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Tips and Tricks: Getting Rid of the Halloween Hangover

Friday, November 1st, 2013

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Had a blast last night? Bet you did! You even forgot to remove all the dark eye shadows. Halloween is over, and what’ left is obviously – hangover! So, what are you going to do to get rid of it? You can’t just lie there, do nothing and just wait for the headache to heal itself. Hear your stomach growling? Don’t ignore, stand up and prepare these simple yet effective hangover cures.

You are dehydrated. And what you need is not the commercial electrolyte drink. There is a natural elixir that would surely make you up and running again. All it takes is just one single shot. No, not tequila but coconut water plus ginger and turmeric smoothie. Blend them all together, and what you get is a strong, effective and cheap detoxifying drink.


Ginger is such a tummy-pleaser while turmeric cleanses the liver and has anti-inflammatory effects while coconut is rich in potassium. Having this drink into your body will help eliminate all the toxins from food and drinks you had last night. The result – no hangover, clean liver!

Another great alternative is the smoothie rich in protein and antioxidants from banana, pineapple chunks, kale leaves, romaine and spirulina. Again, blend them all to your desired consistency starting with the greens first, then the rest of the ingredients. Drink all the way down as what you did with margarita last night.

Of course, you can’t just drink these healthy yet not so tasty beverages all day. You need to fill in the empty stomach as well with something substantial and tasty this time. But beware, avoid the oily breakfast and still go for green.

This recipe came from a nutrition and food expert, so you can be sure that it is effective. It is called the Asparagus Egg Muffins. It is cooked the same way as the regular muffins. The only difference is the presence of asparagus that is known for its anti-hangover effect. Yes, this is a fact and proven true. Asparagus contains an enzyme that breaks down the harmful alcohol toxins into good ones as it is being metabolized and absorbed in the digestive tract.


So what you need are asparagus, organic eggs, coconut milk, salt and pepper to taste, spinach and coconut oil. Mix eggs with the greens, asparagus and coconut milk and bake it. That’s it! Very easy, right?

But if you already expect you are going to be facing hangover the next day, prepare the asparagus muffin a day before and just store it. Also, buy all the ingredients for the smoothie so you have them in place the next day.
Halloween party is such an exciting event as it only happens once a year. So, never let the fear of hangover stop you from partying. After all, you have these cures available.

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Halloween is Coming! Ready?

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Halloween is a season where children and adults love the most next to Christmas. Why? Because instead of singing carols in the street, Halloween is a perfect time of the year why children and adult alike would knock to every home in the neighborhood for trick and treat. In addition to that, everyone loves the annual Halloween costume party where everybody would try to dress up in the spookiest outfit or the weirdest one. On top of that, who can resists the following Halloween food ideas?


Mummy Cake. Everybody loves chocolate cake! Well, put a little twist on it by coming up with a chocolate mummy cake. Shape the cake into a coffin like design with a mummy frosted topping. Wouldn’t that be perfect for your Halloween gathering?

Marshmallow Pops. If you are tired of giving our candies and chocolates to trick or treat kinds then be creative enough to have marshmallow pops. Have a large marshmallow in a printed paper straw. You can choose your own design by having fondant and some candies pieces forming Frankenstein, skulls, scarecrows, pumpkins and ghosts.

Jack-O-Lantern cheese balls. Who says cheese balls are only for the holidays? They can be perfect for Halloween too! Use your imagination and carve a large cheese ball into a Jack-O-Lantern. Attach some nachos in it to give it an overall pumpkin look. Candy Sprinkles or chocolates can be used to make eyes, the nose and the hallow mouth.


Vampire Cocktail. Instead of having juices or coffee for your Halloween party, come up with something extraordinary like a vampire cocktail. Mix up some red wine or cheery flavored juice with some fruits and you have your vampire cocktail, presto!

Wicked Cupcakes. Turn an ordinary cupcake into a Halloween cupcake! How? That can be simple. You can use fondant and make witches hat like designs. You can also have ghosts by having plain while fondant on top of the cupcakes.

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