Why Desserts are Usually Served Last during Parties in Sydney?

Do you ever wonder why desserts are often served last in most parties in Sydney and even in other countries? This practice has been followed for centuries now. Dessert is defined as the last course of a meal. It can be fruits, cakes, cookies, ice cream and anything sweet. Basically, it comes from the word dessevir, a French word that means to clear the table.


There are two reasons why desserts are always served last in a meal. Scientifically speaking, eating sweet food at the last part slows down sugar breakdown and absorption, which is one of the main components of desserts. With this, the body is able to regulate the sugar level in the blood preventing the sudden rise. Another reason is that eating dessert last gives you tummy the chance to digest the essential components and nutritional content of the food consumed.

How about eating desserts with the main course?

There are a few people who like to eat desserts with the main course. According to them, doing so allows them to balance the taste of bitter, salty, sour and sweet. Also, this helps them avoid eating more and more sweets that would make them eventually get tired of its taste. Alternating sweets with other flavors and tastes make eating a lot more exciting and engaging.


The Bottom Line

However you like your desserts to be served, it does not really matter. The most important thing is that you love what you are eating and you enjoy every bite of it. Can you ever imagine parties in Sydney without desserts? That would definitely be very depressing.

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