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Eating Out in Sydney

Friday, September 27th, 2013

If you come to Sydney then you would probably be amazed to discover that you can find restaurants and eating shops all over the place. But if you wish to have an unusual dining experience in the place then below are several recommendations.

Take a Cruise. Sydney is simply majestic and you can truly enjoy the beauty of the city if you take your meal on board a cruising vessel. It is not only romantic but it is beyond breathtaking. Dining Cruises in Sydney can last for three to several hours and even the entire day or night. Several dinning cruises include the Aqua Latino Dinner Cruise, Sydney Harbour Weekend Breakfast Cruise, Sydney Lunch Cruise at Aqua Jazz, Sydney Tallship Wine and Canapes, Sydney Scenic Flight and 3 Course Luncheon, TallShip Laser Shooting and Mastclimb Cruise and the Sydney Captain’s Club Cruise. The food is very good since such are prepared by the finest Sydney caterers in town.

Dine with Wildlife. Perhaps it can be a unique experience to have your breakfast with the Koalas at Wildlife World Sydney. Although the experience will last only for 90 minutes or an hour and a half but it is a must try!

Bring Your Own Basket. Well, if you would want to try out something unusual but at the same time not so expensive then you can bring your own food basket and take a picnic somewhere. You can have your choice of food, come up with your favorite bottle of wine and call your friends. You can go biking around the city to see where you can have your little get together or you can have it in famous picnic spots like the Royal Botanical Garden. After all, you can always host parties in Sydney anywhere and savor the lively spirit of the city.

Top 5 Most In-Demand Menus for Christmas

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Christmas season is nothing but simply magical. We love to hang decors on our Christmas tree, bright lights on our window and to prepare for a festive dinner for Christmas Eve. Well, on Christmas Eve and even for the entire Christmas season, most of us would forget that we are on a strict diet. Yes, Christmas season is a time wherein we need to forget how to count calorie intakes and be conscious of our body weight. After all, Christmas comes only once every year and have the opportunity to mingle with people closest to our hearts as well as share with them the toothsome menus passionately prepared by Sydney caterers.

xmas man

Ham. There is no doubt that Christmas dinner will not be the same without the traditional roasted ham at the table. It can also be honey glazed, baked or whatever way of cooking you wish to have. It can be quite historic, but having ham during Christmas dinner has been a tradition for centuries now. However, today, there are other alternatives other than ham servings. Now, we can have a whole roasted pig served before the table.

Turkey. Aside from roasted ham or pork, turkey is another favorite dish for Christmas dinner. It might be true that turkey skin contains high cholesterol levels but who cares? It’s Christmas anyway, right? The truth is that spiced turkey with cranberry sauce is simply irresistible.

Puddings. Yes, Christmas is all about the sweet servings we can find. Name it all and we can have it especially for the Christmas dinner parties in Sydney. The traditional holiday cake is still a hit. Fruit cakes, Christmas inspired cookies and the chocolate Yule log should never be missed!

Cured Salmons. We say, we eat the most special dishes during the Christmas season. For this reason, there is no reason why we could not find cured salmons at the table during this festive season!

Vegetable and Fruit Salads. Who says that Christmas dinner is all about sugar and cholesterol? Of course not. Vegetable salads are still wanted during dinner as well as equally healthy fruit based food selections.

Cheapskates’ Ideas for a Romantic Date in Sydney

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


If you are going out for a date, it is just common that you would expect to have a fabulous one. But our concept of having a fabulous and romantic date today is an expensive one. Now, we ask, is it possible to have a romantic date in Sydney without having to spend a fortune? The answer is yes. How? Read on and find out.

Find Free Romantic Venues. You are just lucky because Sydney is naturally beautiful and romantic place. It appears that everywhere is scenic and can be perfect for a date. But for a refined romantic date, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a favorite. The spot is situated strategically that you can have a good look at the Sydney Harbour from a skyscraping point. You can carry with you a nice mat, a basket filled with goodies you have an instant romantic date for an inexpensive rate!

