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Viewing Party with a Twist

Friday, May 30th, 2014

What exactly is a viewing party? Well, it just another way of calling a television night party but let us give a little twist to it. Viewing party is one of the most common and doable forms of party. It does not really require a lot of preparations. If you have an audiovisual room, well and good if none, still okay. As long as you have a TV set, DVD player and a selection of movies then you are good to go with your viewing party.

TV viewing party

How do you prepare for it? Well, you do not have to adorn the entire place just like in any other parties. The goal of your viewing party is simply to watch any kind of shows and movies on TV. Now, if you are a little exhausted and not in the mood to prepare for the foods, you can always opt to get the service of a food caterer. You can dial up your favorite food caterer a three days before the scheduled viewing party to plan for the foods that you want to be served to the attendees. They do not have to be really complicated dishes, simple ones will do. Even the simple dishes can be made extra special by a great party caterer like the ones at

Fancy Dress Party

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Are you in the mood to throw a fancy dress party or better known as a costume party? If you have the resources, then why not? Costume parties are resplendent, happy and festive gatherings. Send out invitations a week or two prior to the scheduled date of your fancy dress party.

costumer party

Include in the invite the theme of your party so that they will have more than enough time to prepare their costumes. Your party theme may be superheroes of the 20th century, Disney characters, or whatever you like. It is all up to you. Just make sure your party theme is interesting enough to entice your invitees to attend the party. Give it a twist, make it unique.

costume partey

Aside from making sure that you have stipulated in your invitation all the necessary information, do not forget that you also have to get the best food catering service provider for your party. If you need a list of recommended food caterers and some friendly tips, feel free to visit You will surely get a lot from here.

If you have found the right food caterer for you, you can already entrust all that has something to do with food and beverage to him or her. In addition, you may also ask your caterer to have some food creations reflective of your theme. If you have a Modern-day superheroes theme, you may ask your party caterer to make cupcakes whose designs are superheroes.

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Housewarming Party

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Moving in to a new home? Make it fun and memorable by having a housewarming party the day after you have moved in. A simple get-together with our loved ones and closest buddies will be enough to mark the first day of creating new memories in your new home. How do you organize a housewarming party? Unlike other occasions, you do not need to get a venue to hold your party and pay because of course, your new house itself will be the venue. With this, you have no other things to spend your money for except for the food catering.

housewarming party

Make your housewarming party rich and full of all delectable dishes by getting the most excellent food catering service providers in town. Since it is a housewarming party, probably it will be set for lunch. Sit down and do a careful planning with your chosen food caterer weeks before your house blessing about the dishes that you will be serving on the day of the party. An expert party caterer definitely knows his way around the world of awesome foods- ingredient selection, pairing of dishes and what foods to serve for this particular kind of event. Perfect food matching requires that appetizers to dessert would complement each other.

Need a little help with getting a party caterer? Don’t worry; let lend you a hand in looking for one of the best food caterer in Australia.

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Sing and Dance Party

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Unlike the karaoke night party, a sing and dance party is a combo of singing and dancing, of course. You can set up your place in a way that those who would love to sing can just go in a designated area and those who would love to move up their bodies and sway can go to another area.

sing and dance party

It is all up to you how you are going to design your venue for the party. Be creative. You can even mix the sing and dance area if you wish to do so. Just do not forget that you need a good sound system and a cool selection of dance music to be enjoyed by your guests.

And since it is a sing and dance party, you need to fuel up the party guests with food and liquor. This concern can always be taken care of by your trusted food catering service provider. If you still do not have a party caterer, you can always visit the website for a list of recommended food caterers all over Australia. You can also get useful tips for your upcoming party. If you do not know what dishes to serve, leave them up with your food caterer. They definitely know what dishes to serve for a particular kind of party.

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The Bride’s Maids Night

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Yes you are so right; the bride’s maids’ night is not one of those common pre-wedding parties just like engagement, stag and bridal shower events. It depends on the discretion of the bride. A bride’s maids night is mostly needed if the bride’s maids are not from the same clique- one bride’s maid might be the bride’s high school BFF, the other one a college best friend and another one a close girl pal at work.

bridesmaids party

This kind of a little party will be a fun way for the ladies to establish rapport with each other and eventually form a strong bond, which is highly needed for the wedding preparations to run smoothly. Imagine the wedding preparation and the wedding day itself if your maids are not close enough to carry out their errands and tasks? Awkward!

Oops! No, no, this is definitely not synonymous with a bachelorette party because obviously the one hosting this little event is the bride. The hen’s party, on the other hand, is the traditional pre-wedding occasion to celebrate the last days of the bride-to-be as a single woman and it is planned and thrown by the ladies of the wedding entourage including the female members of the bride and groom’s respective families.


To make the party a little less stressful on your part, instead of preparing the foods for the girls, get the food caterer you booked for your wedding. If you still did not come up with a decision of which party caterer to choose, can help you with your problem. The dishes that your food caterer shall prepare for the said party need not be complicated. Simple yet mouthwatering dishes would suffice.

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Post-Wedding Soiree

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Bridal showers and stag parties are the usual events taking place days before the wedding. If you feel like you didn’t get enough of your wedding reception party with your family and friends, host a post-wedding soiree the night after. It does not have to be big and extravagant since a soiree is only a small party in your private place.

Here are the things that should never be absent in your post-wedding soiree:


• Musical performance: Since soiree often involves musical performance, you can ask a family member or a close friend who is a musician to render a performance. If you do not have anybody in your family or cliques who can perform, you can always hire somebody. Perhaps a violinist, saxophonist or pianist- as long as he or she knows how to play a particular musical instrument.

