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Autumn Book Party

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

book party

The fall season can potentially trigger sadness. Now that it is autumn in Australia, do something that can prevent your sadness spells. Why don’t you gather your best pals for an autumn book party in your house? Ask your best friends to bring their favorite book and let them share about it to everyone.

A book party usually does not have a big number of guests, just a few close ones and it also does not necessitate grandeur. A minimum of 10 and maybe a maximum of 20 guests would already make your book party really very exciting.

To make sure that all the guests for your autumn book party will be fueled up for the book sharing activity, serve them with finger foods if you will have the party in the afternoon and some main dishes if you plan to have it lunch or dinner.
book party catering

You will not be bothered with the food planning anyway since you will have a food catering service provider to take care of all your food concerns. Party caterers have different kinds of menus you can choose from. If the party is in the afternoon, serve snack foods or tea or whatever is appropriate for the time of your book sharing party.

If you are not well-versed with the best food caterers in town, try for some helpful food catering information and updates. Make your autumn book party truly unforgettable for you and your friends by serving excellent foods and having the best conversations.

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Fantastic Fall Foliage Party Catering

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Autumn leaves are everywhere in Australia this month. How about collecting them for a fantastic fall foliage party in your garden instead of sweeping and throwing them away?

fall foliage

Hosting a fall foliage party will definitely be much to the delight of your friends and loved ones. Aside from beautiful collections of autumn leaves, of course they will also be thrilled for the foods you will serve in your party.

You have a broad selection when it comes to the kind of foods that you will serve depending on the time of your party. But for sure, an excellent party food caterer is readily equipped with menus you can freely choose from- from nibblers to main dishes, everything will be mouthwatering if you have the best food catering service provider.

In addition to delicious foods and thirst-quenching beverages, ask your food caterer to transform your venue in accordance to your theme, which is of course, autumn foliage. Setting up elegantly dramatic tables and chairs has been one of the added roles of the modern day food caterer aside from producing truly tasty dishes.

fall party catering

It ain’t difficult to find party caterers these days if you have a celebration because there are a lot of them. The challenge lies in seeking for a competent and excellent food caterer. If you need help for your upcoming party, check out and learn a lot of things about parties and how to get the best food catering service provider in Australia for the events you will have in the future.

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“Birth” Day Special

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Surprise your wife an hour or two after she delivered your precious angel by gathering all the important people in her life. For a woman, the most defining moment yet the most exhausting part of her womanhood is child birth. It will mean so much to your wife if you will take extra effort to make her feel a lot better after long, painstaking hours of labor and delivery.


True enough, the exact date of when your wife will deliver cannot be perfectly pinpointed. So what will happen to your guests? How about your food preparations and all? Not to mention the venue will be in a hospital room. Do not fret! All you need to have is a wise and skillful food caterer beside you to make your surprise ‘birth’ day celebration for your wife will be a great success.

Food caterers these days do not only cater to big parties that require a lengthy and intense planning. They have leveled-up and developed ways to cater to the needs of their customers especially those whose lives are on the fast lane. Just like this ‘birth’ day special event in which the date is not yet exact, you can greatly rely on some food catering service providers who have readied dishes for the day and all you have to do is point which dishes you like and have just one staff member to assist in the serving of foods to your limited number of guests.

Remember, it does not need to be overly extravagant just enough to wipe away the exhaustion of your wife and make her happy on the birth day of your child. For the best food caterers in Australia, you can visit

South Australia’s Autumn Treat: Coonawarra Cabernet Long Lunch

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Feast your eyes on all the tasty dishes served this Sunday, April 27 at the Coonawarra Cabernet Long Lunch. The much awaited seven course luncheon will be hosted by one of the most famous and frequently visited restaurants there, the Coonawarra Station Restaurant. The Cabernet lunch will be held at the Coonawarra Memorial Hall.


