Today’s Craving: South American Food

Whether you are a native of Australia or a vacationer enjoying the wonders of Sydney, these South American restaurants should be visited for a taste of pleasurable Latin treats. You may get the feel of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Peru. All you have to do is to choose which among the South American countries you wanna experience, and these restos can certainly give you what you’re looking for.

empanada de pino

Cafe Bariloce. Their Argentinean empanadas are really to die for! Never get out of Café Bariloce without getting one. Because their empanadas are so famous and in-demand, they will all be sold out very early. But never ever give up. All you have to do is be extra patient to wait for the next batch baking in the oven.

Boteco. You will get the feel of Brazil the moment you set foot in this resto-bar. If you happen to be so tired from work, reserve a table at Boteco for the evening and enjoy the never-ending list of cocktails which are deliciously mixed and are a perfect pair for their equally flavorsome tidbits.

La Paula. La Paula will never fail to make you feel you are in Chile with its nationalistic theme. Their empanada de pino which is richly stuffed with juicy minced beef, boiled egg, olive and onion is a sure win especially if it will be coupled with their mote con huesillo, which is a concoction of sugar and cinnamon. For variety in their empanada, you can choose your main stuffing like chicken, seafood tuna or ham. They also have their famed empanada de queso which is a combination of all kinds of cheese and fried to perfection.

colombian coffee beans

Café con Leche. Feast thine eyes on stunning Colombian women who are manning the bar, but never forget your primary purpose of why you are at Café con Leche and that is to feast on Colombian-style scrambled eggs, arepas and a cup of their native, organic Colombian coffee.

La Cocina Peruana. This place puts you at ease because of its cozy, home-like theme. It’s like you are in a Peruvian home plus you get to taste the most genuine South American dishes in the menu.

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