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Partying with Finger Foods in Sydney

Monday, May 12th, 2014

While thinking of the dishes to serve during a party takes up most of your party-planning time, do not forget to add finger foods too. No party is ever complete without these little eatables. In fact, some parties only serve finger foods, which are more fun anyway, especially for kids!


Finger foods are perfect eatables you can serve in a party or organized event. It is a good option to keep the guests entertained and keep hunger at bay, especially while waiting. Finger foods are the best company when having conversations, if you do not want your guests to be encumbered with using forks, knives and the like while sharing interesting stories with other guests, party finger foods are just perfect.

The finger foods Sydney caterers offer are many. Look for a caterer that is well known for their delicious finger foods that can light up any party. Around Sydney, there are many known for their wide range of catering services, which can cover any significant events such as birthdays, Christmas dinners, anniversaries, business conventions and the like.

Try checking out caterers that offers all types of menus, such as barbecues, spit roasts, buffet cocktails, gourmet menus and then as said, finger foods as well! As long as you have events to be planned in Sydney, a caterer that can offer about everything you need and want, no matter your budget and tastes is recommendable.

party  group

Finger foods can be fun, creative or even sophisticated if you want. Try a caterer that can also offer a good cocktail selection to accompany these foods. Say goodbye to fancy forks and spoons but retain the sophistication with finger foods such as cheesecakes, cheese bites, tasty tarts, mini sandwiches, cheese balls, brownies, and even dimsums if you like. With easy to eat finger foods, your guests will be feeling happy throughout the event. Nothing beats good food and good conversations combined. Kids will be kept interested and preoccupied too, so no irritating whining and wailing from bored kids can be ensured.


One catering service you can check out is It’s easy to contact this catering expert. Since it’s online, it’s easy to get their contact information. No need to browse the yellow pages and dialing a number after another when you are unsure if you are going to get a reliable catering service for your needs. You can even ask My Caterer to provide you with the main dishes and finger foods so you do not need to use different catering services. Less hassle for you, more fun for your guests.

Different Ways to Serve Finger Foods on Your Party

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

DIY Catering

There is no doubt that partying in Sydney is whole year round! Why? People here are energetic enough to host and attend gatherings from time to time. In addition to that, they have all the resources there can be to host a decent party. Yes, you can find parties in Sydney for the whole year, regardless of the season. It appears that people in Sydney never run out of reason to party! Definitely, Sydney is a good place to stay if you want to have good times with good people.

If you are not the type of person who would spend half day at the grocery to buy the things that you need as well as the other half to prepare for finger food parties then you can call up Sydney caterers to save you from the hassle. What are the best ways to serve finger foods?

In big plates. Nothing is more exciting than to find BBQ’s, grilled hotdogs, smoked beef and spiced meat cuts in large plates! This only means that there can be endless supplies of your favorite finger food selection. The truth is that serving finger foods in big plates never fails to empress your guests. Who would not be impressed with a very generous and accommodating host? You can serve cold beers and wine and your party simply rocks!

In little trays. You can also serve finger food like burgers, bread buns, sandwiches and cookies in little trays. Of course, it would seem inappropriate to put sweet cookies in big plates. However, you can do so if you wish to. After all, it is your party! You can serve those filled little trays with delish sandwiches or toothsome cookies with tea, hot chocolate drinks or coffee. It would make a perfect afternoon snack.


In bowls. A little bowl filled with cashew nuts and chocolate chips will always be great. Most finger foods does not need to be contained in gigantic platters especially if you will only be serving four guests per table. You can have a single bowl per table.

In boxes. Well, if you want everything to be disposable then serve finger food in boxes or plastic plates. French fries and toasted cheese sticks will still taste the same even in disposable containers.

What to Do with Your Young Guests

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Sometimes, it is inevitable that you set a party for your friends and later realize that most of them surely can’t come without having their kids with them. What should you do? You can’t just tell them not to take their kids to the party. However, you can prepare something to entertain them while their parents enjoy the party. Doing so would not only allow you to have a smooth party but also give the chance to your friends to enjoy the event without having to worry about their kids.


You know for a fact that kids find it boring to just sit on the table beside the adults. When they are not interested, they tend to become restless. With this, their parents would do their best to keep them entertained; hence, they often miss the fun and the exciting conversations.

