Where should You Go when You Crave for Some Meat Pies?

If you found yourself in Sydney, alone and craving for meatpies, don’t fret. Here are just some of the best meat pie places you can visit. Their meat pies will erase all traces of loneliness in you.

1. Steak and Mushroom from Infinity Sourdough’s

Infinity’s meat pieces are considered out of this world. Located at Darlo, their meat pies, especially their mushroom pie bring back strong memories of childhood, when your mom serves you with toasts covered in butter sauce plus Edgells cans of mushrooms. A huge bite of this meat pie will make you believe your mom is just right behind you. The pastry is perfect in brown and firm. This is just the packaging. Imagine what’s inside. Imagine beef in a thick braise filled with mushrooms. Stop imagining, head there now.

2. Black Star Pastry’s Beef Brisket and Young Henry’s

Another meat pie you have to try is the one from Black Star Pastry. The Beef Briskey and Young Henry pie here is to die for. The pie is soft and savory, what you would love in your meat pies. It can be quite messy to eat, but the flavor would stop you from fussing. Seriously, if you are in Sydney and you need your meat pie fix, a little mess would not hurt. Not trying the beef brisket and young Henry pie would.

3. Beef Brisket at Bourke Street Bakery’s

If you already tried the first two and you found yourself in another meat pie craving mode, because you love your meat pies, then try Bourke Street Bakery. Each serving of beef brisket pie is another winner. Your craving would be satiated in an instant. Their beef is so tender and their pastry so soft you would honestly think Christmas came early. A bite is enough for you to love the fact that you are in Sydney.


Meat pie shops are many in Sydney, explore more if you want. But these three are a must-try for all meat pie lovers. Want some tiny versions of meat pie for your finger food party in Sydney? You can have it included in your finger food menu. Check out Mr. Fingerfood for some exciting mini meat pie options.


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