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Backyard Picnic Catering

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Once in a while, we crave to set up a picnic blanket in our backyard and just have some fun time with our family and loved ones. These days, picnic in our backyard can be made incredibly easy with the help of Australia’s best catering service providers.


Food caterers have evolved all these years. In the earlier times, they would just focus on serving grand parties, but today, they would even cater small office gatherings and picnics. Food catering service providers in Australia has come up with different menus that would fit a certain occasion- be it a Christening, birthday, sports event, engagement, wedding, or just a company meeting, whatever type of occasion you will have, just lay it all down on your trusted food caterer.

For your backyard picnic party, make it light and simple. It is better to have finger foods which are not too messy to eat. Here is a suggested lineup of foods you may ask from your food caterer so that you won’t have a hard time preparing the foods:


• Chicken and avocado salad
• Full salad sandwich
• Leg ham, cream cheese, marinated antipasto
• Turkey, cheese, lettuce and cranberry sauce
• Egg and lettuce sandwich
• Tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise
• Salmon, cream cheese and shallots bagel

Feel free to select from among the many choices from the expert food caterers. Life is indeed way easier, thanks to the food caterers. If you are in dire need of professional tips regarding catering check

Office Party Made Easy

Friday, March 28th, 2014

It is quite difficult to do your office work and getting busy facilitating the office party at the same time. If you happen to be the one in-charge with organizing the up-coming work-related celebration in your company, it will be an added burden to you. But do not fret because there are already a myriad of good food catering service providers in Australia. All you have to do is find the best one and your problem is good as solved.


Food caterers have evolved all these years. Back in the earlier years, they are only catering the traditional house parties but these days their catering prowess has leveled up, they do not only cater in homes but also in company celebrations and elsewhere.

In addition, the modern day food caterer (not only in Australia) does not only do the planning, cooking and presentation of dishes but they also do the table and chair arrangement as well as the beautification of the venue through providing additional adornments.


Isn’t it such a relief to have great caterers nowadays? As an office party organizer, it is a great comfort to have a reliable food catering service provider to work with you. Indeed, food caterers make our lives a lot easier. When there is a party, you can just immediately call your trusted food caterer, lay down all the dishes you want to be prepared during the party and you are good to go.

If you have not found an efficient food caterer yet, you can always seek expert help from This site surely got what you need to know about the best party caterers in Australia.

Graduation Cocktail Party

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Graduation is one of the happiest momentous occasions to celebrate. The successful conclusion to one’s long and draining academic journey deserves to be celebrated with glee. And so with this, throwing a worth remembering party to a loved one who will be graduating is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give to him or her.

If you are the one throwing the party, give it a little twist from the usual formal, sitting-down dinner. Make it a cocktail party with all the chic cocktail tables set up in the venue and let the guests enjoy themselves hopping from one table to the next. Since a cocktail party is a little less formal, this will give the guests an opportunity to meet and greet more people than just sit down and be glued to a conversation with just 2 or 3 persons sitting beside them on the table.

And of course, an occasion will never be complete without FOOD and DRINKS. To ensure that you will have the scrumptious cocktail foodies on during the party, hire the most exceptional party food caterer in Australia.


Here is a suggested list of delectable finger foods for cocktail party from one of the best food catering service provider in the country:

• Mini chicken drumsticks
• Savory meat balls
• Spicy meat and spinach
• Different kinds of cheeses and crackers with a variety of dipping sauces
• Cabanossi
• Mixed nuts and dried fruits

For more professional help with regards to finding the best Australian food caterers, check on

Chic Friendship Night Party

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

It always gives a fresh start to your friendship circle to gather them once in a while especially if you have not seen each other for quite a long time already. Being the person in your clique who has the drive and interest to throw parties for your best buddies, make your friendship night party truly worth remembering with great music and of course, all the best food and drinks.


To spare you from the stress and hassle of preparing the foods for your friendship night party, contact your most trusted food catering service provider to take care of the food planning and preparation. Food caterers in Australia are one of the best in the world.

