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The Grand Wedding Buffet

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Because wedding is such a big and important momentous life event, it is therefore necessary to make everything sparkle with pomp and grandeur. Getting married is just a once in a lifetime happening. Of course you want everything to be beautifully perfect.


From the wedding theme to the tiniest details of the reception, everything has got to be considered. There is only a very small room for flaws. It would be better if you can do away with making some unnecessary mistakes like having a bad food during the reception perhaps.

In a wedding, there are always two major parts: the marriage ceremony and the wedding reception. If all went perfectly well for the ceremony, it must also be the same with the reception. Needless to say, there is only one sure way to make your wedding reception truly great and successful: good food. Yes that’s it. And the secret to having great dishes? Hire the best food caterer in Australia.

Here’s a sample menu perfectly suited for weddings from one of Aussies best food caterers all these years:

• Scrumptious Starters
– 2 varieties of fresh vegetable salad
– Bread rolls and butter squares

• Cool Cold Platters
– Marinated Mediterranean Style Mussels
– Fresh crabs
– Fresh Oysters
– While king prawns

• Mouthwatering Main Dishes
– Boneless Pork in Apple Sauce
– Boneless yearling beef with mustard
– Freshly oven-baked turkey roast in rich cranberry sauce

• Delectable Desserts
– Cold platter of fresh fruits in season
– Blueberry cheese cake
– Mango Pavlova

To complete this super delish wedding menu, don’t forget to include the special and unparalleled spit roast at Blacktown Spit Roast Catering.

Children’s Party with a Twist

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

It does not necessarily follow that a children’s party should only serve foods appropriate for the kids like the traditional spaghetti, hotdogs and marshmallows on stick, ice cream and all the colorful candies. Of course there are also adults accompanying their little ones to the party and they will appreciate it much if there dishes that would fit the taste buds of a grown up.

childrens party

The beauty of having a food caterer is that you can just lay everything to them without being so stressed out with all the details that have something to do with food preparation. Give them an estimated number of guests and that’s it. If you are tired enough to even think of what foods to serve, they will gladly take that responsibility too. All you have to do is nod and approve.


If you are having a children’s party, do not forget to tell your food caterer that there must be a special buffet table for the adults. Perhaps a beef and chicken buffet for them would be great. And because it will probably be an afternoon snacks for the kids, do not make the dishes for the grown-ups heavy.

Take a peek at the menu of one of Australia’s most in demand food caterers:

• Two varieties of vegetable salad
• Roasted chicken
• Yearling beef with gravy
• Bread rolls
• Butter squares

Feel free to add up some dishes if you wish to. It will be much to your food caterer’s delight. If you consider spit roast to be included in the menu, you can do so. But make sure that kids will love them as well. If you are looking for a palate-friendly spit roast like those served by St George District Spit Roast Catering.

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Delectable Light Lunch Meals for Seminars

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Seminars definitely need the service of food caterer to provide the attendees with great foods as they are tasked to tirelessly listen during lectures and participate if there are workshops that go with it. Needless to say, seminars can really be so draining- mentally and physically. Participants will easily get hungry and so with this, there must be food on stand-by to keep them going.


While seminars begin early in the morning until the afternoon, the main meal served most commonly is lunch. Despite the hungry attendees, foods during lunch must be light to avoid making them sleepier.

Here’s a list of foods you may wish to be served by your Aussie caterer for a light lunch:

Finger sandwiches with different fillings like:
– tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise
– ham and cheese
– egg and lettuce

• Salads
– chicken and avocado salad
– fresh green salad

• Pasta
– vegetable lasagna
– peppered shrimp alfredo

• Desert
– miniature pavlova
– fresh fruits in season

• Coolers
-fruit punch
– soda

You may also add one chicken and one beef dish and rice to the menu because for always, there are attendees who are not used to eating a small amount during lunch such as spit roast from Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

In addition, it is a must that in seminars, you always ask your food caterer to have an overflowing coffee so that the participants will be alive, alert and awake all throughout the talk.

Winning Dinner Menu for your Engagement Party

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


Fill your guests’ tummies with bliss and bounty by serving them with truly mouth-watering dishes on your engagement night. What more could be worth celebrating than announcing to your respective family members, close friends and associates that both of you are finally tying the knot? It is such a beautiful, momentous event that should be shared.

And don’t you know that there is a way to entice the guests during your engagement party never to miss your wedding day? GOOD FOOD. Yes, that’s it! Although they will definitely be there on that special day to share such a joyous moment with you, knowing that you have good choice of food and food caterer will make them look forward for the dishes as well.

