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What’s the Best Season to Get Married?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Matrimonial rites are always magical for the couple, family members, friends and well wishers. Planning for the exact date for the big day is something that most of us never fails to be interested in.
Thus, what is the best season for wedding parties in Sydney?

Winter. Everyone loves to get married during the winter season. Why? Perhaps because almost all of us want to feel the magic of tying the knot while it is chilling cold and white outside. Beautiful photographs can also be captured with the chapel coated with snow and the members of the wedding entourage in wearing pastel colored outfits. In addition to that, wedding coordinators would also suggest couples to get married during the winter season for a perfect floral arrangement. The cool weather will allow the ephemeral flowers to last longer thus bouquets and flower stands for the wedding day can be created a day before. Also, the cool weather will make everyone feel the comfy and at ease. It will be sweat free day and everyone will be wearing a contented and happy smile.

Summer. The summer season can also be a good time for couples to marry. It is always nice to be married while the sun is smiling happily on us, right? Bathing in the sunshine, the fountain waters sparkling, finger foods, icy drinks, birds chirping, and everyone else having so much energy to enjoy the big day! For most, the summer days can be the best season to get married.


Anytime. Well if you are in a hurry to get married then any season can be perfect. The fact is that, there is really hard and fast rule when it comes to the best season to get married specially in a lovely like Sydney. What is important is the willingness of the couple to tie the knot. Who cares if it is raining outside, right? Understand that a perfect wedding day is not just all about the seasons of the year though it can be significant factor to consider. Call for good Sydney caterers and make a perfect wedding day. We serve all Sydney Suburbs including Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

Wedding Caterers in Sydney

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We have provided catering for a wide variety of weddings across Sydney. From formal weddings to funky themed weddings, embracing many different cultures. We have catered in reception halls, private houses, community Halls, Sports Clubs and Hotels. offer a wide range of service styles and menu items, from simple delivered buffet style spit roasts to Finger Food & Cocktail Parties.

Spit roasts fit all occasions from an informal wedding to country house silver service. We have an excellent team of friendly helpful staff and are familiar with our high standards and practices.

Free Quote Call now: 1800 888 140

Are you looking for your wedding catering in Sydney?

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Are you looking for a wedding caterer for your special day? Mr Finger Food ( offers a delicious range of wedding finger food options., from canapes to cocktail deserts through to high end gourmet BBQs and sit down buffet dinners! If you are after high quality wedding catering in Sydney, look no further than Mr Finger Food.

wedding caterer

Our huge selection of wedding finger food options you will be amazed, we cater for anything from seafood options to miniature hot dogs or hamburgers. Whatever you decide, all of our wedding finger food and catering dishes are absolutely delicious.

Every wedding is unique and the timings of the your special day need to be adjusted by our unique quoting system. For a free quote please call 1800 251 440

Wedding finger food All Suburbs 1800-251-440

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Wedding Catering by Marriage is filled with powerful experiences. Joyous times, emotional triumphs, some shared only between the couple themselves, others shared with whole families and rooms full of friends. The first of these shared emotional experiences is the wedding: A day full of hope and promise for a bright and happy future. What isn’t always voiced is how stressful the planning of this otherwise beautiful day can be. Pleasing several bridesmaids with one colour and style of dress? Who thought that one up? Putting two sets of in-laws together in the same room with ex-spouses? Are they kidding? The coordination of religions, photographers, venues, colours, flowers, caterers and then merging siblings and relatives on top of that can often leave the couple-to-be wanting to ditch the entire ceremony and fly off to a remote island to elope in peace and contentment… Just Finger Foods can’t promise that every detail of your wedding day will run smoothly but they can promise outstanding food served with a smile! Wedding Catering is one of those could-be-a-headache details that you can put right out of your head by just choosing Just Finger Foods. Wedding Catering by mr Finger Foods is a breeze to set up. (more…)

Spit Roast Caterers Australia Wide

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Spit roast catering
The best spit roast catering from Sydney Melbourne ,Brisbane and beyond
Fabulous Catering specialises in bbq spit roast catering in Melbourne and Sydney. We cater everything from corporate events and weddings to 21st parties and get-togethers. Imagine your guests’ surprise when they are served an array of aromatic, juicy, tender meats and sides from the gourmet spit roast catering experts. Catering for your event with a spit roast has never been easier with the help of Fabulous Catering. We offer spit roast catering in Melbourne and Sydney, encompassing a simple drop-off service or a fully staffed option. We also offer an event planner to help you organise your upcoming event.

