Trying a Whole New Sydney Caterers Finger Food

Planning a party is always fun no matter how tiring it can be. But feeding guests of over 50 people can be a bit tricky if you do not hire a good caterer.


Food catering services in Sydney are a dime a dozen. It’s easy to call up just anyone to deliver you food for the party you are planning. But then, not all of them can deliver when it comes to offering wide variety of good tasting food that fits any party planner’s theme and budget.

I had a horrible experience once of using a catering service that “forgot” to bring desserts and beverages while 50 people are waiting. As luck would have it, we just finished all the ice creams and fruits around the house.

I had to resort to buying cakes from the grocery store and while they tasted fine, it certainly did not alleviate my disappointment. While my guests were nice about it, I am sure our party did make a good impression.

It took me a lot not to attack someone, even though I am a naturally calm person. I cannot imagine why caterers can FORGET their foods, when it’s the thing they should be the experts of.

Another friend even shared to me her ‘funny’ catering service. Her caterers took it upon themselves to deviate from the plan of beef and chicken and served pork and seafood instead. The thing is, half of her guests were people who do not eat pork or allergic to seafood! Truly, these experiences show you that the catering service you hire can make or break your event.

seafood wedding catering

Now that I am planning another event, I am decided to use All Suburbs Catering Service. I have heard raving reviews about them here in Sydney. They are professional and thorough with their services. The prices of their packages are reasonable too.

There’s a package that would only cost you 12.95 dollars per person and yet you already have roast beefs to serve 50 people or more! At 19.95 dollars per person, you can already have an all-out BBQ party! This is going to be perfect for my next event because most of the guests are my son’s classmates and their families who love BBQs to bits.

I read they also have a package consisting of vegetables and salads. This will be perfect when my mom celebrates her 85th Birthday next month and we’ll have most of her friends over. Who says oldies cannot have fun and gorge in good-tasting food? Can’t wait to experience All Suburbs Catering Service, I am sure they will not disappoint.

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