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Some Things to Watch Out For at the Sydney Fish Market

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Christmas is fast approaching and by now, perhaps you already have the menu for the much-awaited day when family and loved ones gather and celebrate the birth of the Lord. For variety in your main dishes, your menu should include beef, pork, chicken and seafood. With these four, you have to be more cautious with sea foods. Freshness is the key in making excellent seafood dishes. It’s either you serve sea foods in a platter or you make them as the main ingredient in your cookery, you have to make sure you got the freshest.

sydney fish market

In Sydney, their fish market opens from December 23 at 5am up to 5pm of December 24th. This is to sell and give the best raw sea products to the consumers a day before Christmas. These are the times when Sydney Fish Market is jam-packed. They even place more than four hundred personnel within the 36 hours that they are open. This is what they refer to as the 36 Hours of Power.

Fish, crabs, oysters, and prawns- you name it! Sydney Fish Market has got all kinds of sea foods you need for Christmas day. All you have to bring with you when you shop here are your money, energy and patience. Anywhere in the world, sea foods are a bit costly compared to land-based animals’ meat. So if you plan to buy kilos and kilos of different kinds of sea foods, bring more than enough money for it.

Furthermore, you might as well extend your patience a little bit longer when you arrive at the parking area because you will have a hard time looking for a parking space. With this, perhaps you can take the railway transit to prevent unwanted stress.

fish market

You have six sea food vendors to choose from. Before going to SFM, you have to make sure you already have an idea which stall you will go directly to so that you won’t waste your time dizzying up yourself trying to decide who among the vendors you will go to. In addition, ready your list of sea foods you want to purchase also to make your life easier.

No matter how crazy the crowd is inside, you will still enjoy the pre-Christmas day buying of the people you’ll meet along the way inside Sydney Fish Market. And after completing all that needs to be done there, you will be more than pleased that you dared the crowd for the best sea food buys.

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