The Aussie Breakfast Party

Seldom do we host a breakfast party. We have become accustomed to throwing lunch and dinner parties at home or even afternoon parties when it is a birthday celebration of a child. However though it rarely happens, there are still people who love breakfast get-togethers.


With this, some Aussie caterers included a breakfast menu just in case some of their clients will decide to have one. Thanks for the caterers’ initiative, party hosts won’t have a hard time preparing and cooking breakfast foods for their guests.

Here is a peek at the breakfast menu of one of Australia’s most sought after provider of food catering service:

• Freshly frilled bacon
• Beef sausages
• Sautéed mushrooms
• Several varieties of fresh bread

Dishes for breakfast are quite simple compared to lunch and dinner, where the foods are a little complicated to prepare and cook. You can always add up to the standard menu for breakfast upon request.


For instance, if you want to add finger sandwiches to the menu, it’s not a problem. All you have to do is tell your caterer.

In addition, do not forget to also include a variety of beverages suited for a breakfast party like hot chocolate, brewed coffee, milk, tea and maybe you can include two flavors of fruit juice for those who want to have a cold thirst quencher.

If you have vegetarian guests, you shall not forget to inform your caterer as well so that they can prepare an all-veggie sausage for them. And for always, the last part of the menu: dessert.

You can have scones with different fillings or gourmet biscuits and wafers that can go perfectly with coffee and tea. To give a healthy twist to your sweets, have a platter of fruits in season too.

If you want to extend the party until lunch or dinner, you have to make sure you have the most delicious food menus on your table. Of course, the top menu on the list must be something that would make your guests full and crave for more. What is it? Spit roast! Want the best spit roast in town? Check out Hills District Spit Roast Catering.

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