Tasting Victoria’s High Country Harvest

High Country is one of Victoria’s rich and verdant regions with the majestic views of high mountains and crystal clear rivers. This May, pack your bags and hit Victoria for the annual High Country Harvest Festival where all the fresh produce and artisan products are present. And of course, the spotlight of the fest will be on the foods, wines and beers the region is known for.


The region will be filled with Australia’s renowned restaurateurs, wine and beer makers, and connoisseurs of foods on the days of the harvest festival. Aside from their acclaimed food and wine experts who will be gracing the event, High Country itself is a place where most of Australia’s premier food restaurant owners and culinary specialists are found. It is a good opportunity to visit High Country and meet the famous and internationally acclaimed restaurateurs.

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to go if you have an upcoming event and you need a very good food caterer? Most of the restaurateurs present in High Country Harvest Festival are definitely offering food catering services. And mind you, these are excellent restaurants who are experts in food catering.

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