Buffet Treats. Luckily, Sydney is a place wherein parties are just endless. Food servings are creatively prepared everywhere. Parties in Sydney can even be made a success without having to spend for a fortune on the meal itself. Buffet treats can be a good idea. You and your date can have a full tummy and a taste of everything – for a lesser price. Good enough, right? You may do a little research on Sydney caterers that offer buffet dinner that won’t break your bank.

Art Galleries and Museums. Nothing else can be romantic than walking hand in hand inart galleries and museums in Sydney. Art after hours gallery for instance stage premier art works of Picasso and other famous artists.

Public Dances and Clubs. In Sydney, everyone loves to party and to dance. Invite your date to public dances and dance throughout the night. There can be several salsa dances and clubs in Sydney.

Dates don’t have to be expensive in order to become a memorable one. Don’t lose hope if you don’t have a budget for a romantic date. There are lots of ways if only you are patient to look for it.

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Budget Friendly Ideas for an Awesome Christmas Party

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

To most of us, nothing is second to an awesome Christmas party with family and friends! How can we make possible an awesome Christmas party with a tight budget?


Here’s how:

Call for a Costume party. A Christmas costume party never goes out of trend. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest way to come up with an awesome Christmas party without having to spend for a fortune. Ask your guests to come up with a nice Christmas costume. Odd looking sweaters with mistletoe prints, colorful glitters and Santa hats can make your Christmas parties in Sydney extraordinarily awesome.

Set the venue. Well, you do not need to have the party at the function hall of a famous restaurant to make it awesome. As a matter of fact, it will be more fun to have the party at home or at the office in case it is a corporate event. Why? Because you do not need to pay for the place as well as that you can freely decorate and flaunt your creativity. Put up a large Christmas tree, old red socks and some bright lights and you have a nice Christmas party venue without any cost.

Opt for homemade food servings. Admittedly, there are special food servings for Christmas that we cannot resist like pastries and sweets. To keep your budget for the party low, personally prepare most of the food servings. You can also ask the guests to bring their some more food. Alternatively, you may take advantage of the early booking for Christmas parties from Sydney caterers. For sure, they can give discounts to the early birds.

christmas party catering quote

In the end, the true essence of a Christmas party is not about how much you have spend to throw an awesome party but of the happy moments to be spent with friends and family during the joyous occasion.

Australia Originals

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

There is no doubt that Australia is indeed rich food house. Australia takes pride of its finest recipe of kangaroo meat dishes. But aside from delicious kangaroo meat dishes, Australia also takes pride of its original food servings.
They may not be the typical dishes and food bites you can find in parties in Sydney, but they have already become a part of the Australian culture.

What are the food servings that can be originally found in Australia?


Anzac Biscuits. The historical Australian biscuits can be traced origin during the World War I. In the past, the biscuits are lovingly prepared by the wives of the soldiers. The biscuits were made from flour, rolled oats, desiccated coconut, butter, bicarbonate soda, water and golden syrup. The biscuits are accessible war items because they can be easily preserved and can last for a long period of time. Today, Anzac biscuits are well associated with Anzac Day which is celebrated every 25th of the year. The biscuit serves as a commemorative food serving of the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

wittchety grub

Witchetty grubs. For centuries, Australia has been enjoying eating the grub raw. It is actually a nut flavored bite serving and remains to be of Australian origin. As a matter of fact, you can never find the witchetty grub anywhere in the world.


Lamingtons. In all parts of the world, we can find several items that are considered with national significance. In Australia, the lamingtons is known as Australia’s national cake. The sponge cake is usually in a square shape that can be cut into halves. Normally, it is filled with jam or whipped with cream in the middle and topped with desiccated coconut.

fish and chips

Fish and Chips. What else is best prepared in Australia other than the favorite fish and chips dish? Fresh fish with some fries, flavored by lemon and salt is simply irresistible.

barbecue snags

Barbequed Snags. The Australian snag is a favorite barbeque item and served with freshly baked bread with some barbeque sauce and onions.

Want these dishes on your next party? Talk to the best Sydney caterers today. They might be able to help you in coming up with these sumptuous and culturally significant food menus.

Dishes from Kangaroo Meat

Friday, September 20th, 2013


They say that if you want to see kangaroos then go to Australia. But it is not only that. Also, if you want to taste dishes made from kangaroo meat then go to Australia because many Sydney caterers prepares them best.

