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Spit Roast Caterers Sydney

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Caterers Wife Never Wrong

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Sydney Caterers Free Wedding Planner

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Wedding Planner is bought to you by

The following schedule is meant to help you organize the weeks and months before your wedding. You will find that being organized will not only help to save you money, but will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding your special occasion.

Keep in mind that this schedule is meant as a guide. Those professionals and the locations that have the best reputations are most sought after and tend to be booked early, sometimes even more that a year in advance. So the sooner you can make your decisions and commitments, the better.

Ideally, start a year and a half before your wedding and schedule tasks right down to the last day, and ever thereafter. Work at your own pace, and keep remembering that this is should be fun!


  1. Announce your engagement.
  2. Arrange for both sets of parents to meet, unless they already have.
  3. Work out a budget and promise yourself to stick to it.
  4. Review the budget with your folks, if they’ll be paying for any part of the event.
  5. Interview and hire an event planner if you are using one.
  6. Decide on the style of wedding you want.
  7. Make a preliminary guest list.
  8. Determine whom you want to have in your wedding party. Make the calls.
  9. Select a date for the wedding and, if there will be one, select dates for the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and after-wedding breakfast.
  10. Select a caterer, a location for the ceremony, and a reception location. If there will be one, select a venue for the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and after-wedding breakfast.
  11. Decide at which a local hotel/motel you want to book a block of rooms for your out-of-town guests.
  12. Find out on what date the lodging management is willing to set aside your rooms. In most cases they will block no more than 12 months in advance.
  13. Make arrangements with the person(s) who will officiate at your wedding.
  14. Where necessary, book the House of Worship.
  15. Interview photographers, florists, musicians, calligraphers and make your choices.
  16. Make reservations for vehicles (e.g., limo, carriage).
  17. Make plans for your honeymoon.
  18. Select your wedding gown, accessories and associated events clothing. Set a schedule with the shop(s) for subsequent fittings and pick up.
  19. Remember to select shoes (ballet slippers, sandals) for the reception.
  20. Put together directions to be included, as needed, in Save-the-Date cards and/or in your invitations.
  21. Drive the route from lodging to reception and from House of Worship to the reception venue, to double check distances and landmarks.
  22. Mail a “Save-the-Date” cards to your “A” list guests.


  1. Confirm with the members of your wedding party.
  2. Order invitations, announcements, programs and any other printed materials.
  3. Register at several stores, choosing items in a broad range of prices.
  4. Start a list for gifts received and thank you notes sent. Mail thank you notes as soon after receiving a gift as possible.
  5. Have a black and white engagement picture taken and submit it to your local, and/or other newspapers.
  6. Register your china, flatware and other household items you would like to have.
  7. Go for genetic testing, if appropriate.
  8. Make or buy the ring bearer pillow and flower girl baskets.
  9. Create a wedding chart/schedule for your wedding day.
  10. Create schematics (drawings and schedules) for the processional, recessional, at the altar, or under the chuppah, and for reserved seating. Distribute the information to your attendants and anyone else who will be participating.
  11. If you are not hiring a wedding consultant, arrange for someone to be in charge of keeping everyone on schedule and coaching the processional.
  12. Select guests for honors (e.g., toast, speech, blessing on bread and wine, etc.).
  13. Make arrangements for child care at your ceremony and/or reception.


  1. Make up your final guest list. Begin to address invitations or take them to your calligrapher.
  2. Select a jeweler. Look at a selection of wedding bands. Place an order.
  3. Select the wedding clothing for your attendants. Set yourself a reminder to check back again (second fittings) about eight weeks before the wedding.
  4. Relay clothing information to your attendants and if you wish, set up a schedule to go with them when they try on dresses.
  5. Have the groom select his and his ushers clothing and set a schedule with them.
  6. If you have not already done so, order your wedding gown and accessories.
  7. Discuss wedding attire with the mothers of the bride and groom.
  8. Call the wedding professionals (e.g., DJ, photographer) and reconfirm your bookings.
  9. Select gifts for your attendants, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer and parents.
  10. Bride, select your wedding gift for the groom.
  11. Groom, select your wedding gift for the bride.
  12. Make arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, and for any other parties (e.g., bridesmaids luncheon).
  13. Make arrangements to find a place to live, if you will be moving.
  14. Get change of address cards from the post office and get them ready to mail.
  15. Shop for and order party favors.
  16. Decide who will ride with whom and where people need to be when.
  17. Make reservations for guests who are coming from out of town.
  18. Find a hairdresser and do a trial run with your veil.
  19. Prepare programs for the wedding and assign someone to distribute them.
  20. Send a Save-the-Date card to anyone else on your list that you feel needs one.
  21. Have the groom select and order tuxedos for himself, his groomsmen and the dads. If people are in different locations, get measurements mailed.
  22. Meet with the caterer to set the menu. Order a cake if the caterer doesn’t supply it.
  23. For a Jewish wedding, select and order a ketubbah.
  24. Order table cameras. Make or buy a receptacle for them. Assign someone to the task of collecting the cameras.


