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Taste Test The Finger Food Menu By FingerFoods

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Would you like a free sample? provide finger food catering to all suburbs of Sydney, including yours!

If you would like to know more about their services, or arrange a finger food taste test, call now on 1300 368 453.

Whether your catering needs are for a small office meeting or large scale corporate meeting on site, Christmas Party Catering Sydney, Melbourne Cup Catering they will have something suitable for your event.

Get Your Hands On A Free $100 Voucher

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

All you have to do is read our catering blog.

Leading Sydney Caterer gives away $10,000 worth of vouchers

Win $100 free vouchers For Spit roast catering or finger food catering

Help me girls, my husband says no one reads these blogs, so i said i will give away a $100 catering voucher to the first 50 people to ring me, not many vouchers left now so hurry! call: Carol or that cynic Jeff 02 9896 6006 or send us an email with your address and we will mail you a voucher valid for 12 months. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend to spend on enjoying wonderful spit roasts or finger foodsand we will mail you a voucher valid for 12 months. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend to spend on enjoying wonderful spit roasts or finger foodsHelp me girls, my husband says no one reads these blogs, so i said i will give away a $100 catering voucher to the first 50 people to ring me, not many vouchers left now so hurry! call: Carol or that cynic or send us an email with your address and we will mail you a voucher valid for 12 months. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend to spend on enjoying wonderful spit roast catering or finger food catering.

The type of parties All Suburbs do are

  • Childrens parties serving non alcoholic mocktails.
  • 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th 50th & 60th birthday parties.
  • Theme nights.
  • Engagement, wedding, christening, anniversary, parties.
  • Hens nights, Bucks nights.
  • Divorce parties.
  • Fund raisers.
  • Trivia nights.
  • School functions.
  • Presentation nights.
  • Corporate functions.
  • Office parties.

Melbourne versus Sydney

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

We are being told by Melbourne how much better they are at food than Sydney. How they are the only city in Australia to be considerered serious for food. How they are the ones who know coffee, who understand cafe culture, who wear black, who have the best pizza, the best inner city markets and also all three MasterChef judges come from Melbourne.

Sydney has always had to swallow the idea that Melbourne is the greater food city – and typically, it is hard to argue. They nailed pizza, tea, coffee, cheese, pasta, sourdough bread, vegetables, heirloom fruits and long before us here in Sydney.

We owe them more than inspiration, we owe them half our restaurant industry. The food scene in Sydney wouldn’t look the same if some of their best chefs and taste-makers hadn’t fled Melbourne for the bright lights of the big city of Sydney. No Tony Bilson, no Janni Kyritsis, no Damien Pignolet, no Maurice Terzini, no Luke Mangan, no Bill Granger. No me.

The Melbournisation of Sydney has been most evident in the past 10 years. We’ve made our restaurants feel like basements, turned the lights down to Euro-Melburnian dimness, lobbied the government to get small bar licences, and allowed our Italians to cook Tuscan and Ligurian instead of Leichhardtian.

But those days are over. It’s not all one-way any more. We’ve lent our Neil Perry and Guillaume Brahimi to their Crown Casino complex. We’ve given them our version of modern Thai, with Longrain Melbourne. We’ve even sent them our coffee, with Sydney’s Single Origin Coffee Roasters supplying Melbourne’s much-lauded Cumulus and Cutler & Co restaurants.

Now, we’re giving them a shake simply by being Sydney. We’ve got the fine dining, the accolades, the water views, the whole package. We have the best restaurants in Australia. In the much-publicised London-based annual S. Pellegrino World’s Fifty Best Restaurants 2010 awards, there were just two Australian restaurants in the top 50 – Tetsuya’s and Quay. That would be Tetsuya’s and Quay in Sydney. Sydney also scored nine of the highest possible awards (three stars) in the current Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards. Melbourne scored only one.

So, OK, let the final arbiters of home-cooking excellence come from Melbourne. But don’t forget where MasterChef Australia is put together, packaged and promoted: Sydney. Sydney is where things happen.

We love you, Melbourne, but you are our past, not our future. We have Mark Best, Peter Gilmore, Martin Benn, Jonathan Bathelmess, Brent Savage, Adriano Zumbo – a whole new generation of chefs who don’t look to Melbourne for inspiration any more. They look to Sydney, reflecting our own produce, sunshine, identity and values. Sydney, your time starts now.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald





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Just looking for cold finger food menus?

