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10 Essential Tips for your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Staying head-over-heels in-love with each other for 10 blissful, married years is a milestone and with that you shall mark such joyous occasion by celebrating with your family and friends who have been there since your wedding day. Ten years of being married is a big accomplishment for the both of you. Imagine passing through and surviving the so-called ‘seven-year itch’? Indeed, you deserve to have a celebration for that.

10th year

Here are 10 essential tips for your 10th year wedding anniversary:

• Know the people you want to invite for your wedding anniversary. These are the people who were with you since day 1 of your love story- immediate family, best buddies, and some close colleagues at work.

• You don’t have to pepper the party with pomp and grandeur. Remember, simplicity is beauty.

• Look for a comfortable venue. You can always make your home as one if you have more than sufficient space to hold a party.

• Don’t overdo the decorations. Be simple yet elegant.

• For added attraction, you can hang your couple photos in one area for your guests to see.

• Carefully select your food caterer. If you are unsure which food catering service provider to get, you can get help from The website can give you tips for the food dish combinations and recommend competent food caterers. The good thing is that these food caterers do catering services in all Sydney suburbs so you don’t have to worry if your venue is quite far.

10th year wedding anniversary

Yes, don’t forget the golden, sparkling Chardonnay.

• You can have a CD of your favorite songs as a couple for giveaways.

• Color the party with a short program.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Wedding Anniversary Catering

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Give your parents the best wedding anniversary surprise by throwing them a very memorable anniversary dinner party. Work on it secretly that they will be indeed happily surprised with the celebration.

anniversary catering

Gather the most important people in their lives especially those who have been very close to their hearts since the day they got married. A wedding anniversary is a celebration of love that lasted despite the marriage trials. With this, it must be celebrated no matter what.

To have a great wedding anniversary party for your parents, find a suitable place to be the venue of the event. Maybe you could also choose a place that is memorable or has a great value to both of them. It will definitely add more sentiment and color to the occasion. Step number 2; if you are done choosing a venue, it’s time to select the best food caterer for the party.

There are lots of food catering service providers in Australia, but do not get perplexed over which to choose. Make sure to get the best food caterer. You can ask some of your family members or your closest friends about the trusted party caterer to hire. Or maybe you can get help from for useful updates and information about the leading food caterers in Australia.


You can only not get the best caterer from the website, you can also learn about good food combinations for a party through their sample menus. From there, you will know what dishes you really want to be present during your Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary celebration. Remember, one of the keys to a successful event is through delicious dishes served.

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