  1. Get blood tests (where required) and marriage license.
  2. Make an appointment for your hair and nails for as close to the wedding day as possible.
  3. Meet or speak with your caterer to confirm the menu.
  4. Select the music for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception (first dance, etc.) and discuss your choices with the people who will be providing your entertainment.
  5. Make arrangements, as needed, and firm up the schedule.
  6. Select and purchase religious items such as skullcaps, unity candles, kneeling pillows, etc.
  7. Make arrangements for customization (e.g., imprinting).
  8. Meet with the florist to discuss requirements and place the order.
  9. Ask the florist if a sample centerpiece can be ordered.
  10. Review your needs with your photographer.
  11. Mail the invitations. If you will have an “A” and “B” list, then mail your first round of invitations earlier (three months before), so you have time two months before to send out a second round.
  12. Review documentation and make changes as needed (e.g., insurance, lease, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, etc.)
  13. Purchase any wedding-related items that you will not be borrowing, or have received as a gift, e.g., ring bearer pillow, money bag, guest book, etc.
  14. Put Guest Baskets together and assign someone the task of distributing them.
  15. Arrange for someone to deposit your check and cash gifts in the bank, while you are away on your honeymoon.
  16. Shop for your honeymoon clothes (hers and his).


  1. Reconfirm all the reservations and accommodations.
  2. Check again on clothing for yourself and attendants.
  3. Confirm honeymoon plans.
  4. Throw attendant parties.
  5. Do the seating plan for the reception.
  6. Make or buy “Reserved For” cards for the church/ceremony.
  7. Assign someone the task of cordoning off (ribbon?) the reserved seats at the ceremony and/or taping the cards to the seats.


  1. Hold your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.
  2. Pick up your wedding bands.
  3. Give your caterer the final head count.
  4. Decide on seating and fill out the table cards.
  5. Put the fees and tips in envelopes (officiant, soloist, maitre d’ etc.) and give it to someone you put in charge of making the payments (usually the Best Man).
  6. Arrange with someone to bring items to the wedding venue . . . cake knife, toasting glasses, programs, votive candles, unity candles, ribbons, “Reserved For” cards, ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, emergency kit for the bride, wedding license, etc. and to take them home.
  7. For a Jewish wedding, include skullcaps, object made of glass (e.g., light bulb, goblet) wine goblet, etc.
  8. Arrange for someone to return the rentals (tuxedos, chairs, etc.).
  9. Arrange for someone to take your bouquet and your gown “home” or bring it in for wedding gown preservation.
  10. Get a “test” manicure and/or pedicure and/or other beauty services. Then schedule each service for one or before your wedding day.
  11. Pack for your honeymoon.
  12. Design a “day of the Wedding” schedule with times and tasks and share it with the key “players” in your wedding, such as your Maid of Honor and Best Man.

You will find that the months have slipped by, sometimes not quickly enough, sometimes too quickly to savor the precious, special moments. You have planned and interviewed, met and reviewed, asked questions and had them answered.

Now it has all come down to the last few minutes before THE moment of your ceremony arrives. Take an extra big breath and a last push for on organizing, planning and handling the last minute details. Don’t give up now that you’re in the home stretch. You’ll do your last bit of planning “homework” and, no doubt, your ceremony and reception will be seamless as a result of your efforts.

Congratulations. It’s your wedding day!
HERE COMES THE BRIDE . . . right on schedule!


  1. Write thank you notes and/or send gifts to the special people who made your wedding “happen.”
  2. Send wedding photo and announcement to the newspaper(s).
  3. Enjoy your honeymoon and your life together.