The Grand Wedding Buffet

Because wedding is such a big and important momentous life event, it is therefore necessary to make everything sparkle with pomp and grandeur. Getting married is just a once in a lifetime happening. Of course you want everything to be beautifully perfect.


From the wedding theme to the tiniest details of the reception, everything has got to be considered. There is only a very small room for flaws. It would be better if you can do away with making some unnecessary mistakes like having a bad food during the reception perhaps.

In a wedding, there are always two major parts: the marriage ceremony and the wedding reception. If all went perfectly well for the ceremony, it must also be the same with the reception. Needless to say, there is only one sure way to make your wedding reception truly great and successful: good food. Yes that’s it. And the secret to having great dishes? Hire the best food caterer in Australia.

Here’s a sample menu perfectly suited for weddings from one of Aussies best food caterers all these years:

• Scrumptious Starters
– 2 varieties of fresh vegetable salad
– Bread rolls and butter squares

• Cool Cold Platters
– Marinated Mediterranean Style Mussels
– Fresh crabs
– Fresh Oysters
– While king prawns

• Mouthwatering Main Dishes
– Boneless Pork in Apple Sauce
– Boneless yearling beef with mustard
– Freshly oven-baked turkey roast in rich cranberry sauce

• Delectable Desserts
– Cold platter of fresh fruits in season
– Blueberry cheese cake
– Mango Pavlova

To complete this super delish wedding menu, don’t forget to include the special and unparalleled spit roast at Blacktown Spit Roast Catering.

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