What Makes Aussie Meat Pies Stand Out

Meat pies are one of the signature dishes of Australia as well as New Zealand. In every party, picnic and even simple afternoon snack, meat pies are always present. This dish has been firmly implanted into the hearts, minds and taste buds of Australians including travelers who visit the country to find some interesting eats. In fact, there are lots of people fighting to make meat pie the national dish.


You can see meat pies served in events and even construction sites. The record says, 90,000 pies were sold during the AFL final games. In a nutshell, everyone loves meat pies in Australia! But what makes Aussie meat pie different from the others?

Aussie meat pie contains meat enclosed in two enclosed pockets of dough. You can play on your own ingredients and mixture when it comes to the filling. You can actually use vegetables instead of meat if you want to go for green or a combination of it. The dough, however, is made based on the Australian old recipe.

So, what really makes it stand out? Again, it’s the classic dough recipe, the chicken or beef with thick gravy and sometimes topped with tomato sauce on top. The size is large enough to be held in one hand, eaten while driving, strolling and watching your favorite sporting game.

As a proof that Aussies love their meat pie so much, you can get it almost anywhere – bakeries, restaurants and even in the frozen food section of grocery shops. Please don’t confuse the Aussie meat pie to the American pot pie. They are different, so be careful. While hamburgers are to American, meat pies are to Aussies.

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