Charity Event Catering

All Suburbs Catering have created a great checklist for creating a sucessful charity event catering:

    catering for charities

  • Does your event require a permit from your local council or shopping centre for example Bunnings require a non profit organisation/charity to apply in writing to hold a stall out the front of their stores.
  • You will need a copy of your Certificiate of Currency for the public liability
    insurance. Regularly you will need to supply this with your application.
  • Once you have decided and confirmed your dates for your charity catering event make sure you let all club or organisation
    members know the dates. You may want to allocate a advertising sub-committee.
  • What are you thinking of doing with any leftover goods at the end of the day? Will anyone be taking them home
    or do they need to be stored somewhere for future events.
  • Arrange all your goods and equipment required.
  • Do you need to record your sales?
  • Arrangement of catering – contact Carol on 1800 251 440 so that she can help you get your catering sorted for your charity event.

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