Throwing a 21st Birthday Party with Kickass Sydney Fingerfood Caterers

It’s the time of the year again when you have to celebrate your birthday. However, it is no longer the hotdog-on-stick and ice cream party that you used to do with your friends in your small neighborhood in Sydney.

It’s your 21st, and it’s about time to host a more “mature” but not necessarily very formal occasion. Of course, if you have too much in your bank account, no one’s stopping you from hosting a big birthday celebration. If you don’t, then you always have a lot of alternatives out there – cheaper food yet so sumptuous that would make your party absolutely alive and kicking.

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Birthday party caterers in Sydney offer a lot of options from appetizers to the main course and dessert. Remember that serving good food means hosting a great party. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider.



The first thing you have to bear in mind is to choose appetizers that are suitable for all sorts of party-goers. This may include everyone’s favorite chicken bites with spicy dips, some cheese sticks with tomato and olives and perhaps some garlic fingers. What is great about finger foods is that it allows your guests to keep on munching while moving around.

You may also go for some soups and salads, but they are great option if you have a small number of guests where each one sits on the dining table.

Main Course

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You may choose to have the main course such as spit roasts and pastas with more formal dining. However, this won’t work for the party rats. If your guests are like these, then finger foods are still the best bet. Have your finger food caterer in Sydney serve some Italian pizza bites, spicy chicken winglets and prawn cutlets. Make sure you have something for the vegetarians like some cheese and spinach triangles, cocktail spring rolls or eggplant and whole mustard rolls.


Party desserts catering

Whether you are the macho man or the very feminine birthday celebrant, you must not miss having serving desserts to your guests. However, take into account that not all your guests are “cake people”. With this, make sure you provide them the option to have pie or cookies instead.

Your 21st birthday is when you officially step into the adult world. Whether is a big party or just a small one, you can make it memorable as long as you work with the best caterers in Sydney. All Suburbs Catering is the best pick as it offers you a wide range of options from appetizers to desserts and something to nibble on while partying.


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