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Australia’s Top Caterers: Chic, Cheap but Fab

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Preparing food for your next outdoor barbecue renders it a personal touch but it will be quite tedious and exhausting if it is for more than 10 guests.

To enjoy and savor this rare event with friends and loved ones, we have listed Australia’s all-year, all-occasion catering service providers, who can extend the best help and serve well-prepared tasty dishes.

All Suburbs Catering Service.  Providing catering service since the mid-1980s, All Suburbs is well-known for its breakfast, lunch and dinner packages that are quite easy-on-the-budget but does not scrimp on the taste.

Mr. Finger Food. Whether it is a small group brainstorming session at your faculty or a big gathering at your backyard, this catering service has it all from all-meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Asian platters of your choosing, hot or cold and always fresh.

Spit Roast Catering. The kitchens of Spit Roast Catering extend to many suburbs in NSW, SA, VIC, WA and they are known for sourcing the top-of-the line produce from organic beef, free-range poultry, freshly sourced seafood, all acceptable to Halal standards. Cheap does not need to be awful and this catering service stands by this claim since 1986 as they provide, six free quotes for one query. They could be relied upon to offer the best prices and match your needs according to your budget.

1800 Parties. This is one of the best party caterers in all of Australia, who could provide a variety of choices for food and décor to easily match your theme for Birthdays, Christening, Engagement and even Wedding parties.




Catering Guide: TOP Must-Haves Before Hiring a Caterer

Friday, March 15th, 2019

The Easter holidays are fast approaching. Are you planning a getaway or a simple get-together at your backyard? Cooking everything on your own gives it a personal touch, but if it would be for more than 10 guests, best to bring in the caterers to ease your stress and just enjoy the holiday festivities.

If you will hire a caterer for your gathering, here is a list of Caterer Must-Haves to guide you:

  1. EASY-TO-REACH. Whether it is by a phone number, a website live chat or via skype or by email, the caterer must be easy to call and accessible 24/7. If you have problems encountered a week before or even during the event itself, you could get in touch with them.
  2. REASONABLY-PRICED MENUS. Catered food need not be too pricey but of course delightful to the palate and most appealing to the senses. You and your guests could even have a spit roast and buffet brought to your doorstep.
  1. FLEXIBLE AND RELIABLE. One of the key factors in securing the services of a caterer is its flexibility to adapt to your needs. Their kitchens should be armed to prepare the demands of your guests for an all-meat, partly vegetarian, gluten-free recipes if choices are to be laid out.
  2. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This begins the moment you speak to them on the phone or via chat, if they ask you all about the details of your gathering, it means they really do care that you make a statement with the food and preparation, which in turn could impress your guests.

Get the services of Australia’s top caterers, All Suburbs Catering, so you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

Organizing a Kids’ Party at School

Friday, September 12th, 2014

kid's party

Your child will definitely love the idea of having his 8th birthday in school with his teacher and classmates. Perhaps he had more than enough of all the themed birthday parties at home for several years and the idea of having his 8th birthday in school is just thrilling to him. How do you go about the planning of a school party? Of course you have got to ask permission from the school administration first and once approved, you can talk to your son’s teacher to have the simple birthday party during the kids’ break time.

With regards to the food, you do not have to worry as long as is there. The expert food caterer can deliver the best foods for your child’s school party in any Australian suburb. When it comes to the quality of food in terms of appearance and taste, you will not have any problems. There is one thing you have got to make sure when you are choosing the foods for the school party and that is to be certain that the foods are ‘child-friendly’. It simply means that these foods must be attractive to the kids, and of course, they must be tasty as above all.

If you do not want to stress yourself about the menu for the school party, you can always give that responsibility to your chosen food catering service provider. They are experts in catering and planning out a menu is just easy as A-B-C to them. The secret to all successful party lies in the food caterer.

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Bonfire Barbecue 20th Birthday

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Thinking about how will you spend your 20th birthday? In thinking for a birthday party, you can choose from these two options: (1) a simple gathering; or (2) a big party/. Either way you want your party to be, you have got to hire a very good food catering service provider just like

bonfire barbecue

If you are thinking of having a bonfire party for your family and friends, then no problem because Birthday Caterer has an all Barbecue menu for you. In bonfire parties, grilled stuffs are the best foods to have.

