Top 3 Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurants in Melbourne

Vacations are meant to be spent visiting and taking photos of remarkable places and of course, eating, eating and eating. Visiting Australia will give you a rich experience of the place and don’t worry, it’s got a lot of restaurants you can choose from- from simple food stalls to eat-all-you-can buffet restos. You name it. Australia’s got everything for you.

Speaking of Eat-All-You-Can restaurants, in case you get so hungry and want to indulge yourself in great tasting dishes, let this be your guide.

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• Conservatory

High-class and chic are two adjectives that define Conservatory. The place gives you a feeling of not wanting to leave and just stay there as long as it’s possible. Conservatory gives a view of a river that makes it even more relaxing. It’s got renowned chefs who waves magic to their Western and Eastern food fare but their sea food dishes draws special attention. Prawns, oysters and fishes are cooked exquisitely. Conservatory Lounge, a part of the entire place gives its guests a beautiful view of the majestic Crown Atrium. Conservatory Lounge serves a broad selection of teas, coffee, champagnes, wines, cocktails and other liquor. It’s a great place to spend the remaining part of the afternoon.

• Roxburgh Park Hotel International Buffet

Talking about a wide range selection of international dishes to choose from, Roxburgh Park Hotel offers its guests all sorts of dishes from entrees to desserts, soft drinks to hard liquor. It’s undeniably an eat-all-you-can and drink-all-you-can hotel restaurant. The Bistro openly displays a n enormous wok and a pizza oven fuelled by firewood. People of all ages and races will definitely find comfort and satisfaction here.

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• Volcano Joes

If you are looking for a tropical-themed Eat-All-You-can buffet, Volcano Joes is the one for you. Aside from the unquestionably delectable dishes they are serving, Volcano Joes is a friendly place too if you are bringing your kids with you. This is what makes it original and unique. Children have their own eat-all-you-can corner too. The foods prepared by the chef are all appropriate for kiddos and taste equally delicious as the dishes served for adults. What makes it more child-friendly is the Lava Den where your little ones can play and enjoy movies and computer games while you are also having a good time at the Lava Bar.

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