So for your engagement dinner, here is a delicious list of dishes from one of the truly amazing food caterers in Australia:

• Curried chicken
• Sweet and sour pork
• Boneless legs of pork bathed in apple sauce
• Boneless yearling beef with mustard
• Fried rice (or plain steamed rice)

Isn’t it a good combination of all sorts of meat cooked in perfection?

If you choose to serve some tasty nibbles, you can do so. The food caterer has a broad selection of light finger foods you can choose from like spring rolls, different kinds of cheeses that go with a variety of dips too.

In addition, do not forget to serve something fresh like a colorful dish of vegetable salad as one of the starters and a cold platter of fruits in season for dessert. Plus the mouthwatering spit roast from Southern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

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The Aussie Breakfast Party

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Seldom do we host a breakfast party. We have become accustomed to throwing lunch and dinner parties at home or even afternoon parties when it is a birthday celebration of a child. However though it rarely happens, there are still people who love breakfast get-togethers.


With this, some Aussie caterers included a breakfast menu just in case some of their clients will decide to have one. Thanks for the caterers’ initiative, party hosts won’t have a hard time preparing and cooking breakfast foods for their guests.

Here is a peek at the breakfast menu of one of Australia’s most sought after provider of food catering service:

• Freshly frilled bacon
• Beef sausages
• Sautéed mushrooms
• Several varieties of fresh bread

Dishes for breakfast are quite simple compared to lunch and dinner, where the foods are a little complicated to prepare and cook. You can always add up to the standard menu for breakfast upon request.


For instance, if you want to add finger sandwiches to the menu, it’s not a problem. All you have to do is tell your caterer.

In addition, do not forget to also include a variety of beverages suited for a breakfast party like hot chocolate, brewed coffee, milk, tea and maybe you can include two flavors of fruit juice for those who want to have a cold thirst quencher.

If you have vegetarian guests, you shall not forget to inform your caterer as well so that they can prepare an all-veggie sausage for them. And for always, the last part of the menu: dessert.

You can have scones with different fillings or gourmet biscuits and wafers that can go perfectly with coffee and tea. To give a healthy twist to your sweets, have a platter of fruits in season too.

If you want to extend the party until lunch or dinner, you have to make sure you have the most delicious food menus on your table. Of course, the top menu on the list must be something that would make your guests full and crave for more. What is it? Spit roast! Want the best spit roast in town? Check out Hills District Spit Roast Catering.

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An All-Finger Food Pool Party

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Parties are cool ways to pull us away from the everyday hustle-bustle and stress we get from work and other chores. We need a breather from time to time and hosting a pool party is a great way to take a break and have a dose of real socialization and not the ones we get from the social networking sites.

DIY Catering

You might think, however, that hosting an afternoon pool party is stressful considering the planning and preparation stage. Do not fret. All you have to do to make your pool party possible and successful is to make your venue ready. With regards to the foods, there is nothing to worry about them. You can just contact your Australian food caterer, schedule an appointment with them and lay down all your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ for your party.

And since it is an afternoon pool party, it would be cool if the eatables that you will serve will be all finger foods so that if your guests feel like swimming, they can just pick-up something to eat and then dive and eat again.
Here is a list of suggested finger foods you may serve on your pool party:

Mini pizza slices
• Crispy cheese sticks with a variety of dips
• Chicken lollipops
• Finger sandwiches with different fillings
• Mixed nuts platter
• Spicy chicken wings
• Beef and vegetable skewers
• Smoked salmon and cucumbers
• Cold seafood platter
• Mini brownies
• Strawberries and marshmallows with chocolate dip

Planning for some spit roast party, too? Well then, never doubt getting this delish menu from Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

Cocktail Pleasures

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Social gatherings such as a cocktail party is a great way to collect your friends and acquaintances if you happen to be away from the country for too long and you have not seen them for what seems like forever.

To make your cocktail party a blockbuster, you shall think of a unique theme. Think of something that can make your guests feel the touch of your persona. Since it is your party, you have all the liberty to inject your ‘personality’ to your affair.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of your cocktail party (of every gathering for that matter) is none other than the FOOD. Guests must be deliciously fueled-up by savory dishes and tantalizing sweets that will definitely make them up and about until the party will finally be over.