Great finger food catering Deal:

$19.95 per person plus GST

Based on minimum of 30 guests

  • Fresh Italian Bruschetta of Crusty Bread (V)
  • Asian Hand Made Rice Paper Rolls (Chicken/Prawn)
  • Mixed Sushi Platters (Meat/Chicken/Vegetarian)
  • Cold Antipasto Platters
  • Aussie Cold Meat Platters
  • Petite Finger Sandwiches
  • Variety of Cold Quiche (V)
  • Vegetarian Frittata Squares
  • Turkish Bread with a Trio of Dips
  • Vegetable Crudities served with Hommus Dip


Want to sort out the drinks for you event? Well, checkout they put the fun into function.

How to make the best of your party

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

A golden rule when you’re trying to make the best of your event or party is to make sure that you have a lot of free time with your guests so that you can enjoy yourself! It is a known fact that you cannot enjoy a party if you spend all your time in the kitchen or cooking and preparing the food.

You will need to decide key elements such as where to have the party, which guests you want to invite and if there needs to be any entertainment arranged. Once these are decided you can then arrange your catering.

Mr Fingerfood offer great DIY platters which you can have for you event at a very competitive price.

Vegetarian Selection

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59

Chefs Vegetarian Selection

  • Chickpea & Coriander Bite
  • Eggplant, Honey & Sweet Potato Puff
  • Vegetable Bruschetta
  • Spinach & Fetta Quiche
  • Sundried Tomato & Cheese Turnover

Pastry Favourites

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Turkey & Cranberry Bite
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Vegetable Samosa
  • Ham, Corn & Cheddar Turnover
  • Spinach & Ricotta Puff

Seafood Platter

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Salt & Pepper Calamari
  • Tempura Fish Bites
  • Torpedo Prawn Cutlets

Chicken Kiev Balls

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Chicken Bites with Garlic

Delicious golden crumbed breast chicken with cheese & garlic centre

Italian Selection

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • * Lemon, Lamb & Basil Puff
  • * Ham & Leek Risotto Ball
  • * Olive & Pesto Pizza
  • * Salami, Bacon & Gorgonzola Turnover
  • * Chicken, Pimento & Pine nut Bite

Risotto Balls

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59

5 great flavours will please every body

  • Corn and Chive
  • Tomato with Oregano
  • Bacon and Basil
  • Cheese with Sesame Seeds
  • Pumpkin and Parmesan

5 Variety Quiche

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Mediterranean
  • Potato & Bacon
  • Spinach & Fetta Quiche
  • Chicken & Chive Quiche


Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Seafood Mornay
  • Cheese & Spinach
    Corn & Bacon

Gourmet pies 5 Varieties

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59
  • Roasted Vegetable
  • Chicken & Corn
  • Steak & Mushroom
  • Lamb & Mint
  • Savoury Beef

Asian Delights 4 varieties

Medium Platter 25 pieces $39
Large Platter 40 pieces $59

A superb mix of our chef’s favourites

  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Curry puffs
  • Vegetable Samosas
  • Water Chestnut & Shiitake Mushroom Puffs

Plenty to choose from to suit any taste. Plan your party catering with Mr Fingerfood a true recipe for success.

What is the recipe for good catering service?

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

The quality of your chosen catering service can make all of the difference for your event. You will have to look at the following various things in an organization; these are listed below:

Someone who produces quality food

Anyone organising an event will always want high quality food which is tasty with healthy and fresh ingredients. For example fresh green an crispy salad, the meat should be cooked to perfection. A good quality caterer will let you come and sample and taste the food. This way you can try before you buy.

A crowd pleasing selection

You will always want your selection to be tailored for you. This is also effected by the dietary needs of your guests whether they have diabetes, they are vegetarian, lactose intolerant or kosher etc. You could even want to make your selection in relation to your theme of your event.

A caterer you can trust

You will always want to know that the caterer that you have chosen is one with a good reputation. We here recommend Fingerfoods since they have a great selection of menus and an outstanding reputation to providing excellent service tailored to your requirements.

Fingerfood wedding ideas

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Take it as a given that your guests will arrive at your wedding reception starving since it will have been a long day for most and an emotional one for some. The most common booking for a wedding is normally a two or three course meal.