You can choose from the 4 Barbecue menus, depending on which type of barbecue menu interests you. Aside from having barbecue foods for your 20th bonfire birthday party, you can actually get other foods from their other menus. They have (1) Spit Roast, (2) Hot and Cold Platters, and (3) Finger Foods. Perhaps one of the best partner for your barbecue dishes are finger foods like mini pizzas, mini quiches, spring rolls, pies and a lot more. Do not forget to serve dessert as well. The perfect dessert for bonfire barbecue parties is fruit skewers or fruit kebabs. Fruit kebabs are actually very easy to eat and prepare.

No matter where you want to hold your bonfire party to mark your 20th birthday, Birthday Caterer will be there to deliver the best foods for everyone to share and enjoy.

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Beach, Beer and Barbecue

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Have a great time hanging out at the beach with a bucket of ice cold beer and mouthwatering barbecues to celebrate your 30th birthday. Invite your family members and closest friends to join in the fun and together you shall make your red-letter day a truly memorable one- breezy beach, beer and barbecues.


Australia has beautiful beaches and you have nothing to worry about your birthday’s venue. You can also get ice cold beer in any grocery store. How about the barbecues you are going to serve your guests? actually has a great selection of barbecue menu for their clients to choose from if ever they want to serve all the good grilled stuff to birthday parties like the one you will have.

Take your pick from among the four (4) types of barbecue menus that they have: (1) Budget Barbecue, (2) Premium Barbecue, (3) All You Can Eat Barbecue, and (4) The Gourmet Barbecue. Each barbecue menu includes types of barbecues. In All You Can eat Barbecue menu for instance, the Birthday Caterer will have tasty sausages, burgers, steaks, and kebabs. Condiments, dressings, bread rolls and fresh green salads are also included.

If you happen to be in a state of dilemma over the type of barbecue menu you should choose, you can always ask help and or guidance from your food caterer. They have been in the food catering industry for a very long time and they certainly know what’s good and what’s not when it comes to food choices.

Fabulous Finger foods for your Fortieth

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Turning forty? Throw a simple get together for your family members and closest friends to mark your first day of being officially 40.

Office party catering

If you are not fond of big and sit-down parties, you can just have a simple one- without theme or a huge venue peppered with embellishments. Your home will already enough for all your loved ones as long as you enjoy each other’s company and of course, you are being accompanied by great foods from
Since you are having an afternoon mini get together, the most appropriate munchies to serve are the finger foods because they are just light and perfect for afternoon delight. The best caterer specializing on birthday parties actually have great finger food menus. You can choose from any of the menu or combine them:

• Seafood Platters
• Chicken Platters
• Asian Finger Food Platters
• Vegetarian Platters
• Pastry Finger Food Platters
• Flavours of the World

Each of the menus mentioned above includes a myriad of choices you can freely select from. If you are in unsure yet of what to serve on your birthday, you can always ask your food caterer to help you out. They will certainly be glad to help you choose for the menu. In addition, if you are worrying that your place is quite far, don’t worry because they will be there to serve you even though you are in the outskirts of Australia.

Smokin’ Hot 25th Barbecue Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Celebrate your 25th birthday not the conventional way like dressed chairs and tables, all the classic centerpieces, waiters and waitresses serving the food and the glamorous tux and dresses worn by the guests. How about a barbecue party by the beach? It sounds more casual and fun, doesn’t it? can give you the most delicious, grilled to perfection barbecues.


Birthday Catering has four (4) sub-menus for their Barbecue table d’hôte. These are (1) Budget Barbecue; (2) Premium Barbecue; (3) All You Can Eat Barbecue; and (5) The Gourmet Barbecue. If you have quite a big number of guests, then you may opt for All You Can Eat Barbecue and or The Gourmet Barbecue but the latter has more compared to the former.

The All You Can Eat Barbecue menu consists of: meal selections like marinated Scotch fillets, T-bone, and lamb chops; seasoned burgers; gourmet sausage- Satay, Herb, Garlic, Kranski, Cajun; chicken kebabs; and if in case you have vegan guests, the menu also includes vegetarian burgers and 4 choices of freshly prepared salad greens. And of course, to top off your mouthwatering all-barbecue meal, you and your guests will have a platter of fresh tropical fruits for dessert.

