The Bride’s Maids Night

Yes you are so right; the bride’s maids’ night is not one of those common pre-wedding parties just like engagement, stag and bridal shower events. It depends on the discretion of the bride. A bride’s maids night is mostly needed if the bride’s maids are not from the same clique- one bride’s maid might be the bride’s high school BFF, the other one a college best friend and another one a close girl pal at work.

bridesmaids party

This kind of a little party will be a fun way for the ladies to establish rapport with each other and eventually form a strong bond, which is highly needed for the wedding preparations to run smoothly. Imagine the wedding preparation and the wedding day itself if your maids are not close enough to carry out their errands and tasks? Awkward!

Oops! No, no, this is definitely not synonymous with a bachelorette party because obviously the one hosting this little event is the bride. The hen’s party, on the other hand, is the traditional pre-wedding occasion to celebrate the last days of the bride-to-be as a single woman and it is planned and thrown by the ladies of the wedding entourage including the female members of the bride and groom’s respective families.


To make the party a little less stressful on your part, instead of preparing the foods for the girls, get the food caterer you booked for your wedding. If you still did not come up with a decision of which party caterer to choose, can help you with your problem. The dishes that your food caterer shall prepare for the said party need not be complicated. Simple yet mouthwatering dishes would suffice.

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