What Should Australia’s National Dish Be…

A national dish is a food specialty that can be easily associated to a particular country. Adobo, for instance, is flagged as the national dish of the Philippines; satay for Indonesia; and crepe for France. How about Australia? What should be Australia’s national dish?

grilled kangaroo 2

Australia is known to have a variety of delicious foods- barbecues, roast lambs; meat pies for example are famously associated with it. But really, what should be Aussie’s national dish? It should be something unique that upon hearing the word, one would automatically exclaim “Oh! Australia!”

How about Grilled Kangaroo? Yeah! Why not its official national animal instead? Besides, kangaroo’s population is too high that it wouldn’t be at risk of extinction when over a hundred of it will be slaughtered to be cooked every day.
Grilled kangaroo will be much to the delight of those who are health conscious and are watching their weight because kangaroo, ladies and gentlemen, is low in fat. In addition, unlike cows, kangaroos are free from the chemical methane, which is one of the strongest GHGs that harm the earth.

grilled kangaroo 1

Just like cow’s meat, kangaroo can go well with the basic ingredients like garlic, onion, pepper and some other spices and herbs. It is not actually difficult to cook. Be it grilled or what, kangaroo meat tastes absolutely great!
In fact, grilled kangaroo is already included in the menu of some of the famous restaurants in Australia. It is best paired with either red or white wine.

It wouldn’t be long enough that kangaroo dishes will be equally famous as Australia. So if you happen to be in Australia for vacation or whatever business you will have there, never board the plane back home without tasting the sumptuous grilled kangaroo. As you eat, you can certainly say, “Oh this is so Australia!”

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