Good food and good company will certainly be enough to make your 25th birthday party worth remembering. As long as you have the best food caterer to prepare and serve the best foods, that will be more than enough. Have a blast on your red letter day!

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Picnic-Themed 30th Birthday

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Make your 30th birthday easy and breezy by having a picnic-themed party in your garden. Maybe you have had enough of formal birthday parties when you were 16 and 18, so now, make it informal and casual. You can either have your picnic-themed party in the morning or in the afternoon. You just have to make sure that you will provide something overhead like white drapes just in case it will be too sunny.


Now, let us talk about the foods that you will be serving. Since it is a picnic-themed party, the most appropriate foods to serve are picnic foods and has an abundance of selection of all types of finger foods for you to choose from.

From their sandwich platters, the best choice will be the gourmet sandwich platter which is composed of: curried egg & baby spinach; cranberry, lettuce, cream cheese, turkey; capers, cream & cheese, cucumber & smoked salmon; tomato; tabouli, hommus & falafel; pesto & Danish feta, sundried tomato pesto and chargrilled capsicum; garden salad with avocado, red Spanish onion and tomato.

In addition to your sandwich platter, you may also have the sushi platter consisting of salmon, prawn, crispy chicken, tuna, vegetable and rice. The Turkish bread with trio dip is also a winner. And then healthily conclude your menu with fruit kebabs and for those who are not so much into fruits, serve them with the famous chocoholics delight.

Bush and Barbecue Party

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Want some out of the ordinary kind of party? Try having a barbecue gathering in the bush with your family members and close friends. You can invite some neighbors close to your heart if you want to. However, instead of preparing your own food-on-sticks to be grilled, enjoy the moment of being with the best people in your life.


If you are the one hosting the party, get the service of your favorite food caterer to the planning and preparation for you. And since it is a barbecue party to be held in the lush bushes near your home, your food caterer will probably not have a hard time orchestrating the menu. It will obviously be all barbecues as the name of the party itself suggests.

bbq catering

To make your party colorful, ask your food caterer to have bright-colored vegetable skewers to go perfectly with the beef, pork, sausage and seafood skewers. Even if you do not tell your food caterer, he or she perfectly knows what to do. If the Bush and Barbecue Party happen to be the first party you will be hosting and you know no food caterer to serve on your gathering, seek help from You will get friendly catering tips for your party too.

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Experience the Brazilian BBQ in Sydney

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The best way to spend the weekends is perhaps going around Sydney looking for the nicest spot to sit, relax and of course, eat!


If you are fed up with the entire week’s carbs and too many sweets, then maybe it’s the right time to try something else –something smoky and indulging like the Brazilian barbecue.
What is so nice about eating Brazilian bbq in Sydney is that there are plenty of restaurants serving you this mouthwatering meat until you can literally not able to eat at flat price. You can eat as much as you want and with almost any meat you want like pork, lamb, beef, chicken, seafood and the specialty of the house – the Brazilian sausage.

These meat delights are served beautifully on your table, perfectly sliced on skewers. You may have each bite with you choice of side dishes like grilled potatoes, beans, rice, salsa and whatever you feel like pairing your bbq with.
Here are some of the best restaurants serving Brazilian bbq in Sydney.


Churrasco. Looking for some ribs, lamb, rump, sirloin and eye fillet? These are the house specialties at Churrasco. Eat them with salads and other choices of side dishes. You may also opt for grilled haloumi to make your meal a lot more exciting.

Brazuca. Summer plus Brazilian bbq in Sydney is certainly undefeated. This is where you get your meat with ten different cuts. Another amazing deal in this restaurant is the vegetarian bbq. Have you ever heard of that? Yes, they do have this veggie bbq on their menu with your choice of side dishes like cheesy potatoes, rice and black beans. To conclude your overly sumptuous meal, take a bit of the cinnamon grilled pineapple.

Braza. What about some chicken heart for a bbq? These special cuts can only be found in this Brazilian bbq in Sydney. This menu is such as perfect combo with its palm heart salad with white balsamic and black olives. Drool with the 20 different meat cuts. Aside from these indulging meals, you can also enjoy the view while eating.

Want some Brazilian twists on your bbq parties in Sydney? Check out how Sydney caterers can help you.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Share to us your favorite Brazilian bbq bar.