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Coffee & Tea and ‘Me’: How to Enjoy a Relaxed 40th Birthday

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

coffee and teaIf you want a ‘relaxed’ 40th birthday celebration, you can just invite a few very close friends and host a coffee and tea party. With this kind of birthday party, you will not have to worry so much about the venue, decorations and a lot more. Your house is more than enough to be the venue. Since you will be hosting a small group for your party, you can do away with the expensive rentals for your birthday.

And just focus on maybe a personal treat for yourself —  a post bday “Me” gift for hosting a good, relaxing party.

This coffee and tea party will be incomplete without the fabulous finger food like scones, cookies, mini sandwiches, a quiche platter, maybe.

And do not forget the tasty lamington fingers, muffins, banana caramel petite cake, triple chocolate petite cake, carrot petite cake, vanilla cream biscuits, and of course their chocoholics delight which include different chocolate delights.

There is one food caterer that specializes in different types of birthday parties – The 1800 Parties. They offer a special menu that includes a broad selection of finger food and these are: (1) Pastry Finger Food Platters, (2)Asian Finger Food Platters, (3)Vegetarian Platters, and (4)Flavours of the World.

Plan ahead so you would not be surprised or embarrassed at your 40th by well-meaning friends and family, who just want to celebrate with you on your special day.  The best way to avoid all hassles in any form is to hire a reliable party caterer  even if the party is just at your home. Reliable party caterers in Australia will make it their main task to  assign you an exclusive party planner for your event to run smoothly and worry-free.


Garden Respite Birthday Party

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Deciding to have a peaceful party for your 40th birthday is more than okay. Maybe you have had enough of the big and noisy parties in your younger years and now all you just want is to have a quiet gathering with all your loved ones including your closest friends.

40th garden birthday party

A garden respite birthday party is one of the most excellent suggestions if you want to be enveloped with tranquility on your 40th birthday. If you have spacious and attractive garden, you can use it as your venue. Have a big white canopy overhead the beautifully arranged long table with candles and floral centerpiece.

Having a small gathering is not an excuse not to get a good caterer. In parties- big and small, you always have to hire the best food caterer in town like Australia is home to many great food caterers and the Birthday Caterer is one of the best, catering events in all Australian suburbs.

If you do not want to exhaust yourself worrying about the food dishes you are going to serve, you can leave everything to your food caterer. Expert food caterers like the mentioned above certainly know the correct food combinations for a specific party. However, you still need to specify your personal preferences when it comes to foods. For always, food is one of the most important things in all events second to the reason of the celebration. Serve your guests with great foods because they definitely deserve it.

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