Visiting Sydney Living Museum

If you visit Sydney, you will immediately understand why the city is hailed as the food capital of Australia. This is evidenced by numerous restaurants and food shops sprawling all over the city. It appears that in Sydney, you can never find any corner where there isn’t any food stall available.

sydney living museum

On this end, Sydney Living Museums spearheads a food bandwagon that will feature series of food events for the entire year. The Sydney Living Museums is the former Historic Houses Trust. The whole year program includes food feasts, presentation of historic food houses, food selections and most loved food dishes over the years.

The featured event is the Museum of Sydney exhibition. The event is called the Eat Your History: A Shared Table. All throughout the event, everything about Australia’s food history will be presented. This can include various discoveries of food exhibitions of historic Australian food date way back the 1950’s. A food tour will also be conducted with help of leading historic Australian food shops like Parramatta Homestead, Vaucluse House, Elizabeth Farm and Elizabeth Bay House.

Aside from tours at ancient Australian food houses, there will also be celebrity interviews on world renowned chefs like Alessandro Pavoni. Pavoni is a famous Australian restaurant owner and chef. There will also be cooking classes to be lead by skilled Australian chefs. Cooking demonstrations will also be done. This can be of great interest to culinary enthusiasts and food preparation experts. Kids as well as adults might also be interested to participate in cooking workshops and other food preparation activities.

Tourists and locals will also have the chance to meet up with local chefs, restaurant owners and have a taste of the finest food servings. Several food shops and Sydney caterers are expected to participate in the year long event. Lower North Shore Spit Roast Catering is one of the names you can trust if you want to serve all the delish dishes that Australia has on your next party.


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  1. Brunno Lee says:

    You are right.Sydney is a food capital of Australia.I am filling proud because I am living this city.Thanks for Sharing this post.

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