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Pasta and Pizza Everywhere

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Most (if not all) of us like pizza and pasta, and from time to time we all have a hankering for these two Italian favorites, don’t we? Yes of course we do. There have been a lot of Italian chains all over the world that would boast their pizza and pasta, but the public is the one who will decide if they really have authentic-tasting Italian food such as these two.

pizza and pasta

Sydney is one good example of a place whose people have extreme liking over pasta and pizza. Because of this, Australia’s capital city already has a number of flourishing Italian cafes and restaurants to satisfy the pizza-pasta craving of the citizens. The following are the top three recently-opened Italian restos in Sydney:

• A Tavola: Bondi – If you are looking for great-tasting Italian wine and pasta, this is the place to be. Their amazing marble-made tables for the customers are also used by their chef to make their pasta. So if you’re there waiting for your order, you can lock your eyes on the marvelous chefs rolling out their pasta dough. In addition, their wines are truly Italian-made and go well together with their equally delicious pasta dishes.

• Sagra – Situated in an appealing, engaging spot, perhaps the best adjective to describe the Italian food bar is ‘thrilling’ since they make it a point to have a little variation in their menu every day, but do not fret because they will always serve the classic Italian dishes like your pizza and pasta.

• Da Mario – Take your pick from their wide-selection of pasta dishes you will certainly take pleasure from and of course also take delight with their pizzas which are richly topped with classic Italian goodies. In addition, let their spicy and oh-so-cheesy salamino take your breath away. ; And oops hold your horses for their themed days especially their out-of-this-world, exotic Tuesday.

After a lunch with pizza and pasta, what about some spit roast for dinner? Spend it with some friends to make eating more fun. No time to do all the preparations? Then, ask help from the best Hornsby Spit Roast Catering, and you surely won’t regret. Satisfy your appetite with pizza and pasta during the day, and end it with a delish spit roast.

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Must Try: Best Pizzas in Sydney

Monday, November 18th, 2013

pizza 1

Are you a pizza fanatic? Craving for some pizza today? Do you want to know where you could possibly get the best pizza in Sydney? Just in case you haven’t gone around the city yet, here are some of the best places to get the best pizzas you could ever taste. These pizza shops have also been recommended by people from in and out of Sydney. Make sure you drop by these spots today.

Gigi Pizzeria. What some mammoth woodfire oven pizza? You definitely find it nowhere else than Gigi Pizzeria. It’s actually in Newtown. The place as well as the food served shows what real traditional pizza in Australia is.

Frankie’s Pizza. Get some Aperol, Campari and Fernet for $5 or the $16 whole pizza whether you take it home or dine there.

Rosso Pomodoro. If you are not too particular whether the pizza is made in an electric or brick oven, then come to this pizzeria. Although they do it using the electric oven, you will still enjoy the traditional taste that you will surely indulge.

Pizza Mario. There are only two pizzerias in Sydney holding the seal of approval from the Italian governing body for pizzaioli, Verace Pizza Napoletana. One of them is Pizza Mario. This simply means you can never go wrong coming here and getting your slice of pizza or perhaps one whole pizza for the gang.

pizza 3

Napoli in Boca. Want some pizza-cheese overload? Make sure you oder its Four Cheese Pizza. However, experts warn to be careful with your consumption. Going beyond more than two slices would take you down into lactose coma.

Check these places right away. No time? Have them delivered! Want some of these on you party, but your budget won’t allow? No worries! You can always have bite-sized pizzas on your finger food menu. You can get it from the best caterers in Australia like the Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering, which does not only serve sumptuous spit roasts but pizzas as well. Check out their fingerfood menu.