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Food Trucks and More

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Sydney is a place where you can find the grandest food trucks in town. Food trucks or concession trailers of various food businesses and restaurants can be observed all over Australia. We can find these food trucks during fairs, concerts, tournaments, parade and other crowd gathering events.

food trucks

Also, in Sydney, the food concession business is considered a lucrative business. As a tourist capital in Australia, food trucks business is truly a hit as people would love to buy their favorite food stuff and eat along prepared tables at the alley. On this regard, Sydney contemplates of having an event that which highlights the food truck industry.

Last October of this year, Sydney was able to host a successful food truck gathering event. This event gathers various food truck vendors all over Australia. These vendors include the favorite food stations like Eat Art Truck, Tsuru, Urban Pasta, Street Sliders and Cantina Mobil. The event will be at Belmore Park.

Due to the overwhelming support, StreetFest is set to become a regular event and will again be held this November 1 or every first Friday of the month.

Other features of the food trucks event:

Live performances. Aside from tasting various food servings offered by food concession trailers, you will also enjoy the event as there are live performances. Live performances include live band presentations. DJ’s will be there to make the event more energetic and festive. Furthermore, one can also expect hip hop presentations of the most talented dancers and performers in Sydney.

streetfest performance

Live Art Battles. These live art battles will allow your kids as well as artistic adults to have fun and showcase their talent as they enjoy their meal.

Unicyclist performance. Who says unicyclist performance can only be seen at the carnival? Of course not, for you can witness a live performance at the Food Trucks event.

Proceeds for Charity. A good thing about this event is that when you participate, you will have the chance to give to the needy indirectly. Whenever you buy from these food trucks, a part of the purchase price will go to charity. The beneficiary charity is OzWest.

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