Our fully qualified chefs and staff are committed to preparing and serving the finest quality foods available and always serve visually pleasing platters that taste as good as they look. Not many people have the time to spend preparing and cooking a spit roast, so using a spit roast catering service makes sense, freeing up time to spend with your loved ones.

Quality spit roast catering for all events great or small
Fabulous Catering offer a range of menu ideas for spit roast catering in Geelong. Our bbq spit roast catering for Geelong residents caters for all tastes and budgets. Our friendly staff are always ready to discuss the services and needs for your event, and we only use the freshest and tastiest meats and produce available at the time. At Fabulous Catering we have all Sydney and Melbourne spit roast catering solutions covered, so give us a call now or request a quote online.

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The Ultimate wedding guide

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Wedding Caterer

Let us help you with one of the most important days of your life. 

We can offer you our ultimate wedding catering packages are personally designed for your wedding day, engagement party, post ceremony drinks or a belated wedding celebration with friends and family! We will make certain every aspect of your event is covered from drinks on arrival to ensuring champagne glasses are filled for toasts and speeches.

Book your wedding food catering at Sydney Wedding Caterers and they will take care of you and your requirements.

On Tap Beverage wedding beverage caterer recognised and accredited by the Australian Bridal Service who run Australia’s largest wedding exhibition and directory service!

They offer free wine tastings and samples can be organised on request or why not ask us about out our personalised wine labels that you can use at your wedding or as special gifts to your guests. All wedding catering beverage packages are tailored to your function, we work with you to ensure you receive a magical and exceptional service that will leave you and your guests free to enjoy your special day.

Don’t wait any longer and get your wedding catering sorted today!

Choosing a wedding wine

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Choosing a wine list for your wedding doesn’t have to be as daunting at all! Sydney Wedding Caterers have created a guide for you so here are things to bare in mind:


Wine is a very special part of the reception which can help to spoil your guests and be a great addition to your wedding dining experience.

Many reception venues will allow you to bring your own wine but this may have a corkage fee – remember to check.


When planning your wedding reception the bride and groom must consider the amount of guests that will be attending and they remember they will have different tastes and preferences. The solution to this is to provide plenty of variety.

Offer two varieties of sparkling, white and red wine. Therefore the guests will arrive, offer them a sparkling white and sparkling rose so that when first course is being served you can move on to still wine varieties. Guests who like crisp, refreshing and young white wine will enjoy Pinot Grigio and others who prefer something with a bit more weight to it will like the fruity flavour to a creamy vanilla Chardonnay.

It’s best to offer two contrasting red wines such as Merlot which boasts of a smooth and soft texture with subtle red fruit flavours and then we have Shiraz which is a more robust and fruit forward style red wine with a cherry flavour.

Offer white and red wine throughout the wedding reception so that your wedding guests can make their own rules so that perhaps they would prefer a red with their chicken or fish and a white with their steak.

Sydney Wedding Caterers offer a great selection of food TO GO WITH YOUR CHOSEN WINE – from moreish spit roast buffets to deluxe surf & turf buffet. Get your wedding catering sorted today and checkout for more information.

Need drinks? If you want drinks catering for your wedding contact they will make certain every aspect of your event is covered from drinks on arrival to ensuring champagne glasses are filled for toasts and speeches.

Mr Finger Foods most popular wedding package

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

wedding catering package
Have you ever wondered what the most popular wedding package is? Mr Finger Food have provided their most popular wedding catering package:


Selection of 4 Canapés

  • Cold
  • Selection of wood fired bread and dips
  • Sesame and soya Tuna and Salmon tartare tartlet
  • Prawn and BBQ pork rice paper rolls
  • Roasted butternut pumpkin and goats cheese tart
  • Mini Spanish fritta topped with rocket and cashew pesto
  • Mini ginger and chilli jam chicken noodle box
  • Tequila lime and coriander oyster spoon
  • Smoked salmon and zesty ricotta roulade
  • Duck and shallot rolled pancakes
  • Hot
  • Cream cheese and chive wontons
  • Pappadum coated prawns with tandori aioli
  • Tempura cod with mint and lime syrup
  • Mini char grilled beef and tomato tartlet
  • Coconut-crusted chicken with sweet pineapple rolls
  • Baby open burgers with onion jam
  • Salt and lemon zest peppered squid with
    a coriander and chilli aioli

Fancy any of these on your wedding day? Just visit Mr Fingerfood for some more wedding catering ideas or to make your booking.