It is true that Australia is the home of the kangaroos as well as the finest kangaroo meat. As a matter of fact, you can always find good kangaroo meat in almost all supermarkets. Moreover, several restaurants in Sydney like Deep Blue Bistro serve kangaroo dishes. So, how do Australians prepare kangaroo meat?

Soup. In Australia, the Kangaroo Tail Soup is very popular. The same is comparable to oxtail soup. It can always be possible for you to find a pack of kangaroo tail at the supermarkets that are appropriately chopped into small sections. The kangaroo tail needs to be marinated for about 48 hours before setting it on fire. It is recommended to use a large bowl made of china or else glass for the marinade.


Grilled. Kangaroo meat can taste really good when grilled. Aside from the fact that it is fat-free, grilling the meat can extract the real flavor of the lean meat. You can always add up some chili sauce and serve it along with vegetable salads.

Meatballs. Inside of using chicken or pork, kangaroo meat can be substituted to make large meatballs. It can serve as a nice appetizer to any meal. In addition, smaller meatballs can be added to your pasta dish for a more exciting appeal.

Steak. Everyone loves steaks in Sydney and in all parts of the world. Serve parties in Sydney with steaks made from kangaroo meat. Visit I’m Angus Steakhouse, King Street Brewhouse, Manly Grill or the Rocks Café.

Corned. Just like our classic corned beef, corned kangaroo beef can be ideal for breakfast.

Burgers. In addition, kangaroo meat can be used to make burger patties. Kids will definitely love this!

Exciting Brunch Spots in Sydney

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Sydney is Australia’s food capital. In Sydney, it appears that everybody wants to get a full stomach as well as to satisfy their sweet tooth. As people in Sydney would say it, in Sydney, you can find everything that would surely satisfy your stomach and taste buds.

wedding caterer

Brunch is perhaps one of the most favorite meals of the day for people in Sydney. So, where could you possibly have your brunch that would entice you to stretch your stay until dinner? Here are some of the best brunch spots that even Sydney caterers would recommend. You may even hold your brunch parties in Sydney here in these perfect spots.

Copo at Drummoyne. If you are a disciplined and persistent runner then you would probably run a distance of 7 kilometers at the running track. Perhaps, if you a pro, you can take two or three rounds. You can go to the running track at Canada Bay and sweat it all up. But if you are a newbie then one round can be enough. After the long and tiring run, you can have a relaxing stroll down Victoria Road which leads you to Copo. Copo is a decent restaurant near the running track where you can have a good brunch. Some tasty smoked trout pieces will ultimately make you run again for 7 kilometers again next weekend! Great way to reward yourself, correct?

Efendy at Balmain. You might want to visit the Rozelle Market and get some good stuff from the flea market at a bargained price. Well, we all want to bargain but sometimes it can somehow be very exhausting. And yes, bargaining can easily make you hungry. If this is the case then take the Darling Street and you will be leaded to Efendy. The food shop simple offers all the cravings of your hungry stomach like Turkish sausages, rolls, jams, pistachio and meat – all for $29!

The Opera Bar near the Harbour. The Opera Bar is near the Opera House, Botanic Gardens and MCA so it will be a good place to eat after dong several things.

The Carrington at Surry Hills. After filling your shopping cart at the Zoo Emporium or Via Alley then proceed to Carrington for a toothsome brunch of waffles with maple sauce at The Carrington.

Birthday Giveaway Ideas for Children’s Party

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


When you are organizing a birthday party, it is expected that you must also take some time in choosing for a good birthday giveaway item. In the past, we would usually give our guests some toys for kids and little figurines for adults. However, gift items these days are no longer limited to specific gifts like toys and figurines. You can be very creative and instead give your guests food giveaways inside. Aside from the fact that food giveaways can be cheaper, they can also be designed to perfectly match your theme.

Some birthday food giveaways that Sydney caterers may be able to help you with:

jellybean accessories
Jewelry. Candies, jelly beans, cereals can be strapped together with a piece of string to form a nice necklace or bracelet. This can be a very nice giveaway for any children’s party.

