Weirdest Wedding Themes

Weddings will always be a time where everyone could not stop but smile and feel love in the air. We normally see how the lovely bride would walk the aisle with her heads and heels high and the groom waiting for her at the other hand in his best suit. But some couples would want to something different on their wedding day. Perhaps, different is but a weak word to describe it.

Here are some of the weirdest wedding parties in Sydney.

Nude Wedding. While most would want to wear the best suits and the prettiest gowns, but a couple in Australia would want to get married wearing nothing else but their wedding rings. They call it their wedding suits – nude as they sees fit. Weird, indeed.


Superhero Wedding. You might think that a couple in America is having a superhero inspired birthday party like we always do when we were kids. But it is not a birthday party but their wedding day. Well, it can somehow be weird to see a groom dressed like Captain America and the bride as Catwoman.

Cartoon Character Weddings. You can choose from your favorite cartoon characters when you were kids. One couple dressed like Shrek and Princess Fiona. Another opt for a Hello Kitty inspired wedding as Sydney caterers prepared a gigantic white wedding cake with pink hello kitty ribbons.

Underwater Wedding. Some couples just do not want to stick with the ordinary wedding themes. Underwater weddings these days are very common. It can vary from getting married inside an aquarium or being married inside a cage surrounded by a number of sharks.

Sporty Wedding. If you are the type who loves to do extreme adventures then sporty weddings can be right for you. A couple got married while cycling around the city while their cyclist guests follow them. Another couple got married in a water-powered jet pack wedding.


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