All Suburbs Catering offer the following based on 50 guests and over for wedding catering:

(Roast Beef Party)

  • Delicious Slow Roasted Yearling Beef
  • Piping Hot Gourmet Gravy
  • Choose from 10 Fresh Salads
  • Bread Rolls and Butter Squares

(Beef, Lamb & Pork Party)

  • Boneless Legs of Lamb / Mint Sauce
  • Boneless Legs of Pork / Apple Sauce
  • Boneless Yearling Beef / Mustard
  • Choose from 10 Fresh Salads
  • Bread Rolls and Butter Squares

(All you can eat BBQ)

  • Unlimited Sausages – Beef,
  • Lamb and Mint, Herb and Garlic
  • Unlimited Seasoned Burgers
  • Marinated Chicken Pieces
  • Fried Onions
  • Choose from 10 Fresh Salads
  • Unlimited Hamburger Rolls and Long Rolls
  • All Sauces and Condiments
  • Add Just $4.95 per Guest for Marinated Lamb or Steaks
  • Add Fresh Seafood, Fresh Grilled Prawns and Marinated Baby
  • Octopus only $5.95 per Guest

Remember to communicate clearly about what you want since the more specific you are about what you want the more it will be your idea of perfection. Visit All Suburbs Catering to organise the catering for your event.

Corporate event catering in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Office Caterers provide only the most elegant and professional catering service for a wide range of corporate events, including:

  • Training, business and working lunches
  • Product launches
  • Staff barbecues
  • Christmas parties
  • and many more!

So, if your business or organisation is planning a function then we recommend you contact Office Caterers so that you can get a perfect catering solution which is tailored to exactly what you require. They have the experience to provide only the best catering service possible.

Details are key to a great event

Any catering solutions are always bespoke to your needs which you book with Office Caterers. You can depend on them for being thorough, no matter the nature of the event; a simple sandwich lunch at the office, or a big corporate 5 course meal.

If you are looking for the perfect catering solution for your corporate event so book with Office Caterers.

Finger food caterers add more items

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Australia’s leading finger food caterers

Have added a new range to their menu very popular with weddings.
COLD CANAPES – finger food catering

  • Quail eggs with sweet soy and pickled ginger
  • Oysters shooter with lime orange wasabi dressing
  • Polenta cakes topped with pesto and sundried tomatoes
  • Japanese style scallops terrine
  • Seafood rolls or smoked salmon in rice paper
  • Selection of sushi
  • Oysters with cucumber salad Ascot Catering style
  • Wild duck pate on French bread
  • Beef and caviar on pumpernickel
  • Smoked salmon roulard with spinach
  • Baby foccocia bread with proscuitto and cheese
  • Chilli and lemon olives
  • Bocconcini, tomato and basil canapés
  • Coral trout quenelles
  • Small profiteroles filled with salmon mousse
  • Parmesan and anchovy palmiers
  • Rosti with smoked trout and crème fraiche
  • Blue cheese and caramelized onion dip
  • Profiteroles with salmon mousse
  • Bocconcini, olive and cherry tomato skewers with pesto
  • Mini prawn cocktails
  • Roast beef with caramelized onion on rye

HOT CANAPES – finger food catering

  • Thai style prawns Ascot Catering style
  • Seasame tempura green beans
  • Lime and ginger scallops
  • Baby chicken cordon bleu with sandcrab and avocado
  • Gourmet vol-au-vents
  • Ratatouille tarts with feta in short crust pastry
  • Light curried fish puffs in a light curry sauce
  • Veal chipolatas with herb and garlic
  • Coconut prawns with spicy mango sauce
  • Sundried tomato pesto palmiers
  • Skewered marinated fish bites crumbed in coconut
  • Reef fish and Moreton bay bug sausage rolls
  • Beef Wellington – eye fillet of beef rubbed wiht Dijon mustard
  • Fresh Salmon and potato cake with zesty lime
  • Layered pumpkin capsicum, zucchini fritata with cheese
  • Goat cheese tartlets with cracked pepper and artichokes
  • Polenta cake with roasted sundried tomato and spinach
  • Poached scallop on petit Greek salad
  • Orange lemon saffron chicken skewers
  • Filled Quail eggs wrapped in Salmon
  • Mussel kebabs with walnut sauce
  • Grilled lamb kebabs with tomato compote
  • Cottage pies
  • Ravioli with soy vinegar sauce
  • Prosciutto and cheese wrapped asparagus
  • Barbeque duck and ginger tartlets
  • Tikka prawns with raita
  • Tarragon and lime scallops
  • Prawn dumplings
  • Gorgonzola and fennel tartlets
  • Oysters with pesto butter
  • Ham and artichoke risotto cakes
  • Chive pancakes with sausages and caramelised onion

