Finger Food For Weddings

Wedding Finger Food Reception – 3 Good Reasons For Having One

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Many couples are deciding to have cocktail wedding receptions for various reasons.

Whether you choose it so you can offer a variety of different dining choices or to save

 a little money, a finger food wedding reception might be right for you.

A wedding finger food reception offers flexibility and could be the best option for you.

 There are many choices when it comes to reception food, and picking the right cuisine

 for your wedding can take a lot of hard work.

Below are three good reasons for serving a cocktail menu at your wedding.

Enjoy The Cocktail Menu

Feedback from many weddings indicates that the food served during cocktail hour

is often better than the formal meal that is served. This is one of the main reasons

that many couples are choosing to have a finger food wedding reception. see

Having passed hors d’oeuvres and a few different stations allow you to be creative

with your menu. You can easily offer Asian, Mexican, Greek, American and just about

any other type of cuisine without worrying about a formal menu.

If you are worried about your guests not getting enough to eat, do be.

 Work with a qualified caterer or reception space to determine the right number of items

 to serve without having too much or too little.

Go Easy On Your Budget

As you most likely already know weddings are very expensive. One way to possibly

 cut down on your budget is to have a cocktail reception.

You will still have to be mindful of the items you choose to make sure it fits your budget,

 but you can easily select a good mix of dishes to serve that your guests will love.

If you are really ambitious or have a lot of friends that know how to cook, you may

be able to cook the food yourself. This may sound easy for this type of reception,

 but in the end you will probably find it is better to let the professionals do their job.

Have Your Reception Anywhere

Finger food receptions work well at any location, however they work very well

at unique reception spaces. For example, if you wanted to have your reception

at an art gallery or museum, this type of menu would allow your guests the chance to eat

while admiring their surroundings.

They also allow your guests to mingle more as they won’t be seated for long periods of time

during meals. This means that the entertainment can start playing earlier and not have to wait

for the formal meal to be served.

A finger food wedding reception definitely creates a different, unique atmosphere compared

 to a traditional sit down dinner. This might be a great choice for your wedding based on the

three reasons above.

Cocktail Wedding Reception
Tips and hints for planning a cocktail wedding reception and serving finger food.


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