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Get to Know the Varying Types of Gelato

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

When you finally get the answer to the mind boggling question you have in mind about the difference between a gelato and an ice cream, you jump in to another query: What are the types of gelato? Unfortunately, yes, you are not only asking for the different kinds of flavor gelato have.

gelato 1

If that is the question, it will be very easy to answer because well, just like ice cream, gelato has a myriad of flavors to choose from. You name it. But since flavor is not what some people mean when they ask about “type” of gelato, it is definitely a little serious inquiry,

So for those who are wondering what the types of gelato are (if there are) aside from ‘types of flavor’, here is a list of it.

Basically, gelato just means ice cream; it’s just the Italian counterpart of the English word. So when you are asking for the varying kinds of gelato, you are asking for the different types of ice cream too.

Pasteurized Gelato

Since gelato uses milk than cream, technically, milk is the main ingredient of gelato. Gelato makers have the choice regarding the kind of milk they will use in making. It can be pasteurized or not. Most of the time, gelato makers would usually use pasteurized milk and therefore pasteurized gelato is more popular than unpasteurized one.

Unpasteurized Gelato

Of course there is a distinction with regards to the taste of a gelato which uses unpasteurized milk than pasteurized one. It tastes milkier and yes, more delectable maybe because of the fact that unpasteurized cow’s milk means that it didn’t undergo any process of sterilizing and basically it is fresh from the cow.

Soya Gelato

gelato 2

For those who love to eat gelatos but are keeping an eye to their cholesterol level and sugar level, this one is the best for you. Soya gelato does not contain cholesterol because all of its components come from fruits and vegetables. It also does not have any added sugar. Good for diabetics. In addition, soya gelato is rich in protein, iron and other important minerals which can be beneficial to your health. You don’t have to worry a thing about its taste; it is as milky and tasty just like that regular gelato.

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Top 3 Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurants in Melbourne

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Vacations are meant to be spent visiting and taking photos of remarkable places and of course, eating, eating and eating. Visiting Australia will give you a rich experience of the place and don’t worry, it’s got a lot of restaurants you can choose from- from simple food stalls to eat-all-you-can buffet restos. You name it. Australia’s got everything for you.

Speaking of Eat-All-You-Can restaurants, in case you get so hungry and want to indulge yourself in great tasting dishes, let this be your guide.

eat all you can

• Conservatory

High-class and chic are two adjectives that define Conservatory. The place gives you a feeling of not wanting to leave and just stay there as long as it’s possible. Conservatory gives a view of a river that makes it even more relaxing. It’s got renowned chefs who waves magic to their Western and Eastern food fare but their sea food dishes draws special attention. Prawns, oysters and fishes are cooked exquisitely. Conservatory Lounge, a part of the entire place gives its guests a beautiful view of the majestic Crown Atrium. Conservatory Lounge serves a broad selection of teas, coffee, champagnes, wines, cocktails and other liquor. It’s a great place to spend the remaining part of the afternoon.

• Roxburgh Park Hotel International Buffet

Talking about a wide range selection of international dishes to choose from, Roxburgh Park Hotel offers its guests all sorts of dishes from entrees to desserts, soft drinks to hard liquor. It’s undeniably an eat-all-you-can and drink-all-you-can hotel restaurant. The Bistro openly displays a n enormous wok and a pizza oven fuelled by firewood. People of all ages and races will definitely find comfort and satisfaction here.

all you can eat

• Volcano Joes

If you are looking for a tropical-themed Eat-All-You-can buffet, Volcano Joes is the one for you. Aside from the unquestionably delectable dishes they are serving, Volcano Joes is a friendly place too if you are bringing your kids with you. This is what makes it original and unique. Children have their own eat-all-you-can corner too. The foods prepared by the chef are all appropriate for kiddos and taste equally delicious as the dishes served for adults. What makes it more child-friendly is the Lava Den where your little ones can play and enjoy movies and computer games while you are also having a good time at the Lava Bar.

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The Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Australia

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

It is really inevitable that while you are in some parts of the world like Australia, your taste buds will make you desire for something Korean. Wouldn’t you feel frustrated and depressed if your cravings won’t be satisfied?


