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Different Ways to Bring Sweetness into Wedding Parties in Sydney

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Are you a big fan of desserts? Do you love it so much that you’d want to serve all possible desserts you could have on your wedding day? This is no longer impossible! With the new trends for wedding desserts, you can serve as many desserts as you want without having to break the bank. Here are some ideas on how to bring the sweetness in wedding parties.

Cup Cakes

What’s so beautiful about cupcakes is that you can’t only serve a variety of flavors on the table, but you can also use it as a part of the décor or focal points in the wedding venue. These small pieces of cakes are great alternatives for the monotonous flavor of traditional wedding cakes. Make sure that you hire a good cake maker who can add art to every piece.

Ice Cream

Getting a sundae bar is one of the best wedding desserts you can serve that guests of all ages will surely love. Sprinkle it up with toppings, and they are good to go. Make-your-own sundae is not only a unique dessert; it also adds fun to the wedding party because guests will certainly enjoy experimenting ice cream combos.

Dessert Shots

Dessert shots are one of the newest options for wedding sweets today. You can serve as many dessert shots as you can on every table in the reception venue. As compared to a slice of cake, these delightful sweets are easier and more fun to eat. You may include flavors like chocolates, strawberry, mousse and many others.

Miniature Desserts

What about a platter for assorted mini desserts? It will surely make your guests drool and eat non-stop. This dessert option is not only delish, they are also exciting to eat as guests can even go around while munching on it. Four to five different dessert bites would surely satisfy their appetite for sweets. Platters may include meringues, cookies, macaroons, cream puffs and anything small, nice and sweet.


Can’t figure out which one you really like? Or are you on a tight budget? Find out what other dessert options you have for wedding parties. Ask the experts from No matter which suburb you are in Sydney – Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere else, MyCaterer can surely reach you.

Of Bridal Shower, Wedding, and Catering

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Weddings……yes, these are the most demanding of all the occasions. Since the olden times, weddings are supposed to be with pomp and grandeur. And these days, weddings are expected to be more classy and elegant.


But oops, before the day of the wedding, the members of the wedding entourage are tasked to do the future groom and bride some favors before they finally tie the knot—the stag party and the bridal shower.

Stag party is a lot easier, let’s just focus with the little complicated one, the bachelorette party. The female members of the wedding entourage are, of course, the ones in charge with the bridal shower. Your obligation is to make sure the entire party will run smoothly.

Get a venue suitable for the bridal shower. After you girls have secured the location, it’s about time to send out invitations to the closest women to the bride. And the last but not the least, get the food caterer to make sure you will have the most mouthwatering foods for the party.


If you girls are having a hard time looking for the best party caterer, go to They definitely have the best list of food caterers for weddings and bridal showers. You are guaranteed that the food catering service providers enlisted are the best ones especially when it comes to weddings and all the parties related to it.

Wedding Catering at its Best

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Weddings, just like any other momentous life events, need lengthy and meticulous preparations. To make the planning truly successful, the couple to be married needs the help and support of the members of the wedding entourage. Weddings entail a lot of work- from the biggest to the tiniest details. But of course, much attention shall be given to the highlights such as the marriage ceremony and he wedding reception.


When it comes to wedding reception, the most vital part is to have a list of all the excellent food catering service providers in Australia and to choose the best among the best. Yes, it may be hard that is why at this part, you need the help food enthusiasts in your entourage for the food tasting.


You and the other food tasters shall have a criteria prepared to evaluate all the food caterers before starting with the food tasting activities. Remember that the best caterer not only excels when it comes to quality taste of the foods but how they prepare and present the dishes.

To better help you find the most sought-after wedding party caterers, you may visit All food caterers enlisted are certainly included in the queue of the most credible and trustworthy party caterers for weddings all over Australia.

Do not settle for mediocre food caterers because you and your guests deserve all the mouthwatering foods (from appetizers to desserts) on one of the most special and truly unforgettable days of your life.