So if you are having a friendship night party, here is a sample menu from one of the most sought after Australian party caterers that can make it even more chic and unforgettable:

• Curried Chicken
• Sweet and Sour Pork
• Barbecue in Plum Sauce
• Beef Stroganoff
• Thai Sweet Chilli and Lime Prawns
• Satay Beef
• Singapore Noodles
• Vegetable Salad
• Curried prawns

This is just a suggested food line up for your party, if you wish to add something of your choice, you can always do so. For professional help, visit Have a happy friendship night party!

Easter Lunch Buffet

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Give your family members and close friends a healthy and hearty lunch come Easter Sunday with the best dish offerings of one of the best food caterers in Australia. Make it a stress-free Sunday lunch by not having the responsibility to prepare and cook all the foods that you will be serving. Dial up the digits of your most trusted food catering service provider and you will be saved from doing the hard work on Easter.


Here is a good suggestion of dishes from one of the best party caterers in Australia. If ever you may want the same food combination from your food caterer on Easter Sunday lunch, all you’ve gotta do is talk it over with your service provider:

• Fresh green salad
• Hot jacket potatoes
• Bread rolls
• Boneless legs of lamb in mint sauce
• Boneless yearling beef with mustard
• Boneless legs of pork in apple sauce
• Butter squares
• Fresh fruit platter

Indeed it is a full and healthy meal for all your loved ones and without a doubt, their tummies and taste buds will feast and be merry for all the treats after Holy Week is over. Feel free to add some other foods you wanna have on your Easter lunch party or perhaps you may want to draft your own menu of dishes, feel free to do so.

For more assistance from the food catering experts, you may visit and check for more helpful information about the best catering service providers at

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Food Caterer: The Ultimate BFF of Party Hosts

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Yes, indeed the food caterers are the ultimate best friends of those who are hosting momentous events. Imagine how much of a hassle it will be if you do not have a food catering service provider? You will certainly feel so stressed out and you will look like a withered plant come the day of the celebration when you are supposed to be stress-free looking and radiant as expected of a party host.


As an event host, you must know what makes a good food catering service provider because you will always benefit for having the best party caterer. Here is a list of qualities you need to find in them:

Accommodating. Who would want a caterer who shuts off their door simply because they have other clients at the moment hence they can’t entertain you?
the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Brilliantly Creative. Never let go of food catering service providers who are adept in mixing and matching dishes, and those who help you make your event amazingly beautiful not just in terms of food.

Does not Overprice. There are caterers who have the tendency to overprice their service and you should be alert for this. A food caterer who does not primarily think of the profit they can get from you is a plus point. There are some whose service is so poor that they don’t even deserve to get paid for the amount they are asking.

For more detailed information on the best Australian food caterers, try to visit

Fun and Food at Folk Festival

Friday, March 21st, 2014

It’s time to hit the grounds of Canberra come Easter weekend for the famous National Folk Festival. Every year, the National Folk Festival in Canberra magnetizes both the locals and foreigners to come and join in celebrating the folk culture of the glorious Australia.


Festival organizers have prepared various fun learning activities that will definitely be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Folk songs and dances will, of course, fill Canberra all throughout the festival. There will also be poetry reading and story-telling sessions to recollect the beautiful literary pieces written by the famous Australian poets and writers.

In addition to the already-long list of activities for the Folk Fest, there will be lots of concerts that will surely be a delight to the young ones and dance classes for everyone too. Plus, a special program only made for the kids to enjoy.


And of course, the highlight of every occasion and festival- FOOD and DRINKS! The festival goers will have food selections aplenty. From the formal resto to the street foods, take your pick. This will also be a great opportunity for you to spot a potential food caterer for your upcoming party.

Get to know the restaurant and food stall owners and make some little chit-chats. Who knows they might be your food caterers in the near future. We all know Australia’s got lots of really good party caterers that you can rely on. Check on to get professional help when you are in need of expert food catering service providers.

