Texas Cowboy-Themed Party for your Dad’s 50th

Give your Dad his well-deserved birthday present by organizing a party for him. Think of a masculine theme that will be perfect for your Dad, and of course, his guests, who will be mostly gentlemen. How about a cowboy-themed party? That will be perfect! The guys will be in suspenders and cowboy hats and the women in sexy cowgirl outfits.
To have a successful party, you have to secure the perfect venue for the party considering its theme. Perhaps you can hire an event decorator to transform your chosen location into a Texas cowboy setting fit for the theme.

cowboy themed

If you have already secured the place, proceed to the food. The best caterer to give you the best and the most scrumptious dishes for your Dad’s 50th birthday party is none other than www.birthdaycatering.com.au. If you are unsure yet of what foods to serve, it will be much to the delight of the food caterer to help select the perfect menu. For a Texas Cowboy-themed birthday party, it will be great to have grilled and barbecued dishes to match the theme.

The food caterer has four different sub-menus under their Barbecue Menu. You can either to choose one sub-menu or choose different dishes under each of the 4 sub-menus. They have BB1: Budget Barbecue; BB2: Premium Barbecue; BB3: All You Can Eat Barbecue; and BB4: The Gourmet Barbecue.

Among the four sub-menus, the Gourmet Barbecue is actually the best choice. It includes chicken kebabs, vegetarian burgers, unlimited seasoned burgers, marinated lamb chops, Scotch fillets, Cajun and Kranski, garlic, herb, satay, mixed gourmet sausages, fresh salads and fresh tropical fruits to for a healthy conclusion.

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