Uncle Harry Burgers Helps Sydney Caterer

When our clients at all suburbs wanted a healthier option we went looking all over Australia and found the answer right in our own back yard and our clients are raving about them Uncle Harry’s Natural Foods provide vegetarian food products such as burgers, bites and steaks. These products are manufactured using locally grown vegetables and whole grains. These vegetable food products offered by Uncle Harry’s Natural Foods are considered to be viable substitutes to meat, chicken, fish and pasta food.

The main meal and party food offered by Uncle Harry’s Natural Foods is oven baked and offered ready to eat. The preparation is ready to serve if heated using a frying pan, microwave or traditional oven or BBQ. The burgers and steaks offered by them can be pre heated using a pop-up toaster and is suitable for children as after school light meal. The eight basic components included in all ready food recipes include vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions and parsley and wholegrain such as wheat, barley and rice. The other ingredients include sunflower seeds, select herbs and spices, vegetable oil and water.

The natty food products do not contain saturated fate, transfat and cholesterol causing elements. The quality fat is made available from the secreted oils of wholegrain and sunflower seeds. The natty food products also provide a variety of alternative preparations for food allergy sufferer

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  1. Brian Hughes says:

    i like to add herbs and spices on the foods i cook.:,.

  2. Mohammad Murphy says:

    herbs and spices are great additions for your foods and pastry,i’ve been using them for several years ‘”~

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