Wedding Catering Brisbane

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Make the wedding party a memorable event for your friends and families by selecting a good catering for weddings in Brisbane. Food and drink plays a pivotal role in making a successful reception party, as good food and beverages stay in the minds of guests for long. The moment you fix the venue of the wedding, you must start looking for wedding caterers in Brisbane to find one that can serve best food, wine and beverages fitting your budget.

There are a number of caterers for wedding in Brisbane and selecting one that best suits your style, taste and budget is not quite an easy job. You can start with a few references about good caterers in Brisbane from your family and friends and even search online. You can shortlist a few of them according to your needs and requirements. It is always advisable to meet a few caterers personally before taking the final decision. Tell them about your requirements and expectations, and also give them the detailed menu including the dessert that you wish to serve in your wedding buffet. Sample taste a few dishes to get the idea of the type food they intend to serve for the wedding. Also inquire about other things, such as if they prepare food from frozen or fresh products, where will they cook the food and how many waiters will they provide for the services. Based on these you can select a caterer that suits best to you.

Catering company may also give you certain suggestions to make your wedding party memorable. It is aware of the latest trends in catering and can help you decide the menu, courses and the beverages that will go well the menu you select. With their help you can give a theme to the party you are organizing, but do not forget to get a detailed price quote for every item planned for the party. At times, they also rent out a few equipments that you may require during the party and if you have a choice, you can hire these items from the catering company itself, as it costs you much less in comparison to what you need to pay to some other company specifically for these items.

Look no further since All Suburbs catering cover the area of Brisbane and offer fantastic catering service. They offer all sorts from seafood to a delicious roast which makes them the most reliable Wedding Caterers when it come to parties! Just check out their testimonials!

8 key things to look for in your wedding catering menu

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

8 key things in your wedding menu

  1. It should include options for vegetarians or those with dietary requirements. You may also consider a fish dish and an alternative meat dish as a main course because an enormous number of people don’t eat fish but don’t necessarily mention this as a dietary requirement.
  2. It should provide a wide range of tastes to avoid becoming repetitive. If you have a tomato based starter you may want a cream based sauce for your main course, and if your first course is quite sweet you might like something spicy or peppery for your main.
  3. Each dish should make you smile. Many couples end up choosing a particular menu because they like the main course and they don’t dislike the rest. Each item in your wedding catering menu should make your mouth water, so if your caterer doesn’t provide a set menu which does that ask them to swap and change courses until you are happy.
  4. It should suit the tastes of your guests. There’s no point in paying for lobster if the majority of your guests would rather eat steak, but equally you don’t want to dish up novelty burgers if your guests will be expecting a top class formal dinner.
  5. It should work with your chosen wedding wine. Unless you plan on serving a different wine with every course, you might want to look for a menu where each dish works with a general wine. If you are serving a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir, these will work with most canapés, a light first course such as a soup or cheese soufflé, and a fish based main course.
  6. It should work well with the season. Look for menus that feature light refreshing dishes for the spring and summer months, and hearty warming dishes for autumn and winter weddings. Try to include seasonal produce in your wedding catering menu; this should save on cost as well as making the dishes appropriate for the time of year.
  7. It shouldn’t be too messy. Pheasant in a red wine sauce may be a particular favourite of yours but will you really feel the same about it once you’ve got a deep red stain on your wedding gown? Your guests will have got specially dressed up to come to your wedding so don’t choose a menu featuring dishes that are likely to stain.
  8. It shouldn’t be too heavy. Your guests may be hungry after the ceremony, but they still have to get up and dance after the meal so you don’t want them to be bloated or nodding off during the speeches. If your first or main courses have rich creamy sauces, or feature pastry or cheese, try to keep your dessert light and fruity. If you have your heart set on that decadent chocolate torte for dessert, look for a salad first course and light fish or poultry main.

For great wedding catering for your perfect day visit: All Suburbs Catering