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Wedding finger food All Suburbs 1800-251-440

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Wedding Catering by Marriage is filled with powerful experiences. Joyous times, emotional triumphs, some shared only between the couple themselves, others shared with whole families and rooms full of friends. The first of these shared emotional experiences is the wedding: A day full of hope and promise for a bright and happy future. What isn’t always voiced is how stressful the planning of this otherwise beautiful day can be. Pleasing several bridesmaids with one colour and style of dress? Who thought that one up? Putting two sets of in-laws together in the same room with ex-spouses? Are they kidding? The coordination of religions, photographers, venues, colours, flowers, caterers and then merging siblings and relatives on top of that can often leave the couple-to-be wanting to ditch the entire ceremony and fly off to a remote island to elope in peace and contentment… Just Finger Foods can’t promise that every detail of your wedding day will run smoothly but they can promise outstanding food served with a smile! Wedding Catering is one of those could-be-a-headache details that you can put right out of your head by just choosing Just Finger Foods. Wedding Catering by mr Finger Foods is a breeze to set up. (more…)

Cocktail party catering service

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Cocktail party catering service
Mr Finger Food have a great amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing catering for all kinds of cocktail parties. Whether it be a small private party at home to a large charity event or even VIP corporate events in prestigious venues for over 500 people! Mr Finger Food has even catered for the X Factor After Party. Call them today to book your cocktail party.

  • Everything planned right to the finest detail
  • They will make a few suggestions for a venue if they know the area well
  • Supply everything including kitchen equipment, staff, drinks, glasses, serving platters and cocktail napkins
  • Provide you with choices for your menu selections checkout their site: finger food for cocktail party
  • All food is prepared using quality ingredients
  • Good staffing levels to ensure all guests are looked after properly

Like what you see? Take a look at Mr Finger food website for some great finger food options.

For great drink service see

10 Great Tips for a New Year cocktail party

Monday, November 29th, 2010

cocktail party food

It’s the peak of the cocktail party season and time to pull out all the stops to create a fantastic get-together that will be the the highlight of the year which will last until New Year.

Cocktail parties used to last only a couple of hours either side of sunset but these days they are often an all-night affair while some even carry on until the sun rises!

Ideally, that’s just the way it should happen. But on the down side this means you have to prepare a little better and add a bit more food and drink .The guests don’t lack for anything as they start celebrating the end of the year.

Mr Fingerfood have put together a their top cocktail party entertaining tips.

  1. First of all, make a list of all the things that need to be considered: How many guests? What’s your budget? Do you have enough seating, tables, cutlery and glasses for everyone?
  2. Send out invites in good time – you’re not the only one throwing a party this time of year. The Care2 network has beautiful e-cards, and be sure to follow up with a quick phone call.
  3. Venue: It’s always best to host your party at your own home, as you are familiar with your surroundings. It also saves you money.

    That said, a stylish marquee tent can be adorned with sheer linens and fairy lights that twinkle against the evening sky, instantly extending your entertaining area.

    If you’re hiring a venue, ensure it’s clean, has parking, kitchen facilities, there’s space for a music system, tables for food and a bar area.

  4. Ensure a good selection of bite-sized treats, such as cold finger foods, delicious dips and good extra virgin olive oil with crusty fresh bread, miniature warm pizzas, laden with fresh gourmet toppings and a few sweet delicacies.

    Click here for 10 gourmet-inspired finger foods.

  5. Arrange platters around the space of your home where you andyour guests will be moving about and keep an eye out for when you need to top up.
  6. Napkins are essential, and should be ready available to guests.
  7. There should be a variety of soft drinks, waters, wines and champagne. Or you could mix up large pitchers of fruity cocktails rimmed with flavoured salts. And don’t forget, one can never have enough ice.
  8. Good lighting sets the mood; use huge candles, dim lighting or beautiful pieces of art lamp work (feather lights) to soften and compliment the surroundings.
  9. Hook up your I-Pod to the house music system and play a mix of your favourite tunes. Or keep a stack of easy listening CDs close at hand, like the complete collection of Café del Mar and the global sounds of Putumayo.
  10. Don’t forget to tell the neighbours you’re having a party! Or, if all else fails, invite them along.

Check out Mr Fingerfood website and book your catering for your cocktail party food.