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Exciting Carnival-Themed 5th Birthday Party

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Your child’s 5th birthday party could be made more fun and exciting with a carnival theme. Let your creative juices flow and let these be your guide to have a cheerful celebration with your child:

  • SEND IN THE CLOWNS, MAGICIANS. It would be best to see the actual act of the clowns you are hiring before the event itself. This would avoid any awkward moments with all your guests especially to your child. Hire clowns and other child-friendly entertainers and magicians who could impress but not scare the children.
  • FOOD STALLS ARE MUST-HAVES. Small food stalls or food booths could be so much fun for children and adults alike. An all-you-can-eat finger food buffet consisting of colorful sandwiches, waffles, cupcakes, ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, cupcakes and more.
  • FREEBIES GALORE. It would be so memorable for both your children and adult guests if they have a free face-painting session. All-You-Can Blow Bubbles and Balloon-Shaping Booth are bestsellers. The photo booth is also a MUST.
  • SERVE SOME REAL FOOD ON THE SIDE. As much as they have enjoyed all the finger food, it would also be awesome to serve some filling food on the side. Have a special table for this especially for the parents and caregivers who may want something to eat and are hungry for chasing and tending the little party-goers. You can reach the birthday party catering service . They will give you a freehand in choosing their best menu at very affordable prices. Plus a party planner and other food servers could be at hand when you need them.

Birthday Giveaway Ideas for Children’s Party

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


When you are organizing a birthday party, it is expected that you must also take some time in choosing for a good birthday giveaway item. In the past, we would usually give our guests some toys for kids and little figurines for adults. However, gift items these days are no longer limited to specific gifts like toys and figurines. You can be very creative and instead give your guests food giveaways inside. Aside from the fact that food giveaways can be cheaper, they can also be designed to perfectly match your theme.

Some birthday food giveaways that Sydney caterers may be able to help you with:

jellybean accessories
Jewelry. Candies, jelly beans, cereals can be strapped together with a piece of string to form a nice necklace or bracelet. This can be a very nice giveaway for any children’s party.

Personalized Cupcakes. Recently, we have observed in wedding parties in Sydney that the hosts are more inclined to give food giveaways to their guests. This can be in the form of cupcakes carefully designed to fit the birthday party theme.

party cupcakes

Some fondant cupcakes can be made according to the image of the birthday celebrant or their favorite cartoon characters. In addition to this, custom-made cakes in various forms can also be contained in pretty boxes or bags for giveaways. For children’s birthday party, fondant princess cupcakes can be perfect for Disney inspired parties for little girls. Castle cakes, marshmallow roses, sugar hearts candies can be fitting for older girls.

chocolate cups
Candy and Chocolate Cups. We have to admit that even adults would love candies and chocolate treats. Oreo lady bug cookies can be ideal for party giveaways. It can also be possible to give a little sack of chocolate, a cup of gumballs, edible teacups, cotton candy pops, or chocolate covered pretzels.