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Totally Fab Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


Every girl deserves to be given a grand birthday party once she hits the sweet age of sixteen. Come on, your little girl only turns 16 once in her life, as a parent, you have got to make it a memorable day for her. And now jump start your party planning, begin with this question: How do I throw a uniquely dazzling teenie party?

It’s easy! All you have to do is to get a great Aussie food caterer to help you begin the planning stage and eventually, the preparation. Needless to say, food caterers are very much adept in handling any kind of parties. If you’ve got the right one, you would not even need the expertise of an event planner. An experienced food caterer would surely suffice.

One way to make your daughter’s sweet sixteen the sweetest birthday party of her life, you can ask your food caterer to set up another big table which will be filled up with all things sugary and saccharine. Here is a list of mouthwatering desserts from one of the expert food caterers in Australia that you can include in your gourmet dessert table:

• Mixed berry pavlova
• Sticky date pudding
• Passion fruit cheesecake
• Lemon Meringue Pie
• Belgium Chocolate Cake
• Apple pie
• Mud cake

All these sweet treats and more will definitely be enjoyed by the young and old guests alike in your little girl’s special day. Her birthday event will certainly be fab and glam! For more information and expert help in finding the most competent sweet sixteen food caterer, you may check out

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Best Ever Cocktail Party

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

cocktailThe most pleasurable sight for a party host is to see his guests all having a good time on the party he has prepared. How can you make sure that your guests will have a blast on your party? You do not need an event organizer to know. You only have to secure three things and your guests will have the best cocktail party ever. Check it out!

• A warm, cozy venue
• Great music
• And of course, the best food caterer in Australia

Needless to say, the third one is the most important of all. For one, your guests are all food-loving beings and as a good host, you must satisfy their highly-sophisticated taste buds by providing exquisite-tasting dishes. And second, to keep the party alive and going, your foods must be overflowing so that guests can just eat whenever they feel the need to do so for energy.

In addition, you need to get the best cocktail party caterer not only because of the splendid foods they can offer but the service and this includes the staff- from the owner to the ones who will patiently serve on your event.

Cocktail parties do not necessarily demand for heavy dishes. Finger foods will do because it will not be a formal ‘sit-down’ dining anyway. However, you still have to prepare the best cocktail foodies and drinks. A known food caterer has this list of special extras wherein you can select from among the many equally tasty nibbles perfect for a cocktail party:

• Chicken lollipops or mini chicken drumsticks with dip
• Savory meat balls
• cabanossi
• Smoke oysters
• Prawns
• A variety of cheese
• Crackers and dip
• Cold meat platters
• Fruit platter

And don’t forget to serve veggies that can just be easily picked and dipped like carrots, celery, and cucumber for your vegetarian guests. For more details on the best caterers, check

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Food, Fun and All the Best of Sydney

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Australia’s capital city celebrates the Sydney Royal Easter Show annually for two weeks around Easter. It has been hailed as the hugest yearly event in Australia drawing thousands of locals and tourists to join in the fun.


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is celebrated to honor Australia’s excellent cultural and agricultural heritage all these years.

People from all walks of life, young, old and young at heart all enjoy the classic Australian food and entertainment on this event. The Easter Show features a lot of learning activities both for the kids and adults, carnival rides and truly amusing glit-edged competitions showcasing premier arts, fashion, food, fresh produce and livestock of the beautiful Australia.

The ‘Royal’ Show is also child-friendly with activities such as playing with all the adorable baby animals in the animal nursery and the theme park rides. Adults, on the other hand, will also have a fun learning experience on milking cows and shearing sheep. And hold your horses! Ladies and gentlemen, make your heart beat gallop with the equestrian events. Certainly, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is the ultimate event to go to this March-April with loved ones.


The last but not the least, the most important part of every event these are of course the FOOD and WINE. Meet and greet with food and wine experts on the event and don’t forget to get their call cards in case you might want them to be your food caterer on future parties. Australia’s surely got the best food caterers. To check on the best food catering service providers in Australia, visit

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