If you happen to be in Australia and you are looking for mouthwatering Korean foods, here is a list of Korean restaurants you may wish to visit:

• LIVE Korean Restaurant

If you are yearning for Korean food and very hungry at the same time, LIVE Korean Restaurant located at Shop 1-4, 1-7 Albion Place, Sydney, New South Wales is the one for you. They’ve got an Eat All You Can buffet at only $22. You’ll get justice for spending your $22 because they’ve got a wide variety of Korean dishes on the table and they’re all done exceptionally well. Feed your stomach, satisfy your tongue.

• Seoul-Ria

They take pride in their Japchae, a Korean dish whose main ingredient is a noodle made from sweet potatoes. This actually makes it original and tastier. It is usually topped with different kinds of vegetables. So if you happen to be a vegetable love, this one will perfectly suit your taste buds. Seoul-Ria is situated at 2/605 George St, Sydney, New South Wales.

• Sydney Madang Restaurant

Located at 71A Pitt St. (Liverpool St.), Sydney, Sydney Madang Restaurant garnered a lot of positive feedbacks from its diners, giving especially high praises to their Korean BBQ dish. Their seafood pancake and bulgogi are also a hit.


• Min Sok Chon

Their hot plates are hot! Yes, locals and tourists love their hot plates- be it spicy pork, spicy beef or spicy chicken. They are all undeniably flavorful. Samgyeopsal, one of the famous Korean foods, is also a box-office hit here. It is a grilled slice of pork belly meat which is usually wrapped in sangchu (known as the Korean term of lettuce) and then dipped in a special kind of Korean sauce. Min Sok Chon can be found at 116 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW.

• Heaven and Earth

If you are on a budget, this will be your safe haven. Situated at 96 Liverpool St Sydney, NSW, Heaven and Earth serve the best tasting Korean foods at very friendly and economic prices. You will definitely get more than what you paid for. The dishes are impressive taste-wise.

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Today’s Craving: Sushi and Sashimi

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Australia is a gigantic arena of great foods. Restaurants are everywhere and people can freely choose what kind of food they wanna eat- Korean, Japanese, American, Chinese and the list goes on. After eating all of Australia’s famous dishes and if your craving for other country’s best starts to kick in, shop for eating places that will suit your preference.

sushi and sashimi

If you wish to eat sushi, sashimi and all things Japanese, here are the top 4 Japanese restaurants that serve the best sushi and sashimi in Australia’s capital city.

• Niji Sushi Bar

Located at 333 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Niji restaurant is such a delight in the eye with its vast space and the enticing procession of sushi that surrounds the entire open kitchen. Their Sashimi 21 which includes 3 pieces of cuttlefish, kingfish, scallops, snapper, tuna and their special fish for the day is also a must-try.

• Yoshii

A Japanese restaurant named after the renowned owner and master creator of its sushi, Yoshii Ryuichi, is situated at 115 Harrington Street, The Rocks. The place gives all the diners a plush ambiance. But of course the highlight of going here is the sushi and sashimi course you will definitely enjoy.

• Sokyo

When you talk about sushi, sashimi, sophistication and Sydney, then you must be talking about Sokyo. Sokyo is one of the posh Japanese restaurants in Australia’s capital located at The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont. You can choose a variety of Japanese dishes from the menu but make sure you won’t miss its specialty, the sushi and sashimi.

• Izakaya Fujiyama

Although their Kingfish Nuta paired with tortilla chips is what they really boast from all the food in the menu, their sushi and sashimi, which can never be absent in a Japanese restaurant’s food list, are a hit too because they’re excellently done. Izakaya Fujiyama is situated at Shop G09, 38-52 Waterloo Street Surry Hills.

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Four Great Christmas Dessert Ideas

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Christmas season is fast approaching. Aside from starting to buy gifts for loved ones and friends, pretty sure most women especially mothers are also preoccupied about their menu for Christmas day. From soup to dessert, they make sure all the foods they will serve on the table are well-thought of.