Personalized Cupcakes. Recently, we have observed in wedding parties in Sydney that the hosts are more inclined to give food giveaways to their guests. This can be in the form of cupcakes carefully designed to fit the birthday party theme.

party cupcakes

Some fondant cupcakes can be made according to the image of the birthday celebrant or their favorite cartoon characters. In addition to this, custom-made cakes in various forms can also be contained in pretty boxes or bags for giveaways. For children’s birthday party, fondant princess cupcakes can be perfect for Disney inspired parties for little girls. Castle cakes, marshmallow roses, sugar hearts candies can be fitting for older girls.

chocolate cups
Candy and Chocolate Cups. We have to admit that even adults would love candies and chocolate treats. Oreo lady bug cookies can be ideal for party giveaways. It can also be possible to give a little sack of chocolate, a cup of gumballs, edible teacups, cotton candy pops, or chocolate covered pretzels.

Weirdest Wedding Themes

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Weddings will always be a time where everyone could not stop but smile and feel love in the air. We normally see how the lovely bride would walk the aisle with her heads and heels high and the groom waiting for her at the other hand in his best suit. But some couples would want to something different on their wedding day. Perhaps, different is but a weak word to describe it.

Here are some of the weirdest wedding parties in Sydney.

Nude Wedding. While most would want to wear the best suits and the prettiest gowns, but a couple in Australia would want to get married wearing nothing else but their wedding rings. They call it their wedding suits – nude as they sees fit. Weird, indeed.


Superhero Wedding. You might think that a couple in America is having a superhero inspired birthday party like we always do when we were kids. But it is not a birthday party but their wedding day. Well, it can somehow be weird to see a groom dressed like Captain America and the bride as Catwoman.

Cartoon Character Weddings. You can choose from your favorite cartoon characters when you were kids. One couple dressed like Shrek and Princess Fiona. Another opt for a Hello Kitty inspired wedding as Sydney caterers prepared a gigantic white wedding cake with pink hello kitty ribbons.

Underwater Wedding. Some couples just do not want to stick with the ordinary wedding themes. Underwater weddings these days are very common. It can vary from getting married inside an aquarium or being married inside a cage surrounded by a number of sharks.

Sporty Wedding. If you are the type who loves to do extreme adventures then sporty weddings can be right for you. A couple got married while cycling around the city while their cyclist guests follow them. Another couple got married in a water-powered jet pack wedding.

Sydney’s Best Sandwiches: Where to Get Them

Monday, September 16th, 2013

There have been several occasions where we hear people say that we live only once. And because we are only given one opportunity to pass through this so called life then we must give ourselves the best opportunities, the finest way of living, the happiest moments as well as the best food.


In Sydney, Australia, you will not have a hard time in giving yourself the best that this life can offer. As they say, it you make the most of life, once is enough. The finest varieties of food servings are in Sydney thus it would be worthy to pay this lively city a visit once in a while.

Where can we find the best sandwiches in Sydney? What are the sandwiches made of? Find out.

Salt Beef Sandwich at Room 10. If you are a certified beef lover then the famous salt beef sandwich from Room 10 will be a good option for you in Sydney. Room 10 is not a very big place but you can have your yummy salt beef sandwich there with aromatic coffee. They also have a very nice menu at very affordable prices.

Lunchtime Sandwich at City Edge. At City Edge, you will never run out of choices for very cheap but yummy lunchtime sandwiches. You can either have a think sandwich stuffed with vegetable salads or other wrap varieties.

Schnitzel at Malibu. Malibu is simply amazing because they will give you any sandwich of your choice. You can either have chicken, roasted beef, ham, salad, cheese or an overload of pickles! The bread is also very large that you might need a bread knife to deal with it competently! You can choose from white bread or its brown counterpart.

Finger Sandwiches at Palings Kitchen Bar. The finger sandwiches can be perfect for any picnic or tea party. Inside it are perfectly prepared pork strips with mayonnaise and a lot of pickles!

buffet catering

Parties in Sydney will never be complete without sandwiches. No wonder why even the best Sydney caterers never forget to include them in their menus. Sandwiches are great to fill in some hungry spots. Grab one now from these restaurants – or make your own. What do you think?