Watch Out for Gelato Messina at Sydney Festival

Sydney festival is one of the much awaited events by Australians and vacationers alike every January. Some tourists would even plan their trip to Australia’s capital city just in time for the fest, where entertainment and good food are everywhere. The Sydney Festival Village is the most frequented place all throughout the event. The place houses great foods, music and a lot of treats fit for the young and old.

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From among the five equally famous food stations at the festival village, Gelato Messina is the one offering beautifully and amusingly crafted eatables which are all, of course, made up of their exquisite tasting gelatos. The following are their cool, unique treats you may enjoy:

• Messinawiener.The creation is made up of a deep-fried, crumbly pancake batter which houses the maple syrup-flavored gelato. The crispy gelato goodness is then bathed in rich plumb sauce.


• Yeah Dawgs. Just like the common fast food morsel, Gelato Messina’s Yeah Dawgs really resemble the hotdog in a bun with a chocolate gelato shaped into a hotdog placed inside a finger bun. It also has ketchup made of raspberry, passion fruit sauce acting as the mustard, butter cream as the mayonnaise and coconut as the onion toppings. Where on earth can you find such a creative food idea?

• Sideshow Sundaes. These sundaes are not your ordinary ones. Expect twists and turns in these cups of goodness. If you have the power and capacity, you may try all their flavors and you will put so much pleasure into your taste buds.


• Carnival Candies. These are not plain candies. These are candies made of gelatos. Take your pick from the gelatoffee apples, banana ice cream lollipops and the Red Skin.

Your trip to the Festival Village during the Sydney Festival will never be complete without getting yourselves treated with these out of the ordinary sweet pleasures from Gelato Messina.

How about celebrating the festival at home? Call your friends and talk over dinner if partying on the streets is not your thing. Get help from Hornsby Spit Roast Catering for your food preparations.

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