Preparing an entertainment for the kids is the only way that you can help them. How will you do it? Here are some suggestions that you might find useful.

Kid’s Station. You may set some table and chairs in one area where kids can play on some non-messy art crafts, board games of some coloring books. You may give each one an activity bag filled with art materials like note pads, crayons, stickers and anything that you believe kids would find interesting.

Hula Hoops and Bubbles. Both kids and adults would definitely love playing on these stuffs. What is great about these things is that parents don’t have to supervise them. They can play around without having to worry about their kids getting injured. However, for indoor parties, this may not be a good idea. Activities like these are great with garden events.

Role Play. Some kids love it when older people ask them to play roles like a waiter on the party. You may assign them some task like serving finger foods or anything that you know they can handle. You may have them serve these foods to the oldies or simply let them serve their fellow kids.


Kid’s Menu. Of course, do not forget to serve something to nibble for the kids while they play around. Do not serve meals that only the old ones would appreciate. Make the presentation more colorful with some interesting cuts. Sydney caterers are good at it. Also, make them feel like they really are a part of the party by giving them some beverages to raise for a toast when adults do theirs.

Hotdogs for Sydney’s Hotdog Enthusiasts

Monday, August 5th, 2013

If you haven’t tried the many other different varieties of hotdogs, then you have to start walking around Sydney now to find the best servings of hotdogs ever. There are a lot more to hotdogs than frying or grilling it on stick. Here are some of the interesting and perhaps a bit bizarre hotdog combos you can ever taste in Sydney.

• El Loco

Who loves cheese and hotdog combos? You will certainly love the haloumi grated cheese on top of the hotdog with super fresh salsa. Want to know what makes this meal very close to tequila lovers? It’s because of the sizzling hot pickled jalapeños along with the precise amount of mayo and mustard. With this, you’d surely be happy you went around Sydney in Monday.

• Chanoma

Want to get rid of the guilt after eating the oily hotdog sandwich? If you, you have to try the thousand different ways of hotdog meals plus green tea. You may choose among the Spanish chorizo, German bratwurst or the Slovenian kransky for your sausage and place it into the long, white, soft bun. Add more flavor with the curry cabbage and your own choice of sauce.

• Rockpool Bar and Grill

Aside from the famous burgers at Rockpool, it also boasts its hotdog sandwiches that you would not want to last a day without taking a bite. Each serving of hotdog is perfectly made to prepare your stomach for the cocktail. Enjoy the delightful taste of the fried shallots with spicy chorizo and sweet brioche roll.

Get to enjoy these mouthwatering hotdog sandwiches in Sydney every day. They are perfect for lunch, dinner or to line your digestive system before introducing alcohol. Get them sweet or spicy. Whatever your taste buds want, they’d surely have it without breaking your bank.

If you want to add these delish hotdog sandwiches for your fingerfood parties in Sydney, make sure that you get it from the best Sydney caterers.

The Perfect Chips for Parties in Sydney

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Do you love to host small parties in Sydney? If you do, then finger foods are the best meals to serve. However, preparing this tiny food can be very tedious. You might rather buy cooked finger foods or order from Sydney caterers. However, if you are a total aficionado of chips, here are the three best spots in Sydney where you can get the best tasting chips that are perfect for dine in or perhaps take out and serve for your cocktail party at home.

fish and chips

• Glebe Point Road Fish on Fire

This is where you get the traditional fish and chip. Every serving of fish on fire shows off the beer battered chip with awesome taste with a delectable crunch. Dip it in its tartare sauce for richer flavor that complements its crispiness and crunchiness.

• Chica Bonita

Want some chili fries with some salsa, guacamole and overflowing cheese? Then, you must come to Chica Bonita where you can get your plate of mouthwatering chips. Want some steak too? You can actually get your chips with steak altogether.

• The Carrington

If you have a big appetite for fries and chips with perfect amount of caramelized onions, grated cheese sprinkled with paprika and thousand island dressing. You can eat all of them there or take it out to share with your friends paired with some nice cold alcoholic drinks. What about that?

Chips might be a great additional for your cocktail parties in Sydney, but they are best eaten in the restaurants where you get them. They’d lose their crunchiness and crispiness if they are eaten a bit late. Alternatively, you can have the fresh cooked chips from Sydney caterers. They can deliver these finger foods hot and crisp straight to your doorstep.

