Taste Last-Minute Goodness at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival


It’s never too late to come and experience heavenly delights at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival. Over the years, the prestigious Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is able to maintain its good reputation. It has brought many great wine makers, sommeliers, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts all over the world for the event.

Australian citizens and tourists would delight themselves with all the best wine and foods every March. The event organizers would usually have master classes where people can learn some culinary skills from the kitchen experts. And of course, there will be food and wine tasting where everyone can taste the best dishes and wines made by internationally acclaimed chefs and wine makers, respectively.

Not only local food and wine experts are invited in this highly-anticipated event but world renowned chefs and wine makers as well. Internationally acclaimed chefs will show their kitchen expertise and give tips on how they wave magic to their dishes. In addition, wine makers also share their indomitable knowledge and experience on wine making.

There will be lunch and gala dinners as part of the Food and Wine Festival, and you may choose from among the many restos having lunch and dinner buffets. And of course, don’t forget to visit the stalls of some fresh market produce and artisan works.


It will also be an opportunity for you to meet and greet with Melbourne’s restaurateurs and gather as much call cards from experts and restaurant owners as you want. You will never know, maybe you will need their food catering service if you have future events. For Australian catering services, feel free to check on MyCaterer and get the best food catering services.

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