And to make sure that all the foods will be tantalizing and exquisitely cooked, the kitchen staff will be headed by none other than the young and vibrant chef, Tom Palmer. So what are you waiting for?

Go and hot Coonawarra this Sunday and enjoy the scrumptious seven course meal prepared for the guests. And not to mention the best of the best wines the region has to match the dishes. Isn’t it a wonderful getaway before starting the week?

In addition, it will be a perfect time for you to perhaps chat with the man behind all the mouthwatering foods and the kitchen staff as well. Discover if they also do some food catering services
There will be definitely lots of food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gracing the event and all you have to do is make the most out of it. Some of them are the renowned owners of Australia’s best food and party caterers.

For more info and update about Australian food catering service providers, just go to

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Quality Party Catering

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Are you throwing a party? Well then that is not a big thing to worry about. Hosting parties is just easy as singing the ABC especially in this modern time. With the help of the food catering service providers, everything will be a lot easier for the party host.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

There will definitely be a sharp unease if we will be hosting a lunch or dinner party and yet we do not have the best party caterer beside us. That will be very stressful and exhausting. Imagine how cool it will be if we will just sit comfortably entertaining our guests and our trusted food caterer will make the rest beautifully orchestrated.

From the appetizers to desserts and wines, the best food caterer in Australia will certainly serve the most excellent dishes for the party you will be hosting. Of course there are lots of party caterers out there, however not all of them can satisfy the standards you have when it comes to perfection.

Parties, especially formal, sit-down ones, deserve to have the highest quality dishes and drinks for all the guests to enjoy.

party  group

So whatever kind of party you are throwing, be it a huge party or just a mini get together, make sure that you are serving your guests with the most scrumptious food you can offer.

Ask your family, friends or colleagues at work if they know of a good caterer if you happen not to have any at the moment. Or perhaps you can search down the internet and let websites like help you find the party caterer that will suit your needs.

Sports Event Catering

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Sports events are the best time to gather together with your friends especially if all of you are big fans of the same sport. Won’t it be a great bonding time to watch it all together and dive in a truly scrumptious meal after?

event catering

Whether you are watching your favorite sport on television or out there in the field, it is nice to have a mini sport event gathering after it.

Call up your favorite food catering service provider and have some really mouthwatering lunch or dinner after. Everybody will definitely have a great time.

Here is the Sportsman’s Special menu of one of the best food caterers in Australia. Check it out, you might want the same menu on you sports watching day with friends:

sports catering

• A choice from among 10 healthy green salads
• Hot bread rolls
• Beef roast
• Lamp roast
• Pork roast
• Yummy butter squares

You can add up another dish if you wish like rice for example or hot jacket potatoes that will go perfectly well with roasted meat and hot gravy. And for a healthier conclusion, you may opt for a platter of fresh fruits in season. Just tell whatever dishes you like present on that day and your food caterer will take care of everything for you.

For more information regarding the most trustworthy Australian food caterers, feel free to check

Swimming Party Catering

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Have a break with your exhausting home, school and work-related errands; treat your family to a relaxing escape like a swimming party! It would be a lot nicer because a swimming party is not like the usual dine out activities that a family does. It has another twist on it. Your swimming party can either be on a pool or beach. Just take a pick from either of the two venues.
swimming party
To help you make things easier for your swimming party, hire a truly good and trusted food caterer. You will not be so stressed out finding a good one because there are lots of excellent food catering service providers in Australia. Hiring a party caterer will make things much less difficult. Ask from your family members, friends or officemates about a great food caterer and you will have a hassle-free swimming party. You can just enjoy with your family and your food caterer will do all the planning, cooking and serving.

pool party

For a swimming party, an appropriate menu would include mostly finger foods and do away with soupy or saucy dishes because it will be messier. Finger foods are the most fitting because they are very easy to eat, less mess, and you can just pick it up, eat and jump back to the water again.