Additional Hot Items – finger food catering

  • Served in Noodle boxes
    • Small $5 per person
    • Medium $7.50 per person
  • Stir fried hokkien with roast pork and black bean sauce
  • Light curried rice noodles and chicken in coconut cream
  • A variety of seafood with stir rice
  • Traditional lamb curry on pilaf rice

We are also able to cater to your menu suggestions – just let us know your thoughts.
Dessert Options – finger food catering

Served in disposable cups

A range of sorbets, ice creams are available @ $2.80 per serve

Selection of Desserts @ $3.20 per serve:

  • White chocolate mousse
  • Red berry compot
  • Fruit or caramel tartlets
  • Chocolate mud cake
  • Mini éclairs

Book the fingerfood catering for your event today with!

Need to sort out the drinks?

Drink catering packages are now a very popular choice as hosts look to remove a few of those headaches when organising private catering for their function. Impress your guests and be the envy of your friends by having professional bartenders serve drinks in your home, hall, park, beach, surf club, front yard, back yard or roof top!

It’s time to party, you bring the guests – On Tap Beverage Catering will bring the drinks!

Finger food wedding menu

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

A finger food menu is desirable and attractive for several reasons, depending on a couple’s reception plans.

  • Cost: Generally speaking, a selection of finger foods – even gourmet hors d’oeuvres – will be less expensive than a fully catered meal. Couples can save even more they choose to make many of the finger foods themselves.
  • Formality: Finger foods can be suitable for either a formal or a casual wedding, depending on the exact menu selection. Cheese and crackers is great for a casual event, while more exotic pates may be best for a formal affair.
  • Timing: Finger foods are best for receptions that fall between regular meal times, such as late morning or early afternoon events.
  • Variety: By opting for small finger foods, a couple can offer a greater selection of culinary treats for their guests to sample, rather than selecting only two or three main dishes. This can be especially valuable for a large reception with many diverse tastes.

No matter why a couple may choose a wedding finger food reception, it is important that they let their guests know about type of food which will be served. If guests expect a full meal at a reception, and finding only finger foods it could turn out to be a bit frustrating. Hungry guests may even choose to leave the reception early in search of a full meal.

Wedding Finger Food Menu Ideas

Whether its succulent dishes to savoury sauces to delicious treats, there’s a great range of options for delicious finger foods suitable for a wedding reception. These include the following: Quiche

  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Potato & Bacon Quiche
  • Spinach & Fetta Quiche
  • Chicken & Chive Quiche

Favourite Tastes

  • Turkey & Cranberry Bite
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Vegetable Samosa
  • Ham, Corn & Cheddar Turnover
  • Spinach & Ricotta Puf

Italian Flavours

  • Lemon, Lamb & Basil Puff
  • Ham & Leek Risotto Ball
  • Olive & Pesto Pizza
  • Salami, Bacon & Gorgonzola Turnover
  • Chicken, Pimento & Pinenut Bite

7 Varieties of gourmet sandwiches including

  • Turkey, Cream Cheese, Cos Lettuce and Cranberry
  • Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Capers
  • Falafel, Hommus, Tabouli and Tomato
  • Sopressa, Tasty Cheese, Basil Pesto and Fresh Roma Tomato.
  • Chargrilled Capsicum, sundried tomato pesto and danish fetta.
  • Curried Egg and baby spinach
  • Garden Salad, with tomato, red spanish onion, and avocado.
  • Roast Chicken, avocado, mushroom, and shaved beetroot.
  • Roast Pork, fresh coleslaw, and cream cheese.

Warm Turkish bread strips served with the following dips:

  • Spicy Capsicum
  • Hommus
  • Advocado

The varied tastes of your guests should be considered when choosing a finger food menu – they need to ensure that they cater for anyone with unusual diets – vegetarian, diabetic or lactose intolerant and so on…

Remember you can sample their food, so why not plan a day with a few of your closest family or friends to help decide what you want.

How about thinking about what drinks you will require for your wedding reception?

On Tap Beverage Catering knows this is one of the most important days of your life. They will make certain every aspect of your event is covered from drinks on arrival to ensuring champagne glasses are filled for toasts and speeches.

They are the only beverage wedding caterer recognised and accredited by the Australian Bridal Service who run Australia’s largest wedding exhibition and directory service!!

All wedding catering beverage packages are tailored to your function, we work with you to ensure you receive a magical and exceptional service that will leave you and your guests free to enjoy your special day. Checkout their website: