Choosing a wedding wine

Choosing a wine list for your wedding doesn’t have to be as daunting at all! Sydney Wedding Caterers have created a guide for you so here are things to bare in mind:


Wine is a very special part of the reception which can help to spoil your guests and be a great addition to your wedding dining experience.

Many reception venues will allow you to bring your own wine but this may have a corkage fee – remember to check.


When planning your wedding reception the bride and groom must consider the amount of guests that will be attending and they remember they will have different tastes and preferences. The solution to this is to provide plenty of variety.

Offer two varieties of sparkling, white and red wine. Therefore the guests will arrive, offer them a sparkling white and sparkling rose so that when first course is being served you can move on to still wine varieties. Guests who like crisp, refreshing and young white wine will enjoy Pinot Grigio and others who prefer something with a bit more weight to it will like the fruity flavour to a creamy vanilla Chardonnay.

It’s best to offer two contrasting red wines such as Merlot which boasts of a smooth and soft texture with subtle red fruit flavours and then we have Shiraz which is a more robust and fruit forward style red wine with a cherry flavour.

Offer white and red wine throughout the wedding reception so that your wedding guests can make their own rules so that perhaps they would prefer a red with their chicken or fish and a white with their steak.

Sydney Wedding Caterers offer a great selection of food TO GO WITH YOUR CHOSEN WINE – from moreish spit roast buffets to deluxe surf & turf buffet. Get your wedding catering sorted today and checkout for more information.

Need drinks? If you want drinks catering for your wedding contact they will make certain every aspect of your event is covered from drinks on arrival to ensuring champagne glasses are filled for toasts and speeches.

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