And yeah, thinking about what dishes, drinks and desserts to serve can be quite stressful at times. So, to be of little help, here is a list of Christmas dessert suggestions you can serve on the merriest day of the year:

Choco-Mint Brownies


Sometimes you want to serve something not-so-messy. Since ice cream and icing-filled cakes can be undeniably messy especially in the hands of children, choco-mint brownie is dry. It’s also considered a finger-food so your guests won’t need saucers and forks to eat this. Isn’t it a favor on your part too? Because saucers and forks which will be supposedly used for dessert won’t add up to your dishwashing chore anymore? Indeed a smart Christmas dessert.

Strawberry Pavlova

strawberry pavlova

It’s always nice to include “Christmassy” colors to your Christmas desserts, isn’t it? Strawberry, for instance, can really make your sweets so Christmas with its rich red color. Although pavlova is a little intricate to make, yet once you get to see the look of your guests’ faces as they eat it, you wouldn’t regret you decided to make it as your Christmas dessert. If you don’t have strawberries, you can also use raspberries or cherries as replacement.

Cream Puffs

cream puffs

Cream puff is also a little complicated to make but really worth it. What makes it delicious is the sweet custard filling that battles with the blandness of the outside covering.
It is best paired with tea. It’s such a perfect Christmas dessert treat after the main course.

White Christmas Ice Cream Cones

white cones

It’s Christmas and therefore something unique and new must be served. Unlike your typical ice cream cone which is all wafer, this one is made up of ice cream, glazed fruits and almonds. Indeed, it’s a special Christmas cone. It can be eaten as is or as how it is supposed to be used- edible ice cream holder.

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What Should Australia’s National Dish Be…

Monday, November 25th, 2013

A national dish is a food specialty that can be easily associated to a particular country. Adobo, for instance, is flagged as the national dish of the Philippines; satay for Indonesia; and crepe for France. How about Australia? What should be Australia’s national dish?

grilled kangaroo 2

Australia is known to have a variety of delicious foods- barbecues, roast lambs; meat pies for example are famously associated with it. But really, what should be Aussie’s national dish? It should be something unique that upon hearing the word, one would automatically exclaim “Oh! Australia!”

How about Grilled Kangaroo? Yeah! Why not its official national animal instead? Besides, kangaroo’s population is too high that it wouldn’t be at risk of extinction when over a hundred of it will be slaughtered to be cooked every day.
Grilled kangaroo will be much to the delight of those who are health conscious and are watching their weight because kangaroo, ladies and gentlemen, is low in fat. In addition, unlike cows, kangaroos are free from the chemical methane, which is one of the strongest GHGs that harm the earth.

grilled kangaroo 1

Just like cow’s meat, kangaroo can go well with the basic ingredients like garlic, onion, pepper and some other spices and herbs. It is not actually difficult to cook. Be it grilled or what, kangaroo meat tastes absolutely great!
In fact, grilled kangaroo is already included in the menu of some of the famous restaurants in Australia. It is best paired with either red or white wine.

It wouldn’t be long enough that kangaroo dishes will be equally famous as Australia. So if you happen to be in Australia for vacation or whatever business you will have there, never board the plane back home without tasting the sumptuous grilled kangaroo. As you eat, you can certainly say, “Oh this is so Australia!”

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Some Interesting Events Near Melbourne This Weekend

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Want to try something different over the weekend? Give yourself a chance to enjoy some gastronomic sessions with the finest chefs in Melbourne as well as the big names in the food and wine industry. This event is called the Bendigo Food and Wine Expo that is set to happen today, November 22 until Sunday, November 24.


Although this is not for free, you will surely get more than what you paid for. Imagine the sumptuous dishes prepared by the MasterChef 2013 winner Emma Dean and the other two finalists. They will be showing you their secret recipes and award-winning cooking strategies on the Celebrity Main Stage. Additionally, you are given the chance to taste their specialties with an intimate three-course meal and premium wines over lunch at the Celebrity Dining Room.


About 150 exhibitors are expected to come. They will all show off their skills and specialties in one place – Bendigo Exhibition Center. Thousands of food and wine enthusiasts are expected to come. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your tickets now before it runs out.

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Spending Christmas Lunch the Most Convenient Way

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Christmas is traditionally being highlighted with a sumptuous dinner – the roast turkey, glazed ham and some wine. Everyone looks forward to these dishes to be served on the table. This means a lot of energy is being required from you this day. This is especially true when some friends and relatives are coming.

