of atmoshphere you want to create. Just invision walking yourself through the party as a guest. This ensures that when the party time comes, both you and your guests will have a fantastic night to remember!

The Perfect Magical Party

The holiday season is always packed with parties; so be wise and send invitations three weeks in advance. Remember that the sooner you send out your invitations, the less likely it is that your guests will have other plans for that date. Invitations should indicate the starting and ending time of your party and should outline the food you will be serving. Whether it be a light holiday fare or a traditional sit-down dinner and of course don’t forget to include directions to the venue.

Make your magical day a reality by planning

Make sure that you choose a menu for which many of the items can be made ahead of time. The great thing with sorting out the catering is that its one less worry for you. All Suburbs Catering offer delicious party platters for your party so that the food is ready an prepared.

Chicken Roasted
30 pieces $70.00
Succulent chicken wings and legs, coated in
our special marinate, spit roasted and served
cold for your enjoyment anytime!

Chicken Skewers
40 pieces $70.00
Our satay chicken skewers are presented
beautifully and provide a different alternative
for your guests. Served with a satay dipping

Cold Cut Vegetables
Not only a vegetarian selection, but a great
healthy choice for your guests. Capsicum,
mushrooms, cucumber, celery and cherry
tomato, served with a avocado dip.

Cold Meats Platters
Cooked, smoked and cured meats, all rolled
to present a lovely display, witha cherry
tomato garnish and antipasto sundried

Cold Quiche
40 pieces $60.00
Our classic Fabulous FingerFood quiches,
served cold as a cold appetizer! A mixture
of lorraine, sundried tomato, asparagus, and
mushroom style quiches!

Remember that foods that can be eaten without a fork and knife keep spills and dribbles down, and they reduce the amount of dishwashing you have to do later. But if you do serve dishes that require dinnerware, make sure you have table seating for guests to sit down and eat. Make it easy on yourself. If you dread cleanup, opt for nice plasticware that can be tossed in the trash.

If you don’t have time to deep clean your home the day of the party, hit the heavy traffic areas such as your living room, dining room, and bathrooms, and leave the rest for later.

Set the mood with holiday music playing in the background and lit candles sparkling throughout the house. Personalize the night with a special activity. Invite your guests to write a holiday wish in a guest book displayed on your coffee table or ask them to join you for some caroling. Little details such as these help make your party an event to remember.

Guests love party favors. Send yours home with a little something extra: a small ornament, a bag of cookies, even a candy cane with a bow is a sweet way to say happy holidays.

Invitation Ideas

An invitation is your guest’s first impression of what your party will be and what the experience will be like. This can be used to build up the excitement, don’t settle for a phone call or purchased invitation. Instead you can use your party’s theme to inspire your own quirky creations.

You can add a nice personal touch, use a photo from last year’s party as the front of your invitation, or send one with your family dressed in holiday garb or outfits that complement your party’s theme. You might also have your child draw a picture of the nativity scene, your party, or a present. Scan the photo onto a computer and print onto cardstock.

Get guests into party mode by compiling a custom CD of holiday music or other music that goes with your party theme.

If you have no time to make your invitations, you can buy them and write a handwritten invitation with black ink. This is an elegant and personal way to notify guests of your party.