Food Catering: Of course! A party, no matter how small, will not be a party without foods and drinks. Call up your trusted food caterer and talk about the dishes that are most suited for the event. Party caterers that have been in the business for a long time are already adept in making dish combinations perfect for the occasion. You can actually find a lot of great food caterers in The site too, includes friendly tips for your upcoming event. Don’t forget that having the best food caterer is one of the keys to a successful party.

wedding reception 2

• Warm and Classy centerpieces: Opt for simple centerpieces that will create warmth and give a classier look to the place. You can even ask the help of your food caterer with this since they are the ones in-charge of setting up the tables and chairs.

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Live Up your Own Dream Wedding

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Every woman has a picture of a perfect wedding ever since she was a little girl and there could never be more beautiful than watching her dream wedding unfold right in front of her very eyes. Now that you are finally about to say ‘I do’, it is your time to let those images of a perfect wedding come to life. Live them. Make them happen.
So let’s start off on how you are going to make your wedding day unique and memorable.

wedding reception 2

• Wedding gown: Gone are the days when the only color for a wedding dress is only white. Nowadays, you can wear a wedding gown of your favorite color- pink, yellow, blue, black, red, name it! Or you can put everything together if you like

• Wedding cake: It does not have to be in white, filled with tiny flowers and topped with a bride and groom figurine. You can design your cake based on the theme of your wedding. For instance, if your wedding theme is ‘Travel’, then your cake may come in the form a globe or travelling books.

wedding cake

• Venue adornments. Modern day weddings need not be overly romantic. Sticking to the earlier example of a wedding theme which is ‘travel’, aside from roses and all things cheesy, have some travel items as one of your decorations. If you were able to travel as a couple, you can use your souvenirs and if they’re ain’t enough, you can produce replicas to be all-over the venue.

Lastly, your wedding doesn’t only have to be unique in terms of the wedding gown, cake, venue, but the foods as well! Get the most excellent food caterer in Australia and talk about a unique combination of foods and beverages that will fit your theme. You can read some useful tips and get a list of truly great party caterers from The food caterers the site recommends are those that specialize in doing wedding party catering.

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Bridal Shower Party to Remember

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

After saying ‘yes’ to your boyfriend’s marriage proposal, you will be attending a series of parties before finally saying ‘I do’. First stop is your engagement party, where you will be officially announcing that you are getting married and second is of course, your bachelorette party where you will be enjoying the perks of being a single lady for one last time.

engagement party
After the engagement party, the duty of planning and making the hen’s party possible is the work of the female members of the wedding entourage- yes, the bride’s maids and the maid of honor. So this goes to all the ladies of the entourage: make the bridal party worthy to be remembered. It does not have to be expensive and overly extravagant, just classy, fun and unique. Now, how can you make this happen? How can you perfectly orchestrate the bridal party? Two things: (1) teamwork and (2) get all the best ones- venue and food caterer.

anniversary catering
A party will never be a party without food and drinks. The key towards a successful bridal shower party is through getting one of the A-listers when it comes to food catering. Certainly, there are a lot of excellent party caterers out there but the challenge lies in choosing for the best one. You may ask family members and friends for food caterers they know are great or you may seek help from Aside from weddings, food catering service providers listed here can also do wedding-related parties and other events.

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Fall and Friends Party

Monday, May 19th, 2014

For some, autumn is one of the sad seasons other than winter. If you happen to feel blue and down, do not let it go deeper into depression. Help yourself by having some fun activities that can also be enjoyed by your closest friends in town. How about throwing a fall party? It sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it?

fall party

How do you get started? Hmm…quite easy. You can use your home – the garden area or whichever part of the house you want as your venue for the mini fall party. This can help you save big. The next most important are your foods and beverages. Pick a time of the day first before deciding for your menu. If you are having lunch or dinner, you shall let your food caterer prepare main dishes but if you are having an afternoon party, you can ask your food caterer to have some pasta dishes, finger sandwiches, scones and other light meals.


If it happens to be the first party you are organizing and you still do not know of any food caterers, aside from asking family members and friends, you may also check This site can recommend the best catering service providers in your town and can even give you useful tips for your upcoming party. In addition, party caterers these days do not only take charge of the foods but they can also provide you with beautifully arranged and adorned tables and chairs needed for your party. Just tell them the color of table cloth and centerpiece you want, and they will take care of it.

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How Much Finger Food Do I Need ?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

for australias no 1 caterer see
how many pieces of finger food do I need per person?
many factors influence the amount of finger food allocated per person. generally the time of the day, demographics (ratio of men to women) and function style will dictate the quantity of food required. we generally recommend the following:

  • allow more food over normal meal times (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner) we recommend 5-6 pieces per person per hour
  • allow more food where the ratio of men to women is higher
  • factor in whether alcohol is being served. for nibbles with drinks we recommend 3-4 pieces per person per hour
  • factor in whether all of your guests that have rsvp’ed will attend

> do you have a minimum number for >catering for a finger food function?
our minimum number for a finger food function is 30 people. when ordering a single item to compliment a lunch or meeting, please check with our staff as most of our finger food items carry minimums of 30 or more.

> how is food delivered?
food will be delivered either plattered or boxed depending on requirements.

  • boxed – white milk board boxes, used when you simply want the food delivered in disposable containers
  • plastic – used for sandwich, muffin & fruit platters where the platters may or may not be returned
  • melamine – used for sandwiches, cakes, slices & cold buffet items where presentation matters but a durable non breakable platter is required
  • ceramic – used on request where presentation is very important & and due care can be taken not to damage the platters

finger food required to be heated on site is delivered in oven proof containers with garnished platters 7 condiments ready for serving. cold items are delivered ready plattered.

buffet items are delivered cold in ceramic oven dishes ready for heating (heating instructions included) or if required can be delivered hot and ready to eat.

serving utensils can be provided at no extra cost.