Thanksgiving dinner

It has also been an old practice to go on a light or simple lunch in preparation for the tummy to be filled with a heavy meal over dinner. Why not do something different? Make Christmas a day full of delicious food. This does not mean though that you do all the cooking. You don’t want to lose all your energy during the day and become too lazy and tired preparing for the main event of the day, right?

Fortunately, there are some restaurants in Sydney that you can visit that is perfect for Christmas lunch. Perhaps you can bring your family with you over lunch and just spend dinner with the rest of the gang. Here are some places you might want to check out.

seafood platter

The Boathouse. Craving for some seafood? Well then, this restaurant on Blackwattle Bay is the best spot for you and your loved one’s Christmas lunch. Grab some crab and oysters while you enjoy the amazing natural backdrop. This place is usually open for Christmas Day lunch and offers some special treats for guests. However, you need to book now. Otherwise, you will be doing all the cooking at home.

Balla. Want some pasta? Spend the Christmas Day lunch at Balla. You can take the kids with you and the entire family, eat over traditional Italian cuisine without the sweat. It is such a great place for carbohydrate overload!

pasta 1

The Woods. Feeling cold this Christmas? Perhaps the fire oven festive lunch at the Woods Restaurant could warm you up. Seafood and some traditional Christmas Day menus are the bestsellers.

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What Makes Aussie Meat Pies Stand Out

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Meat pies are one of the signature dishes of Australia as well as New Zealand. In every party, picnic and even simple afternoon snack, meat pies are always present. This dish has been firmly implanted into the hearts, minds and taste buds of Australians including travelers who visit the country to find some interesting eats. In fact, there are lots of people fighting to make meat pie the national dish.


You can see meat pies served in events and even construction sites. The record says, 90,000 pies were sold during the AFL final games. In a nutshell, everyone loves meat pies in Australia! But what makes Aussie meat pie different from the others?

Aussie meat pie contains meat enclosed in two enclosed pockets of dough. You can play on your own ingredients and mixture when it comes to the filling. You can actually use vegetables instead of meat if you want to go for green or a combination of it. The dough, however, is made based on the Australian old recipe.

So, what really makes it stand out? Again, it’s the classic dough recipe, the chicken or beef with thick gravy and sometimes topped with tomato sauce on top. The size is large enough to be held in one hand, eaten while driving, strolling and watching your favorite sporting game.

As a proof that Aussies love their meat pie so much, you can get it almost anywhere – bakeries, restaurants and even in the frozen food section of grocery shops. Please don’t confuse the Aussie meat pie to the American pot pie. They are different, so be careful. While hamburgers are to American, meat pies are to Aussies.

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Affordable yet Tasteful Pastas Served in Sydney

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

pasta 1

Pasta lover? There are too many restaurants in Sydney bragging about how sumptuous their pasta dishes are. However, there are only a few that Sydney people and even outside Sydney people recommend. These Italian delicacies are not only tasteful but also friendly on the pocket. Here are some of it in case you want to try them today.

Spaghetti Alle Coze. This is one of the specialties of A Tavola. The best part about this pasta dish is that it does not only look enticing and delicious. It is also beautifully designed, and they serve handmade pasta! Spaghetti alle coze is in fact traditional pasta in Italy, but A Tavola in Sydney gives justice to it. Not only have they served alle coze, all the other pastas in their menu are all worth the try. Going out on a date but on a tight budget? Be sure you drop by this place, and you won’t surely get disappointed.

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola. This mouthwatering creamy, soft and super tasting gnocchi is such a heaven when it’s from II Baretto. It is a perfect match with red wine making it a top favorite in the restaurant. The taste of all dishes as well as the ambiance offers rich Roman experience while in the Bourke Street.

Malloreddus with Sausage Ragu. Where to get this? Head on the Popolo. This place has the irresistible fresh tomato with classic sausage ragu on the Sardinian gnocchetti. Go with your friends, family or special someone. Make sure you stop by the place and enjoy every bite of its pasta dishes. You might as well try Fregola.

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