Let your Aussie food caterer take the burden of food off your shoulder and let their cooking and food presentation prowess impress you and your guests. Gone are the days when the host is the one who is responsible to plan and prepare the menu and cook them on the day of the party.

Now, if you are the party host, your main role is simply to keep your guests entertained and keep their tummies delightfully full with the mouth-watering dishes prepared by your hired caterer.

In addition, remember that when it’s a cocktail party, the menu must consist of dishes (finger foods, cold and hot platters, meal highlight, dessert, etc) that will be perfect complements of the cocktails that will be served.

But if you want some dish that would truly make you full and drool with too much deliciousness, then order some spit roast today at the finest spit roasters Macarthur – Liverpool Spit Roast Catering.

Gastronomic Delights for the Office Party

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Office persons have all the rights to have a party in their workplace if a very important event calls for it to be celebrated like their anniversary for instance. But sadly they do not have the luxury of time to do the food preparation and all. With this, the expertise of an Aussie food caterer shall be needed to make the celebration possible.


The office staff can choose from among the myriad of food caterers in Australia. All they have to do is give them a ring and then schedule a sit-down appointment. It ain’t too difficult, is it? In parties that should be held at offices or meeting rooms, the wisest thing to do is to get help from a known food caterer.

Since an office party is just a small group gathering, you do not have to overdo the menu in terms of the number of dishes and their quantity. The office team can select just one dish for beef, chicken and seafood and then one appetizer, vegetable salad and dessert.

Here is a suggested menu for an office party:

Cheese platter with dip


Vegetable Salad
Fresh garden salad with vinaigrette

Chicken Dish
Roasted Rosemary chicken

Beef Dish
Satay Beef

Seafood Dish
Prawns in Sweet Chilli Sauce


Fresh Fruit Platter (if the majority will want something healthy and light after the main meal); or

Mango Pavlova (if they want something to be paired perfectly with hot coffee or tea after meal)

Want to add some mouthwatering spit roast on your menu? Your staff will surely love you even more. Make sure you get it from St George District Spit Roast Catering.

Grad Party the Aussie Way

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


Every memorable life event should always be celebrated with pride and glee. Graduation, for instance, is the beautiful conclusion to your academic struggles. With this, you must go and throw a grad party in celebration of your emancipation from school and all the hardships that tailgate it.

Now, if you are not the type of person who is fond of hosting parties, don’t push yourself. You can always be the host without stressing yourself of the party. If you are throwing a graduation party, your main concern is the food- What foods are you going to serve your guests?

Well, that is never a problem. You don’t have to cook the foods if you don’t want to. Let the best Aussie caterer take care of everything that has something to do with food. That is the beauty of evolution.

Gone are the days when the hosts of a party should be the ones responsible of the planning, preparing and cooking of the dishes for the party. Now, thank heavens for the myriad of caterers. You can just sit back and enjoy your guests without having to worry about the foods.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Getting a food caterer for a party maybe a little costly that is why you shall keep in mind to be very wise in choosing the best caterer so your money won’t be put to waste. And the most important reason behind why you should have the best of the best caterer for your party is this: you always want everything to be excellent for your guests, especially with food.

How would you feel if you’ve heard someone make a negative comment about the foods? Serving them with good foods is a way of making your guests feel that you value their presence.

Don’t forget to include spit roast on your graduation party menu from Upper North Shore Spit Roast Catering.

Easter Feast

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Lent is fast approaching and of course it is the season to be quiet, contemplative and some would do abstain from eating poultry meat or even fast as their way of sacrifice. But let your tummies rejoice for you are going to have a feast when Christ has risen on Easter! Prepare a private Easter lunch for family members and close friends on Easter Sunday with one of the best food caterers in Australia.


How delightful it is to gather all your loved ones after hearing the mass on Easter and eat together surrounded by mouthwatering foods prepared by no other than your trusted Australian food caterer? Nourish up your body after you have fasted during the lent season with all the healthy and delicious dishes your food caterer have prepared. It’s only but proper to feast and celebrate to commemorate the coming to life of the Lord after He has died.

Here is a suggested food menu coming from one of the most trusted and famous food caterers in Aussie. If you have a maximum of 30 guests, then you are good to go with this menu:

2 types of vegetable salad
• Curried chicken
• Sweet and sour pork
• Boneless yearling beef with mustard
• Boneless legs of pork with apple sauce
• Fried rice or plain rice or both
• Bread rolls
• Butter squares

If you are in need finding a food catering service provider, feel free to check on for professional assistance.