Top 5 Most In-Demand Menus for Christmas

The Christmas season is nothing but simply magical. We love to hang decors on our Christmas tree, bright lights on our window and to prepare for a festive dinner for Christmas Eve. Well, on Christmas Eve and even for the entire Christmas season, most of us would forget that we are on a strict diet. Yes, Christmas season is a time wherein we need to forget how to count calorie intakes and be conscious of our body weight. After all, Christmas comes only once every year and have the opportunity to mingle with people closest to our hearts as well as share with them the toothsome menus passionately prepared by Sydney caterers.

xmas man

Ham. There is no doubt that Christmas dinner will not be the same without the traditional roasted ham at the table. It can also be honey glazed, baked or whatever way of cooking you wish to have. It can be quite historic, but having ham during Christmas dinner has been a tradition for centuries now. However, today, there are other alternatives other than ham servings. Now, we can have a whole roasted pig served before the table.

Turkey. Aside from roasted ham or pork, turkey is another favorite dish for Christmas dinner. It might be true that turkey skin contains high cholesterol levels but who cares? It’s Christmas anyway, right? The truth is that spiced turkey with cranberry sauce is simply irresistible.

Puddings. Yes, Christmas is all about the sweet servings we can find. Name it all and we can have it especially for the Christmas dinner parties in Sydney. The traditional holiday cake is still a hit. Fruit cakes, Christmas inspired cookies and the chocolate Yule log should never be missed!

Cured Salmons. We say, we eat the most special dishes during the Christmas season. For this reason, there is no reason why we could not find cured salmons at the table during this festive season!

Vegetable and Fruit Salads. Who says that Christmas dinner is all about sugar and cholesterol? Of course not. Vegetable salads are still wanted during dinner as well as equally healthy fruit based food selections.

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