Where are the Best Butchers in Australia

Traveling does not only include going to the famous spots, shopping, or dining in the most recognized restaurants of the country you are at. There are also those travelers who would prefer to go to the grocery store, buy all the ingredients of a dish they want to prepare and they are the ones who will cook in their place.


If you happen to be in Australia and you’re the kind of traveler who will do things on his own (even cooking), then you don’t have to worry. If you plan on preparing meat dishes while you stay there, Australia’s got the best butchers.

Here is a list of them:

• Gordon and Luxton Gourmet Butcher

Thus butcher shop owned by Chris Luxton (hence the name of the store) just opened way back in 2010 at Graceville. They are known to supply some of the equally famous restaurants in town. Gordon and Luxton Gourmet Butcher has their own way of curing their steak, sausage and burger meat that makes them already flavorful. Their steak can be bought without bones if you choose not to do much cooking designs with it. In addition, their burger is a lot tastier because they incorporate lamb fat and they spice it up with garlic, pepper, paprika, salt, parsley and onion. Lastly, their sausage is made up purely of beef and seasoned with bits of carrots, parsley and onion.

• Vermy’s Quality Meats

As the name itself suggests, Vermy’s ‘QUALITY’ Meats. Indeed they have all kinds of pristine cut meats. One of their best sellers is their sausages which are a combo of pork, fennel and veal. Also their burger meats which are made of chuck and gravy beef are best for barbecues.


• Peter G Bouchier

Bouchier is considered to be the best in Melbourne. Its uniquely made sausage consists of spices which are taken from Britain, also bread and mace. These are what make it succulent and rich in taste. Furthermore, the secret of the mouth-watering taste of their steak meat are the ingredients of the marinade which is comprised of simple stuffs like oregano, lemon and the healthiest oil, olive oil.

Want to cook spit roast at home? Then, these butchers can help you get the best meat for the menu. However, if you don’t want to sweat over cooking, you have the option to simply call and order the best tasting spit roast from Hills District Spit Roast Catering.

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