Where should You Go when You Crave for Some Meat Pies?

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

If you found yourself in Sydney, alone and craving for meatpies, don’t fret. Here are just some of the best meat pie places you can visit. Their meat pies will erase all traces of loneliness in you.

1. Steak and Mushroom from Infinity Sourdough’s

Infinity’s meat pieces are considered out of this world. Located at Darlo, their meat pies, especially their mushroom pie bring back strong memories of childhood, when your mom serves you with toasts covered in butter sauce plus Edgells cans of mushrooms. A huge bite of this meat pie will make you believe your mom is just right behind you. The pastry is perfect in brown and firm. This is just the packaging. Imagine what’s inside. Imagine beef in a thick braise filled with mushrooms. Stop imagining, head there now.

2. Black Star Pastry’s Beef Brisket and Young Henry’s

Another meat pie you have to try is the one from Black Star Pastry. The Beef Briskey and Young Henry pie here is to die for. The pie is soft and savory, what you would love in your meat pies. It can be quite messy to eat, but the flavor would stop you from fussing. Seriously, if you are in Sydney and you need your meat pie fix, a little mess would not hurt. Not trying the beef brisket and young Henry pie would.

3. Beef Brisket at Bourke Street Bakery’s

If you already tried the first two and you found yourself in another meat pie craving mode, because you love your meat pies, then try Bourke Street Bakery. Each serving of beef brisket pie is another winner. Your craving would be satiated in an instant. Their beef is so tender and their pastry so soft you would honestly think Christmas came early. A bite is enough for you to love the fact that you are in Sydney.


Meat pie shops are many in Sydney, explore more if you want. But these three are a must-try for all meat pie lovers. Want some tiny versions of meat pie for your finger food party in Sydney? You can have it included in your finger food menu. Check out Mr. Fingerfood for some exciting mini meat pie options.

Finger Food at Your Doorstep!

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Want some lip-smackin’ and finger lickin’ finger food? You don’t have to go elsewhere to get it. All you have to do is get your phone and dial 1800 251 440. It’s as easy as this, and you can have your favorite finger food delivered straight to your home or office.

There is no need to tediously drive or walk down. You can get that mouth-watering hot and cold platters right in front of your doorsteps. Have a party? No problem! Order as much as you can. Let Mr Finger Food

mr finger food

Choose among these gastronomical finger food options:

o Mini pizza
o Mini dimsim
o Sausage rolls
o Beef pies
o Spring rolls
o Fish cocktails
o Mini chicken drum
o Thai/crab cake
o Marinate pork fingers
o Filo hotdogs
o Tempura chicken pieces
o Cocktail samosas
o Mixed volavants

There are a lot more on our list. Check them out, and call us right away!

Finger Food Party Box for Your Next Party

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Finger Food from Mr Finger Food are ideal for any occasion. Situation where you simply need great food, ready to serve and safe in the knowledge that it has been prepared fresh on the same day of delivery.
party box food

Mr Fingerfood offers a variety of value based packages including:

  • Finger food menus priced from $6.75 to $10.75 per person
  • Working Lunch Options from $9.50 to $13.50
  • Boxed Lunches from $11.00 to $15 per person plus GST
  • Create your own menu from our Finger Food Selection at a price that suits you.

Click Here to get a free quote or simply call us on 1800 251 440

Download party pack menu


Finger Food Ideas for Your Next Christmas Party!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The Mr finger food Catering Company specialises in delicious & fresh finger food that can be eaten with your fingers. Finger food suits almost any occasion or function and is a fun, social form of feeding your guests. No matter how big or small your party is, it’s a better way to have them mingle and interact than over delectable bite sized food. And with the Mr finger food you know it is going to be great value, great food, all the time.

We offer a large selection of delicious foods, you can relax with one of our easy to order finger food packages. Finger Foods are great as a function snack, a pre-dinner nibble or a meal in itself. (more…)

Caterers Western Suburbs

Saturday, August 4th, 2012
all suburbs catering

free garlic bread

looking for caterers in the western suburbs? can help you find spitroast bbq or finger food caterers
for an inexpensive spit roast caterer try but if you have your heart set on a finger food party try
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