What’s a Menu without Dessert?

When organizing a dinner party or special event, much onus is placed on the main course dishes – the meat and veg, or the bread and butter so to speak. One thing that sets a party’s food apart from the rest is a good balance of tastes. There is only one way to cap off a spectacular dinner party, and that’s delicious desserts! That’s right folks, a buffet without the sweets is like a butterfly with no wings – it’s just a caterpillar!

All Suburbs Catering, along with their awe-inspiring main course menus is the place you go to across all Australia’s major cities when seeking out gourmet desserts that take your party to the next level. Assault your guest’s tastebuds with the richest and most divine selection of gourmet desserts across the country, bar none!

Sumptuous Sweets
With individual pricing per head on all gourmet desserts, you can easily factor these simple yet tasty dessert menus into your budget for affordable prices. Beautifully presented and decorated, the choice of desserts is timeless with favourites such as Miniature Pavlovas, Passionfruit Cheesecake, the world famous New York Baked Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Cakes and many more.

Gourmet desserts are something your party deserves, you deserve it, and so do your guests. There is no better way to finish off a party.

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