Today’s Craving Ramen Noodles

Ramen is one of the craved Japanese foods by almost all people in any parts of the world. Wherever one is, whether he is on vacation or not, when his ‘ramen yearning’ kicks in, the hunt for the best Japanese restaurants offering excellent ramen noodles begins.

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Australia is one of the frequently-visited countries all over the world because of its undeniable splendor and beauty. Vacationers get the most picturesque sites and drop by chains of restaurants offering the best dishes they have.
If you’re in Australia and you’re craving for ramen, these are the recommended Japanese restaurants which do not only offer the best ramen but all the good Japanese foods.

• Ryo’s Noodles

. They’ve got the best ramen noodles in the entire Australia and that explains why there are a lot of people patiently waiting up in line outside Ryo’s. The restaurant itself will bring you to Japan in a jiffy. It has a strong Japanese touch that’ll make you more excited to eat in there. Of the ten kinds of ramen they have for diners to choose from, Ramen number 2 is the best seller. It’s made up of tonkotsu broth, boiled eggs, dehydrated vegetables, seaweed sheet plus slices of roasted pork that makes it more flavorful. Not only that, you can also choose from among the varieties of toppings you can add to the already-yummy ramen.

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• Ippudo

The new Jap resto in Sydney doesn’t only boast of their bar which offers a broad selection of Japanese beers and liquors, diners will also go nuts of their very delightful ramen that’ll exaggeratedly make you forget your name.

• Menya Noodle Bar

All noodle? Yes! Menya takes pride in offering one of the world’s best tasting ramen. Spicy lovers will be delighted with their spicy noodles garnished with boiled eggs and sprinkle of chili.

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