What Kind of Catering Service You Need for Your Wedding Party?

DIY planning for wedding parties in Sydneycan be very challenging. This is especially true if you have had no inkling on where and how to start.


One of the most important parts of the wedding party is the catering service. However, you have to be aware that there are many different types catering services. You need to choose beforehand what type of service you want to make it a lot easier for you when searching for caterers in Sydney.

Two of the most common choice for wedding catering services are sit-down catering and buffet catering. Before jumping into the final decision, find out first the pros and the cons of each service.

Sit-Down Catering

Sit-down catering is the most formal catering service you can get for your wedding party. However, the trouble here is that you have to be careful in arranging the seats. Often, it is a dilemma for the bride and the groom when creating the seating charts as guests may not go along well with their tablemates.


Also, the seating assignments alone can make some family members feel bad. It often happens when relatives come without notice or unexpected. Nevertheless, sit down catering means less food waste. Depending on your menu option, sit-down catering can be less expensive than buffet catering.

Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is quite traditional seen as casual and not so formal. However, it offers more flexibility for both the hosts and the guests. With buffet catering, picky eaters are no longer a problem since there will be a lot of food options on the table.


Among the drawback of buffet catering is the long line. Guests will have to spend time lining up to finally get their food. Buffet catering is also more expensive and more food waste, especially if you had the wrong estimates.

The Bottom Line

Either catering service for wedding parties in Sydney is great. Nothing can be handled with good planning. Whether you go for sit-down or buffet catering, you can still come up with a kick-ass wedding party. All it requires is your creativity and of course, finding the right people to work with.

Wedding caterers in Sydney like All Suburbs specializes in both sit-down and buffet catering service. Whatever your choice is, you can always ensure that it would be worth your money, and your guests will surely love it.

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