The Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Australia

It is really inevitable that while you are in some parts of the world like Australia, your taste buds will make you desire for something Korean. Wouldn’t you feel frustrated and depressed if your cravings won’t be satisfied?


If you happen to be in Australia and you are looking for mouthwatering Korean foods, here is a list of Korean restaurants you may wish to visit:

• LIVE Korean Restaurant

If you are yearning for Korean food and very hungry at the same time, LIVE Korean Restaurant located at Shop 1-4, 1-7 Albion Place, Sydney, New South Wales is the one for you. They’ve got an Eat All You Can buffet at only $22. You’ll get justice for spending your $22 because they’ve got a wide variety of Korean dishes on the table and they’re all done exceptionally well. Feed your stomach, satisfy your tongue.

• Seoul-Ria

They take pride in their Japchae, a Korean dish whose main ingredient is a noodle made from sweet potatoes. This actually makes it original and tastier. It is usually topped with different kinds of vegetables. So if you happen to be a vegetable love, this one will perfectly suit your taste buds. Seoul-Ria is situated at 2/605 George St, Sydney, New South Wales.

• Sydney Madang Restaurant

Located at 71A Pitt St. (Liverpool St.), Sydney, Sydney Madang Restaurant garnered a lot of positive feedbacks from its diners, giving especially high praises to their Korean BBQ dish. Their seafood pancake and bulgogi are also a hit.


• Min Sok Chon

Their hot plates are hot! Yes, locals and tourists love their hot plates- be it spicy pork, spicy beef or spicy chicken. They are all undeniably flavorful. Samgyeopsal, one of the famous Korean foods, is also a box-office hit here. It is a grilled slice of pork belly meat which is usually wrapped in sangchu (known as the Korean term of lettuce) and then dipped in a special kind of Korean sauce. Min Sok Chon can be found at 116 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW.

• Heaven and Earth

If you are on a budget, this will be your safe haven. Situated at 96 Liverpool St Sydney, NSW, Heaven and Earth serve the best tasting Korean foods at very friendly and economic prices. You will definitely get more than what you paid for. The dishes are impressive taste-wise.

You can have all the Korean dishes you like when you are in these restaurants. But, what if you want to hold a party serving all Korean food? Good news! You can always call the expert Sydney caterers to help you with it. Whether you want it Korean or the traditional spit roast, call Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

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