If you need expert tips and you have not found the best caterer yet for your swimming party, never hesitate to visit the website for useful advice and getting the right party caterer that will pass your high standards.

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Tea Party Catering

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Tea parties are one of the all time favorite mini gatherings of the young and old alike. Tea party is a classic. Although not everybody in the world are fond of tea parties yet a great majority of household always loves hosting it, especially the ladies of the house: grandmothers, moms, aunts and even the teenage girls.

tea party

Gone are the days when you are obliged to prepare everything if you are hosting a tea party for your friends because now, you have lots of food caterers to choose from to provide for the nibbles during the gathering. You may provide the tea if you have plenty of variations but you do not have to single-handedly prepare the finger foods that will go with the assorted type of teas that you will be serving.

Food caterers do not just cater to formal dining parties but they too cater to small gatherings like a tea party. They have a wide selection of finger food goodies you can freely choose from like cabanossi, finger sandwiches, crackers ‘n dip, mixed nuts, cakes, scones, jellies and a lot more. Give your guests plenty of food choices to select from. Let them enjoy their warm cup of tea with equally delicious tea party foods and savor those good talks and hearty laughs.

Your tea party will definitely be a hit especially if you have the best food party caterer. If you have not found your food caterer yet, just read on helpful information at the website

Sunday Night Easter Party

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Celebrate Easter Sunday with thanksgiving and bliss by throwing a Sunday Night Easter party for your family and friends. Hosting the said party will just be easy as ABC. Since the party will be exclusive for your family members and closest friends, the easier it is because you will just have perhaps 50 guests more or less.

easter dinner

So to jump start with the planning for your party this Easter night, make a call to your favorite food caterer. If you still do not have any, maybe you can ask from your friends about the food catering service provider they can recommend. If you do have one already, then you can start immediately with the food planning.

Nowadays, the food caterers have readied a number of sample menus so that it will be easier for the clients to choose and decide which kind of menu they will select, that is most appropriate for the party that they will be having.

For Sunday night Easter parties like yours, here is a sample menu from one of the well known and trusted food caterers in Sydney:

• Curried chicken
• Sweet and sour pork
• Boneless pork legs in apple sauce
• Boneless Yearling beef with mustard sauce
• Combination fried rice
• Fresh vegetable salad
• Hot jacket potatoes with sour cream dip

For a healthy desert, you may ask your food caterer to serve a platter of fresh fruits in season.
For more juicy tips when it comes to getting the best of the best party caterers in Australia and for more examples of party food menus, feel free to visit the website

Holy Week Retreat Gathering

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

This Holy Week, gather up your loved ones on a quiet place and have a solemn retreat. The Lent season is the best time to be with family members and strengthen up your spiritual aspect through meditations in peace and solitude.

To conclude your Holy Week retreat, prepare a hearty lunch-buffet style for the whole family. You do not have to pressure yourself to single-handedly prepare and cook the foods yourself.

Call your favorite food caterer and you will have the Holy Week family lunch gathering that you want.

Australia is home to many great food catering service providers. And certainly, it’s a delight for them to be of service to you and your family even though it is Holy Week. If you are still looking for your lunch caterer, can give you useful tips and help you bring to the right food caterer that you deserve.

And here, if you’re still thinking of what foods to serve your loved ones for the lunch you’ll be hosting for them, here is a great sample menu from a well-established food caterer in Australia fit for a minimum of 40 guests.

• Fresh green salad
• Butter squares
• Fresh fruits in season

On Cold Platters

seafood platter

• Giant prawns
• Fresh crabs
• Marinated squid
• Fresh oysters
• Mussels in Mediterranean style marinade
Hot Dishes
• Boneless yearling beef in mustard sauce
• Roasted Turkey breast with cranberry sauce
• Boneless pork legs in apple sauce

But of course, feel free to add or change some dishes if you want to. Lay down the dishes you want to be present during the lunch and you’ll have nothing to worry about.