Tastiest Bread in Sydney

Bread is one of the best foods to eat no matter what season of the year. Even parties in Sydney often include bread on its menu in order to fill in the hungry gaps. Sydney caterers also don’t take out bread from its menu lists, and customers make sure they have at least one type of bread included in on their party table.


With too many bread options, do you know where to actually get the best tasting ones? Or do you have any idea what Sydney bakeries bloggers often recommend? If you want to simply eat bread at home, at work or while on the go, here’s a cool list of bakeries to choose from.

Brasserie Bread. Love coffee with bread? Then, this bakery is the place to you. This is where you often see bloggers eating and making reviews on every bite of bread. This Sydney bakery also serves pies and some delightful pastries.

Black Star Pastry. This is where you should take your kids after an afternoon or early morning stroll. For sure, they would love to munch on those tiny little gingerbread ninjas.

Luneburger. If you have donuts, this is the perfect place for you. This bakery serves mouthwatering donuts oozing with flavorful jam. It’s too delicious that you’d definitely take out some more even after dining in. Not fond of it? You also have an option to eat ham sandwiches and pretzels instead.


Bourke St. Sausage rolls and tarts are their bestsellers – no question. You can see the line getting longer and longer that people seem not to stop buying and eating their goodies.

Have you tried these Sydney bakeries already? Which one should you rank number one?

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